Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chapter 2

The next morning, Scarlet Firecracker rose bright and early.  Don Lothario slept over, but in a spare bedroom.

She hurried downstairs to make breakfast.  Love sure does build an appetite!

Scarlet cooked for the first time.  I was actually afraid she would start a fire... 

But instead she made "Excellent" quality scrambled eggs!

I think Don was pretty impressed, too, lol.

Scarlet entertained him with an outrageous story.  It looks like she's casting a spell over the bowl of peaches, or maybe even Don!  But who knows, because Don had to leave...

Scarlet hit the gym again.  This time, she met another active Sim named Dina Caliente.  She has bright green eyes, short blonde hair, and a friendly disposition.

That's when Scarlet spotted Don working out.  She hurried over to initiate another date right then and there.

OK, the gym is not the most romantic of dating locations, but things still got pretty steamy... From the looks of it, I think Scarlet wants to shackle Don to her bed, lol.

 That's when things turned weird.  After the kiss, Don looked visibly upset and embarrassed.  I noticed their conversation turned to "Awkward Encounter."

Why?  Was it the steamy kiss in the middle of the gym?  Or does Don have another romantic interest nearby?  Hmm...

Maybe so, because a Sim named Ayla Stein comes over and stands all creepily close to Don, actin' all jelly! Lol.

I think she even gave Scarlet a dirty look, like I'm watching you.  Lol.

Scarlet didn't let it faze her.  She got down and dirty with Don on the couch for some hot smoochies...

And earned another Gold Medal date!

Every Gold Medal date gives you this prize object.  It produces a Romantic-aura when enabled.  I put it in Scarlet's bedroom upstairs.

The rest of the day, Scarlet worked on her painting, and then called Don over when she needed a boost to her mood.  (Shocker: Painting doesn't produce Fun anymore!)

Don whizzed over in his truck...

Hah, just kidding!  He walked over and Scarlet greeted him at the door.  I think he is comparing Scarlet to a delicious cupcake, hmm, lol.

Scarlet and Don snap a fun picture together, their first!  Aw.

At this point, you can see their romance bar is very high, but I didn't have Scarlet ask Don 
to be her boyfriend.  Since he is a noncommittal Sim, getting tied down would probably make him cranky!  For now, they're happy just being love birds...

And Scarlet is happy she finally got her First Woohoo!

Again, Don slept over, and in the morning he made some healthy green tea...

Which they shared together. <3

Scarlet then made breakfast again, this time eggs and toast.  Nothing like cooking in your underwear!

They ate a quick breakfast, then Don left - and good thing, too, because I have a big day planned for Scarlet...

Time to finally explore the great outdoors...

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Wooo...go Scarlet! Two successful dates and a woohoo with Don!

lovesstorms said...

Go Scarlet! Glad she didn't let that other chica scare her off! If Ayla was the other woman, I miss slapping. :(

Anyway, let's go do more exploring. :D

Sunny Shay said...

Mmmm, hot smoochies. Sound yummy.