Sunday, September 21, 2014

Chapter 12

Dina was one happy mommy-to-be, even though she couldn't sleep through the night.  She always had to pee or scrounge in the kitchen for a late night snack.  When the morning dawned bright and cheery, Dina went outside for some fresh air and to take a peaceful nap.

As she slept, I paused the game and finished building their new home!  
I called it Spanish Dream Home to tie in with Dina Caliente's cultural heritage.  What this means on a practical level is that the house has lots of warm colors like brown, yellows, and orange, and tons of archways, big windows, heightened walls, mosaic tiles, and dark woods.  Overall, the style is completely different from Scarlet's ultra modern color-contrasting home.

Back in Live Mode, I took Efrain out for a jog and bumped into Nina Caliente.

I really wanted Efrain to be friends with Dina's family, so Efrain returned home with Nina and Katrina in tow, along with Bella Goth and Scarlet Firecracker.  Lol, whenever I can, I bring Sims together. <3

Dina was delighted with the visitors.  Nina was excited to rub her sister's growing belly.  Katrina, on the other hand, still doesn't look happy about this coming baby, lol.

In fact, the only thing Katrina seems to like to do is flirt with Efrain!

Dina also got some baby bump love from Bella.

The two are becoming good friends.

And, of course, Scarlet, too.

Dina sure is getting big!  (I love this picture!)

And Efrain is just raining kisses on Dina.  They radiate love for each other...

He's definitely most excited of all!

"Ugh, my back is killing me."

"Can I get you anything, sweetheart?"

"How about a nice cozy fire?"

They sit together for some time, but sunlight is burning, so Efrain goes outside to do a little work around the house.  He's taken a keen interest in gardening.  It's a way for him to nurture life in his own way, as his wife nurtures their unborn baby.

He also tried his hand at woodworking and, earlier, made a knife block for the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Nina joined her sister at the fire, and they enjoyed some quiet time together.  The sisters are good friends.

After all the guests left, Dina put out the fire...

...and went all the way upstairs to the third floor attic to try out the new cupcake machine I bought.  Dina wasn't very impressed.

An instant later, she was in labor!!

She made another cozy fire and took a nap, while her husband anxiously waited, eating her cupcakes, lol.


The baby is coming!

Uh oh, it's twins!!  (Oh, Cheese Louise!  Please don't tell me that the chance for twins is high?  Well, at least it wasn't triplets, lol.)  But they sure are cute!

Time to break out the coffee! LOL.

The twins are girls!  I named them Zoe and Betsy Hildebrand.  After feeding and playing with those cute little milk-monsters, the parents finally get a break.

Oh, and WOW!  This is what happens when I leave Scarlet Firecracker to play Dina's household.  Holy alligator-belly!  Scarlet, please don't wear that shirt anymore.

Time to force feed her some of Dina's cupcakes, lol.  

Either way, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, with friends and family gathered round...

Thank you for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Heh! Twins, twins, twins! It happens to the best of us. Super cute, though.

lovesstorms said...

Loved this chapter! I do fear leaving households to visit others. But it can create some funnies!

Sunny Shay said...

Efrain is so sweet! But don't you want to give him back his uni-brow? Cheese Louise! It gave him such personality.

Julyvee94 said...

Holy moly that muscled up Scarlet though! I really don't like it when women in Sims 4 have maximum muscles, they look weird in almost every woman clothing :P Your story is great! I'm really enjoying how you explore the game ^^

Rachel Rosebud said...

Thank you Julyvee94! I know, that picture of Scarlet is really, really scary. I don't like the weight management issues in the Sims 4 - it's hard to keep a Sim at the weight I'm aiming for. Thank you for commenting!!