Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chapter 9

Scarlet Firecracker and Geoffrey Landgraab are the proud parents of a baby girl!

She is named Sarah Firecracker.  Welcome to the world, little one!

Sarah appears to have inherited her father's blonde hair! (Yay!)  I can't tell her eye color yet.

With a baby in the house, Scarlet needs some help!  She asks her best friend, Dina Caliente, to move in.

Dina is more than happy to move in.  She was living with her mother, Katrina, her twin sister, Nina, and Don Lothario. 

Dina really took to motherhood!  I definitely want to get her married to make babies of her own. :)

So with Dina in the house, I gave her a new outfit and looked at her personality.  She's active, ambitious, and romantic.

I also looked at her current relationships, and as I suspected, she has a thing going for Efrain Hildebrand, the Unibrow guy (along with some guy named Phoenix - we'll ignore him for now).  She invites Efrain over for some flirty time.

They get hot and heavy in the living room...

Then, they move upstairs for their First Woohoo!  (Scarlet gave Dina the spare bedroom.  Watch out - it's the baby-making chamber!)

Dina goes out for a late night jog, feeling positively happy in life.

Meanwhile, Scarlet Firecracker is enjoying her new baby girl, but time flies and before I know it, I get alerted to Sarah's pending birthday.  Scarlet decides to throw a Birthday Party!  She bakes a chocolate birthday cake...

And then lights some candles on it - but then what?  I admit I'm a little confused.  In the Sims 2, we had to carry the babies and toddlers to the cake to age them up, but this doesn't work in the Sims 4 with the babies tied to the bassinets.  Scarlet seems a little worried, lol.

But the mystery is quickly solved when I realized you have to click on the bassinet to age up.  Sarah Firecracker comes bursting out in a dazzling sparkle of light.  

I probably should have had Scarlet breastfeed her one last time - poor Sarah is starving!  Oops.

She's also very tired and not having any fun at her own Birthday Party.  But she's really cute with those thick glasses!

I send her downstairs to "Make a Wish" on her unused Birthday Cake (and eat before she drops dead of starvation, lol).  This turned out to be a huge mistake!

Because she ages up again! *horror*

What?!  And worse, she has a stupid hat on.  So I'm a wee bit freaking out!!  (I didn't save the game before the party).  Chaos ensues at the party... Dina Caliente asks Efrain to be her boyfriend, to which he heartily accepts.

And, what the heck!  Dina just pulls out a ring and asks Efrain to be her husband, instead.  He agrees!  At least someone is happy at this party!

So I pull up Sarah Firecracker in CAS to survey the damage.  Yep, she's still a teenager.  Sigh.  Her childhood ripped away!!!  So sad...  And she's definitely not a spinning image of her mother, despite the hair and outfit makeover.

Thankfully, she inherited something of Scarlet - her beautiful eye color, and maybe her gigantic cheek bones.

None to fear, cheats on the way!  Whew.

Sarah returns to her innocent childhood.  She has the Social Butterfly aspiration and Loves the Outdoors.  And she's wearing pretty much the cutest T-shirt in existence!

At this point, I decide to move out Dina Caliente.  She's happily engaged to Efrain Hildebrand, so I move them into a lot together in Willow Creek.  It's time to plan them a wedding! <3

Don't look so sad, Dina!  I promise to get rid of his unibrow. (Maybe).

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for cheats! That would have been such a hard thing to handle! Cute little Sarah (BTW, my fave name--and middle name--is Sara).

lovesstorms said...

bwaha! I'll have to remember that when I age kids up. Too funny! She is pretty darn cute!

Sunny Shay said...

I've made a similar mistake with the cake. Luckily I always save before major events.