Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chapter 16

"It gets dirty - Efrain cleans it," he mumbled to himself.

"It breaks - Efrain fixes it."  Ugh.

"Gosh darn it, Freezer Bunny! If I have to fix this dollhouse one more time!"

While the mystery dollhouse-killer remains afoot, Katrina gets under the covers with her young lover, Noah Rainey.

Noah's quite pleased with himself.  I think he learned a new woohoo technique, lol.

Out of bed, Katrina "tickles the ivories," playing the piano for her daughter, Nina, a frequent visitor.

Meanwhile, Dina continues working hard in her painter career, and in her free time, she enjoys cooking in her underwear, much to her husband's delight!

Her food?  Not yet so delightful.

Surprisingly (or not), she also paints in her underwear. 

And the children... Zoe invited over Sarah Firecracker.  They've finally become friends, after much pushing and prodding.  (I tried to get Betsy included in the circle, but she's sometimes too busy with chess or other brainy activities to come socialize.)

Efrain squared away part of his garden to make room for their monkey bar antics!

 Sarah's very determined!

And Zoe's quite the cutey pie!

She has developed quite the mischievous streak, too!  One night, Zoe enjoyed telling her father "Fake Bad News" - it was something about Mommy kissing the mailman, lol.

Luckily, Dina squashed that lie by professing her undying love...

Finally, the weekend rolled around, and everyone is off from school and work, yay!  It's the perfect time to take the whole family to Magnolia Blossom, the park in Willow Creek.  The sunlight is amazing, the day is gorgeous!

Efrain goes right for the monster role (again), and if you ask me, his face is pretty scary!

Betsy grabbed the captain's wheel!  Argh, matey!

And Zoe's on the lookout for more sea monsters...

There's one!

Grandma Katrina is enjoying the show...  I love her expression.  She's so happy.

Dina gave Betsy a big hug for being so brave.

I then had Dina go for a jog to drink in this beautiful day.

Meanwhile, Efrain tested out the very picturesque fishing spots...

He caught a big one!  I love his silly expression.

Zoe joined the fun - she loves fishing with her Daddy!

Meanwhile, Dina cooked for the hungry bunch while Katrina caught up with her granddaughter, Betsy.  She wanted to know all about frog hunting in the great outdoors.

Wow, grilled chicken and corn never looked so good...

It's the perfect family picnic.

Before it gets too late, the whole family heads home, and invites over some friends and family: Nina Caliente, Bella Goth, and Scarlet Firecracker.  Which one is the dreaded dollhouse-killer?

The girls were so exhausted from the park, I sent them straight to the couch to nap.

With those girls asleep, Katrina finally found some quiet time by a crackling fire with her favorite romance novel.

After their nap, Zoe and Betsy worked on their homework (a free will decision, no less!)

And Dina finished up one last painting before bed... it's so pretty, I just had to hang it up in the living room!

And the mystery dollhouse-killer is solved!


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Anonymous said...

Nina!!!! Uh-oh. She's in trouble. Or has to be at least banned from that room!

Sunny Shay said...

Nina, I should have known.

Julyvee94 said...

Hahahah that sea monster face