Sunday, September 21, 2014

Chapter 11

When it came time for the newlyweds to settle down, I chose the lot called Granada Place in Oasis Springs.  It's right next door to Dina's mother and sister.

While the pre-made house looks impressive, the inside is actually sparsely decorated and not very homey.  I knew right away I wanted to totally rebuild.  After the fun I had building Scarlet's house, I knew I wanted to make Efrain & Dina a custom home, too.  But first, I just wanted to play the newlyweds, and get a feel for the new location... I quickly discovered the view from the back of the house is downright breathtaking!

That night, out on the balcony, Efrain was enjoying a quick run on the treadmill after woohoo with his wife.  She was back in the house, taking a pregnancy test... and yep!  That was quick!

Dina ran out to the balcony and told Efrain the Big News!  She is so excited!

Luckily, he didn't fall off the treadmill in excitement.  They went to bed really happy that night.  

The next morning, I was again stunned by the views surrounding this lot.  It's totally unlike Scarlet's home, which is further inland. 

After working out, Efrain went fishing.  Literally, this lake is their backyard.  It's so amazingly close! 

Efrain is quite the catch himself!  His personality traits are Art Lover, Geek, and Bro, and his aspiration is to have a Successful Lineage, giving him the Domestic bonus trait.  He's also quite a bit older than Dina.  He's about 25 percent through his adult stage and will be an elder soon, compared to Dina who is still a young adult.

To celebrate the baby news, Dina invited over friends and family.  Her mother Katrina seemed a bit upset about becoming a grandmother!

(I think it's really weird how close in age Katrina is to her daughters.  I guess EA/Maxis is implying Katrina had her daughters as a young teenager.  Then again, what is weirder than Brandi Broke's story from the Sims 2?  Her son Dustin is also very old in comparison to her age, and her third pregnancy was a Brandi clone!)

Dina started cooking for her guests and set the stove on fire.  This is the first time I've seen this happen!  Oh, dear...

Surprisingly, Dina wasn't scared at all - look at her face.  She's a pro!  

While most everyone freaked out, Scarlet ran over to help.

Scarlet had to finish putting out the fire because everyone else got the heck out of there!  I laughed so hard.  Katrina and Nina Caliente, Noah Rainey, even Dina eventually ran away, but not Scarlet.

She was very proud of herself.

After that excitement, I took the group on an outing to the gym in Oasis Springs.  It was the usual crowd: Efrain & Dina, Katrina, Nina, Scarlet, and Noah Rainey.

Dina's baby bump is still nowhere in sight - which I thought was really weird after how quickly it popped for Scarlet!

Nina's hot pink zebra-stripe shirt cracked me up.  I love the 80s-style wacky flair to it.  (I wish the game had animal prints, too, for things like wallpaper and carpets.)

And when Dina chatted with her friend, Bella Goth...

...her mother Katrina was flirting with her husband!  Luckily, Efrain is quite the gentlemen and didn't reciprocate, lol.

Afterwards, everyone was starving, so I took them all to Magnolia Blossom, the beautiful park in Willow Creek, for a late night picnic.  It turned into a grillathon!  Dina started some burgers on the grill while Scarlet made grilled salmon.

As the ladies cooked, Efrain found another fishing spot, but he's not very good at it yet.  The only thing he's been able to catch is Dina! <3

Speaking of which, Dina won the grillathon!  Her burgers were "Excellent" quality compared to Scarlet's "Good" salmon.  

And even Scarlet preferred Dina's burgers.  Yummy.

Back at the "loser" table (lol), Bella Goth, and Nina and Katrina Caliente ate the salmon.  They were visibly stinky from the gym, and probably feeling quite uncomfortable.

Bella's like, Is that smell really coming from me?

She said a quick goodbye.

Oh, and Dina is totally showing now!  I noticed when she peed at the park.  Yay!

Thanks for reading and happy simming :)

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Anonymous said...

Yay!! So cute. Where's Sarah??

lovesstorms said...

I love how you transitioned to Dina. I may do something similar when I start my story. Still thinking about it. I loved reading about everyone else around. I liked the idea of grabbing everyone around on outings. I've seen it before but couldn't figure out why you'd take all those people. Now I know! <3

Rachel Rosebud said...

Lol, Sarah is around. I play rotationally so I don't always see my Sims. <3