Saturday, September 27, 2014

Chapter 18

Don was two hours late on his first day of work.  Once he finally got home, he went straight for a bubble bath to wash off the day's stress, then pounded out his frustrations.

He invited over Babs L'amour and showed off his muscles.

That's all she needed to fall into their First Kiss, lol.

Babs was quite entranced by Don.

That night, they climbed upstairs for their first Woohoo!

Woohoo with Babs did wonders for Don's work performance, lol.  The next day, he came home with a promotion to Intelligence Researcher!  After that good news, Don invited Babs to come live with him as his girlfriend, and she accepted. (His other girlfriend is Scarlet Firecracker, but Babs doesn't need to know that!)

Babs' personality traits are noncommittal (which she shares with Don), clumsy, and materialistic.  Now that she's moved in, I got her a job in the writing career track.

Don and Babs lived in utter harmony...

She got inspired to write after using the Future Cube by Paltry Predictions, Inc.

She claimed the computer nook under the stairs to practice writing.

Don didn't seem to mind since I built him a new office upstairs on the third level.  He needed a place of his own to practice programming for his new job, but I think Don would rather goof off on his tablet!

His new office also has a gigantic microscope, since I noticed he enjoyed using the one at Scarlet's house.

Babs moved in with a lot of friends under her belt, like Bella Goth.  She became a frequent visitor, much to Don's delight (he's still trying to romance her).

Another frequently visiting friend is Bob Pancakes!  Don really liked hanging out with him.

Bob Pancakes even distracted Babs from her writing, lol.

One time, Don rounded up some friends to go to the gym with him, including Scarlet Firecracker, Bella Goth, Nancy Landgraab, and Nina Caliente.

Despite all the ladies surrounding him, Don just ended up goofing off with his male friend, Dominique Hayes.

After the gym, I performed an experiment in jealousy: Don took Scarlet home and got her in the mood for Woohoo, making out on the bench in front of his house.

Scarlet seriously never says no to woohoo!

Meanwhile, I forced Babs out of bed to witness her boyfriend Don cheating with the other woman... (and, yes, that's a spare bedroom for a child!   And, no, I'm not sure who will be Don's first baby mommy!)

It didn't matter, either way, because Babs didn't react to the woohoo between Don and Scarlet, and even when Scarlet slept over in the master bed all night, and even when Babs saw them sleeping in the same bed come morning, she was totally fine and smiling as ever.

Let's just say she's either in denial, or she's a noncommittal Sim and just doesn't care, lol.

With Don pretty much given the license to kill, he went after Natalia Tam next.  She visited the house when Babs was away at work: isn't Don thoughtful? Lol.

They got romantic in the kitchen and had their First Kiss (that's two first kisses in one chapter!)

Natalia is quite charming, even though she's wearing the weirdest color combination of clothes I've ever seen, lol.

But it doesn't matter, because Don is getting her out of those clothes, lol.  (Right after he leaves a horrendous mess in the kitchen!)


After that adventure, Don decides to play with his phone...

...and watch T.V. instead of cleaning up the house!!!

Poor Babs... this is what she comes home to.

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Don!!! Woah!! Somehow I still like him!

Sunny Shay said...

So noncommittal mean open relations(hips)?