Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chapter 3

Scarlet Firecracker adventured into the great outdoors, collecting all sorts of stuff.  I actually like this part of the game; you really get to appreciate the hard work put into the landscape.  It's so gorgeous!

Scarlet made some phone calls about her finds.

With all the running around outdoors and working out at the gym, I noticed that her body was morphing.  Rock hard abs, baby!

Any more, though, and I'll have to force feed her cupcakes.  While I was in CAS, I designed her some new outfits...

Which she promptly showed off to Don.

Yep, she's feeling a little flirty, lol!  I love these poses.

After that glorious display, Don gets hot and heavy with Scarlet.

And they go upstairs to you-know-what.

Woohoo leaves Scarlet "completely satisfied."  Go Don!

The rest of the day, Scarlet goes to work painting and trying her hand at gardening.  She made a bit of a mess with the water and got yelled at by Dina Caliente.

I want them to become good friends.  I think Dina's face is so cute!  I will definitely be playing her in my rotation!

I kept Scarlet awake all night doing chores.  She's so spoiled by motherlode, she has to do some work, right?!  Lol.

She's dead tired by the time I put her to bed about 4 a.m.

Which totally explains why she woke up angry the next morning.  This is the first time I've seen her raving mad!

And I don't need to be told she's angry, I can see it on her face!  The emotions in Sims 4 are really growing on me - I love this kind of gameplay. <3

She stomps downstairs like a dinosaur and SLAMS the fridge door so loud I nearly jump out of my seat!

The whole making-a-BLT process was very amusing to watch - she wielded that knife like she wanted to murder those tomatoes!  Unfortunately, I didn't get any screenshots because I was laughing so hard.

The BLTs look delicious.  Now I'm hungry!

The mayhem was interrupted by an out-of-the-blue phone call from a Sim named Efrain Hildebrand who asked to come over.  OK. 

At first, Scarlet was very impressed by this mysterious visitor - oh la la!  Don better watch out!

But on closer inspection... Yep, that's a unibrow.

Lol.  You can't blame the guy for trying, but I think Scarlet is sticking with Don for now.

At this point, I went into Manage Worlds to add some more familiar faces to my game, like Babs L'Amour.  I tweaked her makeup, hair, and clothing.

I then spent a great deal of time in Build Mode, working on a community lot (Library) for the BuildnShare Challenge posted on the Official Sims 4 Forum.  I used my experience playing Scarlet Firecracker to inspire the colors inside the lot (I *love* the magenta contrasted with teal).

It took a long time, but I learned a lot about how building works in the Sims 4.  I had a blast and couldn't wait to build again.  The Firecracker Library became my first completed build.

I play-tested my library using Scarlet: she enjoyed the visit (even though the gym and bars are more her thing, lol).

And I discovered Sims can read a book while it's lying flat on a surface!  So awesome.

Before bed, Scarlet enjoyed some pan-fried tilapia.  She's becoming quite the cook!

Sweet dreams, Scarlet!

While she slept, I finished building her house.  That's up next!  I can't wait to show you! <3 Thanks for reading. :)

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Anonymous said...

You're so great at building! Honestly...I remain envious. I should watch some tutorials online, but I'm too distracted for that. Anyways...great update and awesome library. I love it!

lovesstorms said...

Fantastic chapter! I am terrible at building! Why? Because I am impatient. I love decorating, though. <3 You're library is awesome and I can't wait to see her house! The unibrow was awesome!

Sunny Shay said...

That's the most impressive library I've ever seen. If only it existed in real life. I'd live there forever - in the bathrooms.