Saturday, September 27, 2014

Chapter 19

An interesting Sim walked by the house, and Babs L'amour invited him in.  His name turns out to be Kristian Fry.  (I really like his nose and eyes, lol).

I'll definitely be keeping this Sim on my radar as a potential romantic interest for Babs.

I'm just not sure what to do with her and Don.  They are both noncommittal, and get tense ALL the time from feeling "trapped" in a relationship - and a job.  And with both of them climbing the career ladder, they're either tense from being in a relationship, or tense from being in a career, rofl.

Either way, I like how Kristian looks at Babs.  We'll see...

Meanwhile, Don is still trying to woohoo Bella, but all his strutting around is for naught.  Their friendship bars are really high, but still she rejects anything more serious than a simple flirt.

I think the game is rigged, lol!  EA/Maxis doesn't want poster girl Bella to be promiscuous, so Don's efforts are doomed!  But he still tries... and tries...

The next day, Babs had the house all to herself with Don at work, so she threw a House Party just for fun.  She hired an entertainer, Natalia Tam (Don's woohoo buddy, lol) and bought a grand piano just for her to play (I deleted it later - it doesn't exactly fit in the house nicely.  And why can't she just play the Freezer Bunny guitar?  This is a house party, not a wedding!).

Scarlet Firecracker, Bab's friend (despite Don's not-so-secret relationship with her), was invited - but she arrived in a very bad mood.

Among the first party guests to arrive, besides Scarlet, were Ned Whalen (the blondie/geek from those pre-release promotional videos) and Haleigh Pollak (in the blue blouse).

The hired caterer again neglected her job, lol, just like at Scarlet's parties.  Sigh.  (It's really only annoying because it means the guests clear out the fridge of all the goodies I've been hoarding).

But at least Shaowen Acevedo is doing his job at the bar.  He's the best mixologist ever, but even he can't save Scarlet from a bad mood.  She nurses a drink the entire party and watches T.V.

During the party, Don Lothario comes home from work with a promotion!  He's Mr. Agent Handler now, and has been granted the hilarious ability to use a Tranquilizing Handshake.  I have to test this one out, but on who?  Mwahaha!

The party certainly gives me a lot of candidates... Immediately I think of Don's two male friends, Dominique Hayes (the big muscular one on the left), or Hudson Huffman (in the brown sweater)...

But, alas, Don gets too wrapped up talking with Holly Vinedal, the cowboy brunette, and the party is long over before I think to use the Tranquilizing Handshake on someone.

What a galatic mess the party left behind!

The next day, Babs wrote Don a Confident book entitled Secrets of the Secret Agent.  It became her first published novel!  Go Babs!

And guess who showed up at the house after Don left for work?  Now we definitely know what's on Kristian Fry's mind, lol. 

They smack lips right then and there at the front door, a moment before Babs is whisked away to work. 

That's when I noticed two of my Sims walking down the street.  Zoe and Betsy Hildebrand!  Aww!  I love those two girls <3

And another thing I noticed - the lump of clay I bought... someone made a tea pot and placed it right next to the tea maker, lol!  I think it was someone from the house party... So freakin' cute!

Hudson Hoffman had an interesting conversation with Don one night.  Is Don thinking about breaking up with Babs?

"What are you two talking about, Donnie baby?"


Hmm... now that Don thinks about it...  These male friends of his are competition!  (Lol).

"Hey, Hudson! Remember that handshake I learned at work?"

Yep, it tranquilizes the enemy.

Me thinks Kristian Fry better watch out... And that very night, Don and Babs threw caution to wind on their noncommittal ways and decided to have a baby!!  After the deed, Babs sneaked out of bed to take a pregnancy test...

Uh, oh, it's positive!  There's no turning back now, lol.  Will Babs and Don come to regret their decision?  Can two noncommittal Sims make a family work?

Don makes breakfast (salad, lol) the next morning, completely unaware Babs is pregnant.

Babs almost throws up in her bowl.  She desperately wants to tell Don about the baby, but he scoots away to the bathroom to get ready for work before she can say anything.

She finally corners him in the last seconds before he leaves for work.

"Ahhhh! We're having a baby!"

"I-I... I have to go to work!"

Babs enjoyed sharing the Big News with Scarlet Firecracker some time later.  Rofl. I can tell Scarlet is thrilled her boyfriend is having a baby with another woman.

Even Katrina Caliente looked shocked.  

To celebrate the baby, Babs dragged them all (Scarlet, Katrina, and Holly Vinedal) to the The Solar Flare lounge in Oasis Springs.

Unfortunately, the only thing exciting was Shaowen Acevedo with his bar tricks.

He made some cool looking drinks for Babs and her friends.  And who says old men at the bar aren't cute?! Lol.

Back at home, Don returned from work with another promotion, this time to Field Agent!  He took a long jog around town, thinking about Babs and the baby...

Their relationship was definitely a bit strained, now.  Babs didn't know what to think, either...

She still had growing feelings for Kristian Fry.

And the best part of all!  Look who shows up at the door wearing a freakin' wedding dress? ROFL.

Wow.  Scarlet must be super jealous of Don's baby mama, lol.  She trying to tell Don something with that dress? Lol.

Kristian sticks around after Babs leaves for work, watching Don play with the virtual machine.  I wonder if Kristian is the mystery clay teapot maker!  Lol.

Afterwards, Don invites over his guy friends, Hudson Hoffman and Dominique Hayes.

Looks like there's no bad feelings between Don and Hudson.  Maybe he liked getting tranquilized, lol!

Thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...

Srsly with the wedding dress?!?! I laughed so loudly!

Julyvee94 said...

oh my god this chapter was so funny. First the tranquilizing handshake xD Don just goes like "yeah, I totally knocked that knucklehead out, now lets kiss" xD And then Scarlett in a wedding dress? I laughed so hard at this chapter xD

Rachel Rosebud said...

LOL, thanks Julyvee. I still can't believe Scarlet with that dress either, haha!