Sunday, September 21, 2014

Chapter 13

The twins Zoe and Betsy Hildebrand are so adorable, and quite a handful!

Luckily, Dina and Efrain are a good team.  They keep those babies fed, clean, and happy, and still make time for themselves, like an early morning jog around the lake.

One time Efrain brought back a frog.  Right next to the microwave seemed a good spot for it! 

Before I knew it, the twin's birthdays were here!  (But I decided not to throw a Birthday Party considering the debacle with Sarah Firecracker, lol).  Zoe popped out first, looking like a beautiful, sparkly ballerina.

Her hair looked exactly like the one I chose for Sarah Firecracker, so I pulled Zoe up in CAS and gave her a new look.  She inherited her mother's blonde hair, but her father's gray eyes.  

Next, Betsy popped out!

Betsy inherited her mother's green eyes.  I love to see this kind of variation in twins.  And in CAS, I decided to keep her hair the same (it's a long braid).

I couldn't wait to play these adorable twins.  Zoe's first action was to "Take an Angry Poop."  

I think she got Angry because she was the first baby to age up, and therefore saw her baby sister age up - and this probably caused the sibling jealousy.  Either way, she was still angry after using the toilet, lol.

After playtime in the bath, she finally smiled for the first time!

Meanwhile, sweet Betsy was hugging Teddy...

...while Dina made the girls a healthy lunch downstairs.


For Betsy, I picked the Genius trait, with the aspiration of Whiz Kid.  She enjoys playing chess out on the balcony.

For Zoe, I made her a Bookworm with an Artistic Prodigy aspiration.  She loves her art table.

Raising two kids is a lot of work!  And so Dina asked her mother Katrina if she wanted to move in and help out.  Dina is interested in starting a career (her Ambitious trait), and wants someone home.  Her husband Efrain is home all day, but his gardening and fishing takes up a lot of time.

Katrina doesn't seem so excited at first...

But she agrees!  (Like she had a choice, mwahaha!)  The first thing I do is age up Katrina to a respectable elder.  She bakes herself a birthday cake...

Makes a wish...

And, voila!  She's a real grandmother now!

I pull Katrina up in CAS to change her outfit and makeup a tad.  She is hotheaded, romantic, and family-oriented... and still pretty hot, if you ask me!

She "enjoys" helping out around the house... lol.

And taking frequent breaks!

Her lover is Noah Rainey - you know, the purple-striped hoodie guy.  They are so cute together.

I have uploaded the Hildebrand household (Efrain, Dina, the twin girls Zoe & Betsy, and elderly Katrina) to the Gallery, if anyone is interested.  

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Nice! Cute family. Those twins make me smile.

lovesstorms said...

The twins are cute! I laughed about not giving much choice to Katarina moving in. Gotta love being in charge! <3

Sunny Shay said...

Cute. Nothing more calming than the relief an angry poop brings.