Sunday, October 5, 2014

Chapter 22

One night, Malcolm Landgraab brought Cassandra Goth up to the roof of his home.

"I'm going to build a space rocket!  And I'm taking you with me.  We're going to see the stars together, Cassandra."

They couldn't wait.

Up on that rooftop, they shared their first kiss, dreaming of the stars.

They were young, and in love.

Cassandra made him so happy... so happy he found it easier to relate to other Sims.  He became best friends with his father.

One night, Malcolm's mother Nancy hit up The Solar Lounge in Oasis Springs.  She looked beautiful, but getting flirty wasn't her mission.

Instead, she made everyone at the bar "pretend slap" her to increase her mischief skills for work, lol.

Her dedication paid off.  She got a promotion to Muscle, picking the Boss Branch of the Criminal career track.

Her ex-husband Geoffrey Landgraab, likewise, soon got his promotion to Government Agent.  He's in the same Secret Agent career track as Don Lothario!  It'd be neat if they would randomly bring their coworkers home (like in The Sims 2).  But Geoffrey barely knows Don, unlike Nancy.

Meanwhile, Malcolm and Cassandra became "Partners in Crime," a very funny ability to plan havoc at school.  Their first prank was to Unleash the Gerbils.  "Hundreds of little furry creatures rampaged through the halls, bringing delight to most and terror to some." Lol.

Malcolm and Cassandra became boyfriend/girlfriend after that, naturally.

They were thoroughly, deviously, in love...

Malcolm professed his undying love for her...

And gave her a promise ring.

Looks like Cassandra will be family soon, when they're old enough to get married.  Nancy, for one, likes her a lot.

Speaking of Nancy, she's become quite the cook! 

She's been making fancy dinners and inviting over Vernon Morse, aka G-Man.

Nancy managed to break through his Gloomy exterior and become friends with him.

And, yes, Geoffrey Landgraab's been sad a lot: it's hard living in the same house as his hated ex-wife.  But his daughter, Sarah, has lifted his spirits time and again...

They are just too cute!

It's almost like Sarah is Geoffrey's only friend.  His relationship with his son often gets tense whenever Malcolm's evil side takes over.

Meanwhile, I bought the family a Backyard Observatory so Nancy could practice her Mischief skills by spying on the neighbors.  I took her out to the Rattle Snake juice bar for one last good slap, though.  Lol.

She's still cooking like a fiend.  I think she loves cooking more than making mischief!

She tries to engage her son in her passion for cooking...

But cooking's just not his thing.

He would rather be up on the roof, hacking away at wood at his workbench.  He's trying to get a little Handy before he tackles his dream of building a rocket ship.

His half-sister Sarah's not afraid of heights and sometimes comes up on the roof to talk.  They've become friends.

The Landgraab's have definitely become like a second home for Sarah.  She loves visiting... And Vernon Morse, too.

Vernon can't resist a woman with serious basting skills, lol.

And Nancy can't resist his cleaning obsessions.  He autonomously takes out the garbage whenever he's over. 

One night, Nancy took Vernon out to see her Backyard Observatory.

"Are you sure?  It looks dirty in there, Nancy."

"I'm wearing a little red dress, and I just made you Excellent Rack of Lamb.  You can't say no."

Vernon takes the plunge, but fears for his life.  Imagine the germs in there!

"Now was that so scary?"

"It was dark and cold, and I saw a layer of dust everywhere."

"Shut up and smile."

He liked Round #2 two much better.

Thanks for reading!  Next up... Malcolm builds his rocket.

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Hmmmm...I've always wondered what this family was like. I'm not disappointed! Too bad they died out ages ago in my legacy challenge.