Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chapter 7

Scarlet Firecracker is a woman on a mission!  Time to break out the heels and that little black dress...

Because it's time to cause a little havoc in Geoffrey's world!  They've been lovers for a while now, and Scarlet really wants to ask Geoffrey Landgraab to leave his wife.  Confession: I did it just to see if it would work, lol.

She's just so sweet about it, asking so innocently. (Poor guy.  He has no idea Scarlet has no intention of wedding him afterwards).

At first Geoffrey seemed sad.

And then he looked like he was going to say Noooo!!! Darth-Vader style, and maybe even slap Scarlet in the face.

But he's all noodle-brains for her, and actually agrees.

Poor Geoffrey is smitten by her - and really has to pee.

Scarlet invites him back home and professes her undying love so poetically.  Alas, is it his heart and soul she loves best, or his blonde hair genes?  For Scarlet has some Woohoo in mind, the baby-making kind...

They venture upstairs to try for a baby.  The fact that they head for the guest bedroom (and not the master bedroom) freaks me out a little.  Maybe this room has super secret baby-making powers?  Lol.

After the deed, Scarlet goes down the hallway for a quick pregnancy test while Geoffrey peacefully sleeps.  Did it work?

Yes!  Scarlet is officially eating for two!

She goes downstairs to the kitchen for a quick bite.  Her pregnancy is already making her famished!  And, even more amazingly, I can already see her baby bump!

After that lovely snack, she returns to the guest bedroom and reads a book, waiting for Geoffrey to wake up so she can tell him the Big News!

"You'll never believe it!  We're having a baby!"

He needed cheering up, lol.

I wish we could throw Baby Showers, but all I could do was have Scarlet throw a House Party to celebrate the pregnancy.  She invited a lot of Sims from around the neighborhood.  

Soon the guests arrived.  For some reason, they used the back door.  Efrain Hildebrand (the Unibrow guy) came first, followed closely by Dina Caliente, looking beautiful in a blue dress.

They had a cute girlie freak-out when Scarlet told Dina the Big News.

Dina Caliente spent the remainder of the party flirting with Efrain Hildebrand.  They really like each other.

Meanwhile, more guests poured in, including Babs L'Amour and a pony-tailed Sim named Sonny Padilla, wearing a truly unfortunate party hat.  Babs like, Really?

Scarlet talked a bit with her ex-boyfriend, Shaowen Acevedo.

He's a mixologist - and seemed a bit peeved about the house party's hired mixologist.  He kept staring at him and testing every drink.

Babs tried out the food, some flirty heart cookies out of the fridge.

Guests pretty much had to scrounge for food on their own since the hired caterer didn't cook.  She just stood around reading.

Dina didn't seem to mind - she was still following Efrain around.  Just look at her muscles!  Wow.

Eliza Pancakes also made a welcome appearance.

"We're wearing the same shirt - how embarrassing!"

Lastly, Scarlet even made time for Don Lothario.  Despite their nasty breakup, they remain friends.

He gave her a warm hug.

Feeling confident (and a little crazy), Scarlet took a wild risk and gave Don a "Suave Kiss."  I didn't think it would work with their romance bars so deeply in the dark red, but apparently it did!

Good thing Geoffrey wasn't around!  (He was invited, but didn't show up.  He must really be shocked about the whole baby situation, lol).  Scarlet's on a whole new level of suave now!

After that interesting kiss, the party ended and I earned a Bronze Medal (I couldn't get the guests to listen to music at the same time, even when they were all practically in the same room).

The party train filed out the back door.  Now that was a party to remember.

Thanks for reading. :)

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Anonymous said... are amazing! Good for you.

lovesstorms said...

With all the mixing, she deserved a gold! I wonder if she'll go back to Don or if it's truly over? Guess I'll find out soon.

Anonymous said...

Heya! Loving the updates so far!!! I followed you here from the sims 4 forums. I'm Kamio...the rotational player who doesn't do a blog. haha!!!

Rachel Rosebud said...

Lol, thank you for stopping by! Hope you like my Sims :)