Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chapter 20

After being promoted to Freelance Article Writer, Babs L'Amour didn't have to work for another two days, which turned out perfectly for her pregnancy.  She could just relax and admire her growing belly...

And enjoy Don's attention, too.

They're complicated as a couple, but still seriously in love with each other.

Bella Goth can't stay away from baby bumps!

Just like Don can't stay away from her... He managed to sneak a rose to her, but as usual Bella Goth rejected any further flirtation.

This is Don's tense face.  He's feeling trapped again - from being in a relationship, from being in a job... Oh, life is so hard, lol!

Babs doesn't have it easy, either.  Her back is killing her!

She's been moping around the house.  Taking naps...

Watching Don upgrade the plumbing... (See, Don can be domesticated!  Rofl.)

Drinking insane amounts of tea... (Still don't get the coffee mugs for tea drinkers).

Finally, Babs went into labor right there in the kitchen.

Don experienced his first ever pre-parental panic. <3

The anticipation is killing me!

It's a girl!  (I only get girls, it seems, rofl.  I want a boy baby so bad now!)  Welcome, Don and Babs' little angel... Alissa L'Amour.  And look at Don checking out his nails like he's bored, rofl.  Isn't he something...

Babs is totally in love.

Don sneaks out of bed in the middle of the night to look at his little girl.  Awww...

Don's life has changed forever.

Babs eventually goes back to work, and earns a promotion to Advice Columnist.  While she's off at work, Don sometimes has Bella Goth over, but she's still rejecting him.  He's a die hard!

Alissa's birthday is around the corner, so a party night is declared!  The house is packed!

As you can see it's the usual crowd: Bella Goth, Holly Vinedal, Hudson Hoffman and Dominique Hayes, the bartender Shaowen Acevedo, and Kristian Fry in the way back with the animal hat.

Here comes Alissa!  I seriously can't wait to see what she looks like.


I pull her up in CAS for a closer look.  She's inherited her mother's bright blue eyes and Don's black hair.  So freakin' cute!  She's a Social Butterfly with the Goofball trait. 

She's so smiley!  I just love her to death, lol.

At the party, Babs chats up Kristian Fry, the one in the cute animal hat, lol.  They're still romantic with each other, but still no Woohoo.

Here, you also see Katrina Caliente (the hottest old lady in existence) and Scarlet Firecracker.

Away from all the guests, Don found Bella alone on the third floor balcony.  A flirty move actually worked on her!

But, of course, the party ends and she walks off, crushing Don's dreams again.  Bella is like the master of playing hard to get.

So on and on life goes...  Babs is writing and publishing books at a crazy pace.

And Don's still tense.  Always tense!  Noncommittal Sims will drive you crazy! <3

He manages to get promoted to Lead Detective.  He gets to wear a fancy suit to work now.

It's a strange family, but they make it work.  One evening, Don, Babs, and Alissa all visited the park in Oasis Springs.

When it comes to aliens, Alissa takes no prisoners!

And Don competes with Efrain Hildebrand for scariest space monster.  Hmm... What do you think?

Don and Babs can't help getting a bit lovey-dovey after watching their daughter playing.

She's smitten now.

It's getting really late, but they squeeze in a picnic, too.

At home, Don makes sure Alissa does her homework.

And she gets a big hug from Daddy when she's finished.

Seriously, that face! <3  I've uploaded her to the Gallery if anyone would like to use her for their Legacy, etc.  :)

Thanks for reading.

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Cathy Thwing said...

Oh how fun! I'll have to upload her. I love (as in adore) goofballs!

Anonymous said...

Just found my way here from your siggy on TS4 forums, I hope Bella gives in soon, in my game Don got in her and Cassandra's pants and both had boys, his love child with Katrina was a girl and due to cheats (never using them again) he and his wife had twins and then a single boy, so I thought what's the worst that can happen... triplets! All 6 kids boys! Your houses are lovely too, I really like Dina's Spanish lot.