Friday, September 19, 2014

Chapter 1

My neighborhood story begins with a Sim I created in CAS named
Scarlet Firecracker.

Scarlet is hotheaded, self-assured, and romantic.  She has fiery red hair,  turquoise eyes, and a dusting of freckles over light skin.  Her life aspiration is Love, the serial-romantic kind.  

Yep, she's a heartbreaker, ladies & gentlemen, with a burning passion to woohoo.

I placed Scarlet, alone, in an empty lot called Dusty Turf in Oasis Springs, and used motherlode to begin building her a colorful, modern home.

At this point (it was Sept. 2nd), my intentions were simply to play in build mode and test out the social elements of the game without worrying about money.  I had no idea Scarlet's story would draw me into an epic neighborhood story!

First, I made Scarlet's bedroom.  The room became the first I ever uploaded to the Gallery (it's lovingly entitled "Snazzy Bluebud Bedroom").

I threw together a quick living room, too, inspired by that beautiful rug, but after that Scarlet was out the door.  The world of woohoo beckoned!

Scarlet’s first move was to visit the gym in Oasis Springs.  This community lot is a great place for Sims looking for love.

Right away, Scarlet discovers a Sim I could not wait to get into my story!  None other than Don Lothario. 

If you played the Sims 2 like I did, you know Don is all about romance!  He has glossy black hair, green eyes, and a scruffy goatee.  His Italian heritage gives his skin color a warm, bronzed hue.  While his appearance is not exactly aligned with my Sims 2 preconception, I decide to leave his look untouched in CAS for now.  Don’s most interesting feature is his right shoulder tattoo and black baseball cap with bright & colorful neon zigzags.  

Scarlet strikes up a friendly conversation in between his workouts.

Their quick friendship feels natural.  Both share the romantic trait, but from there their personalities diverge.  Where Scarlet is self-assured and hotheaded, Don is active and noncommittal. 

Feeling flirty, Scarlet takes Don out on a date to Rattlesnake Juice, an edgy bar in Oasis Springs.

Scarlet loves giving Don sexy poses to get him in a flirty mood.

Inside, they sit at the bar, enjoying some delicious drinks and great conversation.  Scarlet also gets passingly acquainted with Geoffrey Landgraab, who sits next to her at the bar, and the bartender, Shaowen Acevedo.  A romancing Sim should always think ahead!

Towards the end of the date, Scarlet and Don share a special moment holding hands.  I love both of their tattoos!

I earned a Gold Metal on the date!  I, also, made Scarlet hold off on a First Kiss with Don.  As you can see below, their romance bar is pretty low - I was afraid Scarlet would suffer rejection if she tried to give Don a smoochie too fast.

After the successful date, Scarlet invited Don back to her place.  I paused the game and built up a few more rooms, like the kitchen and bathroom, among others.

Back in Live mode, it was getting late and Don was stinky from his earlier workout at the gym, so he used Scarlet's expensive bath tub.  He really liked it, lol.

After which, Don relaxed on Scarlet's bed, reading his tablet.

(Scarlet will be using her new kitchen for the first time tomorrow morning!  I can't wait to see the cooking animations.)

Scarlet called Don downstairs, feeling flirty.  She's a Sim on a mission!  She has to get that First Kiss before midnight!

Scarlet goes in for the kill... Will it work?


Every journey towards Woohoo begins with that First Kiss <3.  Lol.  Thank you for reading!

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Jennifer Atterton said...

Like the beginning and your storyline kept me engaged. well done.


Melissa Dixon said...

Great beginning. Can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

You're so good in build mode!!

Anonymous said...

Alright...I'm playing catch up because there are just so many good stories out there. the colors. Second, love Scarlett. Third...Don! Heh! I love when he shows up!

lovesstorms said...

I've added your story to my reading list. What a journey she'll take! I can't wait to see how the rotational play works. Great job!

Sunny Shay said...

Birds of a feather, those two.