Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chapter 6

When Scarlet Firecracker visits a lot, I always pull along nearby Sims, even if those Sims have strained relationships with her, like Don Lothario.  It makes for some interesting scenarios!

Dina Caliente is Scarlet's best friend of the bunch!

Scarlet hosted a nice lunch for them all, but no one seemed very happy.  Babs L'Amour had a headache...

And Haleigh Pollak looked ready to cry or die of boredom.

Scarlet tried to cheer them up by showing off her muscles.  Yah, that didn't really help...

When she's not hosting awkward parties, Scarlet is working hard on her painting skill.  (I just want more artwork to hang around the house, lol).

I also gave her some more outfit selections in CAS.  I love the cute little circle necklace.

And the oversized men's shirt for bedtime is the bomb!

Talking about men... Scarlet's been targeting Geoffrey Landgraab, if only because he keeps jogging by her house.  He's a bit older (already married to Nancy with a teenage son named Malcolm) and derpy-lookin' but who cares?  He's got blonde genes!

Scarlet dares a "Bold Pickup Line" once their friendship bar has grown a bit...

It seems to work well enough.  They like each other!

Geoffrey's marriage to Nancy must not be very satisfying, given how eagerly he responds to flirtations on their first date together at the Rattlesnake Juice bar. Lol, Geoffrey, you dog!

The date was a success!  And launched Scarlet into finally completing her next milestone, the Up to Date.  Yay!

She lays a wet one on him to celebrate.  With their First Kiss comes the next milestone instructions: it's a "Strong Relationship with 3 Sims at Once."  Uh, oh...

Scarlet certainly has her work cut out for her in the romance department, but I make sure she also continues making female friendships along the way... such as with Bella Goth...

... and Babs L'Amour.

All this socializing helps to increase Scarlet's charisma, which helps a super amount when dating!  Before I knew it, Scarlet and Geoffrey were ready to Woohoo! (Poor Nancy, lol).

Scarlet still bumps into her ex-lovers, like Shaowen Acevedo, and I noticed there are options to "Rekindle the Romance."  So far, these have failed every time.  Once the romance bar is dark red, it's difficult to undo.

Scarlet even tried to rekindle with Don, but that, too, failed.  It was really awkward for Don, lol.

However, even more surprising is their green friendship bars.  Scarlet can actually continue having a platonic relationship with her ex-lovers!  Even with Don Lothario.  Despite their nasty breakup, they were still capable of friendly interactions.

I really enjoy this feature of the game.  And Don probably does, too - because he can still hangout at Scarlet's place and use her things to his heart's content.  He has a particular fascination with her gigantic microscope.

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Scarlet! Married men ;)

lovesstorms said...

Ooh, she's moved on up to the married men, eh? Lol! Well, I'm glad she is still friends with those exes, but I'm not sure I'd want them around if I brought a new guy home. I gotta get back to work, but I'll be back to read more later. ;)

Anonymous said...

She's really putting in work.