Sunday, September 21, 2014

Chapter 14

So I popped back into Scarlet Firecracker's house real quick and invited over Don.  Their romance bar is a deep red (from a nasty breakup), but it's been several days and I wanted to see if I could rekindle the romance.

 For every successful romantic interaction, the red bar dropped down and down until it suddenly converted back into pink!  From there it was very easy to raise it back up.  Way up.

Suffice to say, Scarlet is back in business with Don!

I'm not exactly sure where I want to go with these two lovebirds.  I think I'd like for Scarlet to have another baby, but I'm not sure if Don's the right choice for Daddy #2.  But they sure are cute together...

While Don and Scarlet are cuddling on the couch, Sarah Firecracker is making a new friend!  Nina Caliente enjoys listening to Sarah crack jokes about chicken butt.

And boogers.

Scarlet thanks Nina for spending time with Sarah.

Truth is, Scarlet and her daughter Sarah seem to be having a hard time getting along.

Scarlet goes off to bars a lot, leaving Sarah behind at daycare.  She's a happy, good girl...

...but she gets sad and upset easily.

I think she wants time with Mommy more than toys.

It made me think about Sarah's father, Geoffrey Landgraab.  He's divorced now from his wife Nancy, and has a teenage son named Malcolm.  I even popped into their huge mansion to check things out.  As I thought, Nancy and Geoffrey hate each other!

I definitely will add the Landgraabs to my play rotation, and maybe even weave Sarah into their story.  Once Sarah is a teenager, perhaps she chooses to go live with her Dad since her relationship with her mother is so strained. We'll see. :) 

Back at the Firecracker house, Scarlet asked Don out on a date to the Blue Velvet nightclub in Willow Creek.  His party attire is really cute with the big glasses. (And I tweaked his hair and beard a bit in CAS).

Scarlet is all over his hunky body tonight, lol.

And she's on a mission!  She needs her 3rd "strong romantic relationship" for her next milestone aspiration goal.  So far, she has Geoffrey Landgraab and Sonny Padilla in the basket!

Inside the nightclub, they have fun dancing and flirting, much to Babs L'amour's disgust, lol.  She's like, Oh, it's you two again.

The date is a Gold Medal success, and her aspiration goal is almost completed.  She just needs to "Kiss 10 Sims" - but I'm not sure if this means 10 different Sims, or not.

She's working on it!  But first... more woohoo time with Don. <3

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Love this story. And Don for some reason. I generally don't like him...

lovesstorms said...

I have to admit I do enjoy Don and her together. Poor Sarah! She does want her mommy. :( I am surprised she hasn't run away to live with her dad yet. Granted, having the Landgraabs in unhealthy relationship may not be good for her either. Oooh, thinking way too much about this. Lol!

Sunny Shay said...

Ah, birds of a feather again. These two. smh