Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chapter 39

Look who's getting a new house!

This is their last meal at their old place.

I've since built a new home for Babs L'Amour and her daughter Alissa (and don't forget heartbroken tag-a-long boyfriend Kristian Fry).  Yep, they're spoiled rotten.

It's right across the street on the big lot called Slipshod Mesquite.  They're leaving behind the orange "Apricot Bachelor Pad" (on the right) that I originally built for Don Lothario.  They've certainly outgrown the space.

I've named it Modern Mesquite!

In the showcase video below, you can see what you'll find if you download it from the Sims 4 Gallery.  Take a look!

The outdoor living space is one of my favorite features.

And I really think Kristian will *love* the roof top chess table.

After the three left, I placed Jamie Jolina in their old house.

I think she'll enjoy it.  It's made for single living and has an incredible view.

Despite their shiny new mansion, the trio was pretty grumpy.

Alissa was stressed out from school.  And just look at Babs' face...  Pure worry.  She rejected Kristian's proposal, but she's still in love with him, and wants him around.  Oh, noncommittal Sims are so complicated!

He's content to wait.  But for how long?

So I had Babs ask Kristian out on a date to the local Jazz Hall (Gallery Link)

Yep, he's pretty receptive, smiling... After the heartbreaking scene on the bridge, you'd think Kristian would be real upset at Babs.  But he's not.  Well, not anymore.  He got it out of his system.  Cried a river, and accepted who she is.  He just loves her, and loves to be loved by her.

And Babs... she's actually the one all upset.  She's constantly getting tense moodlets, feeling "smothered" and all the emotional baggage that comes from being a noncommittal Sim.  Noncommittal is for life, and I don't want her to be forever alone.  I think she can handle married life... she just needs more help than other Sims.  She needs more positive to offset the negative.

But she sure does make it hard on herself...

But the two soulmates have their moments... Babs has to keep reminding herself of that.  Soulmate.

Soulmate, and best friend.

Kristian loves this side of Babs.

They ended the date on a great note.

So great that Babs didn't want to let it go, this perfect moment.  Everything was beautiful.  Stepping outside the Jazz Hall, she looked across the blue sea at the world around her and fell in love.  Together, Babs and Kristian walked to the water's edge, lost in the simple treasure of watching a steamboat cruise by.

This was home.  Kristian was home.

"I'm sorry I hurt you," she said, offering him a red rose.

She pulled him into a kiss...

...and when they parted, breathless, she got down on one knee.  "I can't undo the past.  I can't erase my noncommittal personality trait.  We're Sims, and we're stuck for life with who we are.  But I also believe in soulmates.  We're made for each other."

"Will you marry me, Kristian?"

The question dangled on the edge of everything.

Babs caught the smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.  Was he...


Phew.  That was a close one.  Just to make sure the Sims were sure... Kristian professed his undying love, just like he did on the bridge in order to see Babs' reaction.

This time, Babs didn't fake-snore (lol).  She is definitely in love with Kristian and ready or not, she's getting married!  Ahhh!!

The day is still young, waiting to be enjoyed.

Kristian fired up the grill for some veggie burgers, chatting with Geoffrey Landgraab.  He's retired now, so the park's his second home these days.

Summer Holiday joined them, but she was lookin' pretty sad. 

She's a townie and hasn't had much attention at all.  She's hoping one day she'll get some face time with the other rotation Sims.

Meanwhile, Babs spotted a celebrity and ran over to say hello.  "Hey, aren't you that Sim who won Nina's Bachelor Challenge?"

"Well, yes... yes, I am!" Steve stammered, delighted he was more than just a townie now.

Babs gushed, "O.M.G., I'm such a fan!"

"Why, thank you, Babs.  I'm pretty fond of your story, too.  Watching that whole thing with Don and Scarlet... I thought there was gonna be a catfight over Don!"

"Yah, that was awkward..." Babs said.  "Do you want to join us for burgers?"

"Sorry, I can't.  Nina needs me at home."

While Babs waved goodbye to Steve and joined the picnic, her daughter (with Don) Alissa L'Amour came home from school and joined them at the park.  She sat down at her own table, right next to townie Chuck Cenzo (one of the Bachelor losers).

They were really chatty, laughing it up.

Pink flamingo!

All my townies have Aging Off so age differences between Sims aren't really a big deal.

For now, Alissa has made a new friend.

But if she wants to find a boyfriend for now, she needs to hunt down other teenagers... and not be hanging around the Jazz Hall poking fun at bartenders.

"ARG!  I hate teenagers!  The worst age of them all!"

Luckily, Digi's insane and forgot his anger the very next moment, lol.  

After that adventure, Alissa set out for home and bumped into her friend, Zoe Hildebrand, the daughter of Dina (Caliente) and Efrain.

"What's up, Alissa!  How are you?"

"My Mom just got engaged!" Alissa said, "And I made a new friend.  What about you?"

"My family's rotation is coming up soon.  I can't wait!" Zoe confided.

Back home, Kristian settled down for some night time chess...

You gotta appreciate the view!  You see him? :)

In the morning, Alissa asked Kristian, "So have you two set a date for the wedding?  Oh, and you should get a makeover!  You're more than a townie now!"

Makeover coming right up!  (I just gave him a new outfit.  I think he looks great the way he is).

The wedding's tomorrow!  It'll be at a very special lot.  Can't wait to show you!

But until then... Happy Holidays from my Sims to yours! <3

Thanks for reading.  

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