Friday, September 26, 2014

Chapter 17

Oh, Don Lothario.  I just had to add him to my neighborhood rotation and build him the ultimate bachelor pad.  I found the cutest little lot called Agave Abode next to the river and built him this modern home.

I also gave him another makeover... I just couldn't settle on his gosh-darn-it hair and beard!  But he's lookin' good now!  He's bulked up a bit, too, if you compare him to earlier pictures.

Don seemed quite pleased with his new home.  He's like, Look who's back, Sims 4!  

Don threw a House Party to celebrate his new bachelor pad.  He fixed up some salad (ear wax included, lol, ewww).

And invited over the ladies, including Scarlet Firecracker.

She gave him a beautiful rose.

Nina Caliente, one of Don's friends (non-romantic), also came, followed by a dude with a funny hat and Babs L'amour.

Bella Goth also made an appearance... 

Pretty soon the pad was bustin' with dancing Sims, including Nancy Landgraab in a sequin-gold skirt and Eliza Pancakes.

The party ended, but I only earned a Bronze Medal.  (I find parties to be harder than weddings and dates, lol).

Over the next couple days, Don invited over the ladies he had his woohoo-eyes on, including Bella Goth.  Unfortunately, she's a hard nut to crack and didn't respond to his flirtations.  Looks like they're staying friends for now.

Scarlet was always nearby when he needed some woohoo, and afterwards she always hogged the virtual video game machine!

(This was where I realized uploading the bachelor pad to the Gallery some how made the kitchen sink counter disappear.  Weird!)

Don tried his luck with Babs L'amour.  They are already relatively good friends from their frequent contact due to my time playing Scarlet's household.

Her smile and bright eyes are so quirky cute.  I liked envisioning them as a pair.

Patience paves the way, so I made Don go to bed without pushing it romantically with Babs.  Love needs time to simmer!

I decided to make Don respectable the next morning.  He looked on the computer and got a job in the Secret Agent career track.  I figured it was the closest thing to Doctor (not). Lol.

He had a full day free before starting work, so he enjoyed his morning with a nice, long workout on the third floor garden patio.  The views from his lot are amazing!

... followed by a glorious shower. 

Afterwards, he got a random invitation to Scarlet's house, so I had him travel there.  It felt weird being in her house from his perspective, and not being able to control Scarlet and her daughter, Sarah, but it was really fun!  This is definitely something you couldn't do in the Sims 2.

At her house, Scarlet and Don enjoyed a meal together.

And some woohoo.  (Lol, they are inseparable).

Sarah Firecracker wandered the house, ending up in the kitchen, so I had Don follow and strike up a conversation.

He found her boring pretty quick, lol.  I guess he doesn't like kids. 

Quite bored, I put Don to bed (while still at Scarlet's house).

When he woke up, he was in the mood to hit up the night life in Oasis Springs!

He went to The Solar Flare lounge (I renovated it a little), and chatted up Babs L'amour and Katrina Caliente, while Bob Pancakes served them delicious drinks at the bar.

Don tried to draw some attention from the ladies with a joke or two... but they fell flat!  Poor Don, lol.

The spotlight instead fell upon another... the piano player from Dina and Efrain's wedding!  She played the most beautiful song on the guitar that Don had ever heard...

Don seemed drawn to her, so I had him introduce himself.  Her name is Natalia Tam, a pretty name!

They shared a private table and talked well into the night...

I ended up losing track of time, lol.  Don was dead tired and only had a few hours left before starting his new job.  Whoopsie!

No woohoo tonight, Don!  He wasn't too happy, lol.

Thanks for reading!

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