Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chapter 10

Planning a wedding is so much fun!  While I liked the lot I moved Efrain Hildebrand and Dina Caliente into, I wanted to eventually build their own house in Oasis Springs, so I just used this gorgeous house in Willow Creek as a wedding location.  I revamped the first floor.  Dina, the lucky bride-to-be, and her best friend, Scarlet Firecracker, approved of the decorations.

The night before the wedding, Efrain baked a white wedding cake.

The wedding day finally arrived, bright and cheery, and Dina excitedly greeted their guests at the door.  The first to arrive was Eliza Pancakes and the hired mixologist, Shaowen Acevedo (one of Scarlet's ex-boyfriends).

Next, Dina's twin sister Nina Caliente arrived, looking sad, but pretty in pink.  Behind her is the caterer, none other than Bob Pancakes.

Then, Scarlet Firecracker arrived, looking amazing in a dark magenta dress with long white gloves.  At her heels is her friend, Noah Rainey.

Don Lothario was also invited, and gosh!  He looks awesome in his red formal attire.  Woohoo, baby!

The piano lady Natalia Tam arrived, and played beautiful music the entire wedding.

Finally, the groom got ready.  I decided to update his look!  No more unibrow!  I'm sure Dina is happy about that. :)

Guests begin to gather round...

Dina meets Efrain at the wedding arch.  She's looking a little nervous!

Dina gives her lucky groom a sweet kiss as music gently plays their wedding theme.  Everything is so magical.

Efrain is just too cute!  He has red hair and gray eyes - nice genes!

They lovingly profess their vows...

Dina's ring is huge!!

They're officially Mr. & Mrs. Hildebrand!

Well, the game actually didn't change Dina's last name :(  Plus, the guests didn't all sit down.  I actually saved the game before the vows and played through it three times, rearranging chairs each time, but I couldn't get them all to sit down at once.  Tip: don't place a bar until after the vows.  The Sims will "wait for drink" and may not even get to the wedding area, or will be carrying a drink with them - awkward!

Despite the seating hiccups, all the guests watched the wedding looking very happy and sentimental.

Don Lothario is particularly excited, lol!

The newlyweds ate their wedding cake that Efrain baked the night before.

And then Efrain got a little crazy at the bar!  Nina watched him, probably thinking, Yah, that's my brother-in-law, lol.

Shaowen kept the drinks flowing into the evening.

Poor Don looked a little lonely at the party.  He needs a love life!

Everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves, drinking and mingling.

I love Scarlet's formal wear.

Towards the end, Dina thanked everyone for coming.

And got an especially big hug from her twin sister, Nina.  Unfortunately, their mother Katrina didn't come though invited.

I earned a Gold Medal on the wedding!

And then the magical night was over.

Thank you for reading.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful ceremony! And Scarlet does look amazing!

lovesstorms said...

Awesome job on the wedding!! Don did look hot! I'll remember the tip about the bar for any weddings to come. <3

Alex W said...

Oh my god!! Ninas reaction to Efrain killed me!!!! (By the way, I'm married to Nina in my game.)

Rachel Rosebud said...

Lol, I love that particular pic, too <3 That's cool your Sim married Nina! I added her to my rotation - she's got some chapters dedicated to her love life :)

Sunny Shay said...

Almost didn't recognize Efrain without the uni-brow. I actually think he's cuter with it.