Saturday, October 4, 2014

Chapter 21

Uh, oh... Look who's up next in the rotation: Mr. Dazed and Confused... aka Geoffrey Landgraab!

If you remember way back when, Scarlet and Geoffrey had a baby girl together (Sarah Firecracker)... That is, right after Scarlet asked Geoffrey to leave his wife.  While he agreed to divorce Nancy, Scarlet actually never married him (heh), so Geoffrey's still living with his ex-wife and teenage son, Malcolm.

I gave the Landgraab's slab o' concrete a quick bulldoze, and built them a new home on their HUGE lot.  The best part was the rocket launch pad on the roof!

Then I playtested it, and quickly realized it was TOO big, lol.  Seriously, 50 by 50 is way too much space, so I ended up moving the huge house to Arid Ridge, a smaller 40 by 30 lot in Oasis Springs (right near the Caliente's).

Doing so meant I had to downsize the house a little, rearrange a few things... It's different, but I'm much happier with this new version.  You can really see the three-level atrium on the right, filled with bamboo and palm trees.  

Want to see the whole thing in greater detail?, Click here to view virtual tour.  

(I have a few pictures from playtesting I'd like to share... Just note that I've since moved/changed the house, so these Landgraab pictures are all from the old location before I downsized.)

I gave Nancy Landgraab a makeover.  This is one of her more... unusual outfits, lol.

Nancy is actually a very interesting Sim to play because she's a gold-digging criminal, quite unlike my other rotation Sims!  She's materialistic, ambitious, and a snob. 

When she goes to work, she puts on her bad guy clothes.

But her everyday look is this red dress, which I think totally suits her.  I made her go on a cooking spree to test out the new kitchen!

Geoffrey enjoyed the dishes she made...

But not her company.  To put it plainly, they HATE each other!  Their romance bar is a high, dark red since the nasty divorce.

They won't sit next to each other for long.  The tension and ill feelings are just too overwhelming.

I thought about getting Nancy a new husband... maybe Vernon Morse.  He seems her type: Rich.  (And he kinda reminds me of the G-man from Half Life, lol).

But here's an interesting thing to consider: Malcolm Landgraab is an Evil Sim and loves to watch his parents fight.  So in a sick, twisted way, Nancy and Geoffrey are making their son happy by living together as enemies, lol.  Geoffrey's perpetual sadness is Malcolm's joy.

Malcolm's happy mood has, in turn, made it easy for him to make friends in his peer group, like the teenage Cassandra Goth (Bella's daughter with Mortimer)!

It's a perilous friendship.  One moment Malcolm is friendly and nice, the next full of mischief!

He's pulled a few pranks on her, but she still likes him enough to laugh (sometimes).  

And I just couldn't forget Malcolm's little half-sister, Sarah!  I really want to foster a good relationship between Sarah and the rest of the Landgraabs. 

Sarah visits a lot, along with Cassandra.

Sarah's a good girl.  She's so sweet and innocent compared to the money-hungry, evil, snobby, criminal-type Landgraabs.  (I'm really thinking I'll move her into the household when she's a teenager!  Plus, Scarlet Firecracker hasn't been the greatest mother, so maybe Sarah will want to move in with her father instead, lol).

Over the weekend, the Landgraabs invited Sarah to the park in Oasis Springs.  

To my delight, the Goths were also hanging around nearby.  Alexander makes me laugh!

Cassandra was looking pretty sad. (Maybe she was envisioning the future.  Please, don't make me marry an evil Sim!!!  Mwahahah...)

Don Lothario also waltzed by, along with Vernon Morse.  (I love Don's muscles, but how can you not also admire Geoffrey's office-worker potbelly?  It's so realistic!  Lol!)

Nancy tried to flirt with Don.  At first he seemed, No.

But then he was, Oh, yes!

Don stuck around for the family picnic.  Nancy couldn't keep her eyes off of him.

Meanwhile, Sarah was a chatterbox, her Social Butterfly aspiration shining through.  (Does she get any attention at home?)

With all the action at the picnic, I noticed Alexander all alone, lookin' mopey...

So I took Geoffrey and Sarah over to the playground.  Don Lothario's daughter, Alissa, was already there. 

You would think Don would stop his daughter from going to the park in just her underwear, lol.

Everyone had a blast!  And while Alexander didn't join the girls on the space ship, he had a nice chat with Vernon Morse.

Sarah shot some bubbles at her father...

...since Geoffrey was the space monster this time!

I *had* to get a closeup, lol.  Of all my Sims who've done this, I think he wins the award for scariest monster face, lol.

Malcolm and Cassandra got friendly on the park bench.  (Not as friendly as Don Lothario and Nancy back there, lol).

Malcolm and Cassandra had a cute tickling war.

Much later, after most everyone left, Malcolm picked a fight with some random Sim.  He tried to throw a drink at his face, but the action failed, lol.

He has a long way to go if he wants to be the king of evil, lol.

That's it for now!  Thank you for reading!

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