Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chapter 8

Scarlet Firecracker was understandably tired after the party, but she still couldn't say no to a little alone time with Sonny Padilla.  She invited him back in the house for some chitchat on the couch.

Scarlet got a nice back massage out of the bargain. (I removed his party hat in CAS - it was driving me crazy).

The exchange turned steamy real quick.  With Scarlet's charisma so high, she's definitely a femme fatale now!

When Scarlet finally went to bed, I noticed the neglected garden.  It's totally toxic!  Whoops.

She didn't sleep for long.  Around 4 in the morning, she woke up starving and ventured downstairs for some food.

After eating pancakes and dreaming of junk food, Scarlet went straight back to bed and slept through the morning.

Later in the day, she invited over some friends.  She had a blast getting everyone to feel her baby bump.  Her best friend Dina Caliente really got into it...

And Babs L'Amour, too!

And even Sonny Padilla.

They had their First Kiss!  (Sonny is her 2 out of 3 "strong romantic relationships at once" for her aspiration milestone goal, Geoffrey Landgraab being the other).

Towards the evening, Scarlet went out for a little walk around the block and met her friend, Bella Goth (I tweaked her a little in CAS; she has the tiniest waist!)

Scarlet got more baby bump love <3

As time progressed, Scarlet got bigger and bigger.

Finally, Geoffrey Landgraab was offered a feel, too.  Poor Daddy is last in line, lol.

He finally seems excited about his baby - but probably still mad at Scarlet for not marrying him after she asked him to divorce Nancy...  She gives him plenty of love, regardless.

And playtime in bed!

But her back hurts!

But an aching back doesn't stop Scarlet from more Woohoo - this time with Sonny Padilla! (Geoffrey had to leave, lol.  Poor guy...)

They make out just before Scarlet goes into labor!!

Labor is a long, tiring process... 

Finally, it's time!

Is it a boy or girl?

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Anonymous said...

I just love baby time!!! And Scarlet.

lovesstorms said...

I love how she's all over the place. I'd hate that hat too. Baby!!