Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chapter 5

I gave Scarlet Firecracker a new workout outfit and hairdo, and off she went to the gym, only to immediately get into an "offensive" conversation with her ex-boyfriend, Don Lothario.

Suffice to say, Scarlet left the gym early.  But at least she made a new friend!  Bella the Busty Goth, lol.

Despite her problems with Don, Scarlet was doing well with Shaowen Acevedo, her new romantic interest.  She made "flirty heart cookies" before inviting him over to her place. (I love her big purpley-pink ring!).

The cookies turned out so freakin' cute!

Shaowen enjoyed the cookies, and Scarlet's attention!  She asked him out on a date to The Solar Flare lounge in Oasis Springs, and made a move on him.

The lounge had a string of old ladies at the bar, which I thought was funny.  Confession: I deleted all the elderly townies after seeing this, lol, and double checked my game setting.  (Aging Off for everyone except for Active Household, in case you're wondering).

After the date, Scarlet invited Shaowen back to her place.  She got to really know him.  His personality traits are Family-oriented, Loner and Bro (an odd mix!).

Things quickly heated up... 

They shared their First Kiss!  Never gets old... <3

Are they ready for Woohoo?  His romance bar seemed pretty high, so Scarlet gave it a go!  Would it work?

Yep!  Gotta love a guy that wears bunny slippers...  And that dirty panda watched everything.

After Woohoo, Scarlet asked Shaowen to be her boyfriend.

After he agreed, they celebrated the happy moment with a silly selfie!

Behind them was the Sad "breakup" painting Scarlet made after she broke up with Don.  Now that's an omen!  She needs Breakup No. 2 for her aspiration, remember?  LOL.  It's been fun, Shaowen, but Scarlet has more men to Woohoo!

They enjoyed one last meal together.  Truly, he's adorable!

He takes a sweet, innocent nap, unaware of what lies ahead.

While Shaowen sleeps, Scarlet gets spooky with Geoffrey Landgraab.  He was just trying to go out for a nice jog, sheesh!

When Shaowen awoke, Scarlet took him out for one last date at a local bar.  I was really happy to see Babs L'Amour there, lookin' good!

Scarlet gave a quick hello!

And then proceeded to break Shaowen's heart.  "I'm sorry, but I need a second breakup and you're it."

"It's not you, it's me."

I love Shaowen's reaction.  While Don broke down into tears, this guy instead gives her a look that says: Something's wrong with you.

Scarlet's look in response: Hey, don't judge me, mister!

But hey - she's that much closer to fulfilling her next aspiration milestone!  She just needs one more date... who will it be?  Thanks for reading. :)

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Anonymous said...

The dirty panda lol

Anonymous said...

Heh. Poor guy. It must have been the bunny slippers. Well, that or she's just a firecracker ;)

lovesstorms said...

Date 'em and break 'em is her motto. Oh, and the panda cracked me up! Those aspirations could ruin her life. Soon, I could see all the men in the neighborhood not even speaking to her. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Cold blooded.