Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chapter 4

Scarlet's new home was a labor of love for me.  If you'd like to see detailed pictures, view the slideshow here.

Scarlet Firecracker celebrated her new home with her friend, Dina Caliente.

They are so cute!

I had them visit the gym together for some girl bonding time. 

I'm not sure what Scarlet told Dina - maybe something shocking about Don Lothario's woohoo techniques, lol.

They both got a nice workout.  Sweat is now visible!

Afterwards, Scarlet headed home to cook lunch in her fabulously upgraded kitchen (so spoiled!).

Some delicious asparagus is on the menu...

Along with Don Lothario, yum.

Scarlet's house wasn't the only thing that got remodeled - I gave Scarlet some new outfits, including a "little black dress"...

And two formal gowns, one in gorgeous magenta...

The other, a wedding dress - you wish, Scarlet!

Speaking of weddings, did I really want to go there?  Don is nice and all, but Scarlet has barely tapped into the dating scene.  She's a serial-romantic, not a soulmate-searcher, lol.  
Things were a little too perfect between the two lovebirds...

It was here at the art museum in Oasis Springs that Scarlet took a step back from all the kissing and really considered her relationship with Don. 

That fateful kiss sealed the deal.  It was the 10th kiss that she needed to initiate to complete her "milestone" of the Amore Amateur aspiration challenge.

Its completion sparked a new challenge: to "Break Up with 2 Sims."  Hmm, poor Don!  In true heart-breaker fashion, she asked Don to be her boyfriend, and then immediately broke up with him, lol. 

The break up scene was so sad!!  "I'm sorry, Don, but I have my aspirations to consider."

Don cried. :(

Their relationship changed to "It's Very Complicated" to "Bad Romance."  Awww, lol.  Consumed by the breakup blues, Scarlet painted a Sad painting.

To cheer herself up, Scarlet invited over some friends, including Dina Caliente.  The other two are Noah Rainey (in the striped-purple hoodie) and the bartender she met a few days back, Shaowen Acevedo.

Scarlet really hit it off with Shaowen.  Something about heart-shaped boxers...

Yep, Scarlet's on to her next victim! 

Thanks for reading :)

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Anonymous said...

Wooo!!! And yes...again...awesome build!

lovesstorms said...

First, after I went to look at your build pictures, I realized you are GirlzillaGC! I have one of your builds in my neighborhood! (I took a ton from the community and only left one EA lot...hehe)

Anyway, I am so loving your story! It's so simple and yet soooo complicated. :D You are definitely spoilin' that girl! However, at least she's listening to her aspirations. ;)

Rachel Rosebud said...

Lol, lovesstorms! I'm so happy to read all your comments, thank you for taking the time! I'm glad you found one of my builds. I love sharing them! Thank you again! ;)

Anonymous said...

Dumping Don like that was kinda cold blooded. You could have at least given him a full day to be her boyfriend.