Sunday, September 21, 2014

Chapter 15

On her first day of school, Zoe Hildebrand woke up bright and early, and brought out breakfast to the patio. 

She chose leftover BLTs over pancakes, lol.

After Zoe and Betsy disappeared to go to school, their parents got up and had a late breakfast after a morning woohoo.

Then they had a nice workout under the sun on their 2nd-floor balcony.  Truly, it's a morning to envy!

Dina sure looks revved up and ready to go!  Today's her first day at work in the Painter career track.  Good luck, Dina!  Paint those possums silly!

During the day, Efrain worked on his flourishing garden.  

And spent a little time with his friend and sister-in-law, Nina Caliente.  They are like best buds now!

The twins finally came home from school and seemed very excited, despite getting "C" report cards, lol.

Efrain made sure to teach them that school is important, and encouraged them to work hard.

Betsy didn't have to be told - she was a Genius and loved school and learning.

She even dabbled in chemistry already!

But Zoe wasn't yet convinced.  She asked Scarlet, "Why do I have to work hard when there's motherlode?"

"Because some things you can't buy without a career - they're locked!"

Scarlet's daughter, Sarah, also came to visit.  I'm hoping the three young girls can all be friends like their parents.

The next day after school, Efrain took the girls to Desert Bloom, the big park in Oasis Springs.

Zoe was so happy to be out of the house and immediately wanted to go fishing!

While Zoe tried to reel one in, Efrain ran over to the playground with Betsy.

She loves the monkey bars!

With Betsy swinging away, Efrain joined Zoe for a little while.  Fishing is father-daughter bonding time!

They both caught a fish, and after that victory, they all played on the space ship - the cutest family activity in the whole world!

Efrain makes a pretty convincing scary space monster!

He scared poor Zoe pretty good, lol.

Betsy jumped off and met Alexander Goth, another smartie-pants Sim I was hoping would come around.

At first he didn't really warm up to Betsy...

But then she showed him her experiment thingy, and they were both super excited in that cute nerdy way.

Meanwhile, Zoe and Efrain took a break and sat together.  

They watched Betsy and Alexander talking up a storm.

Eventually, Alexander had to go.  Betsy couldn't wait to tell them about her new friend.

After they all went home, I mounted the two fish that Efrain and Zoe caught at the park on the dining room wall.

Despite getting home really late, I made them do their homework!  

And while they were at the park, Dina got promoted to Art Book Collator.  Go Dina!

Thanks for reading!

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lovesstorms said...

I really liked this chapter!! I loved all the father daughter stuff and Alexander and Betsy. It was all adorably cute!

Sunny Shay said...

Aaaaaaahhh! So precious. I love when the grown-ups play space monsters in the park.