Saturday, October 11, 2014

Chapter 24

Nina Caliente is looking for love, so I set her up in a house with seven single men. Which one will win her heart?

Let's take a quick look at the lucky seven from A to Z...

Meet Andre DeSilva.  He's a genius, childish, and hot-headed.  Ever since I saw him from the Sims 4 pre-release days, I've loved his geeky, weirdo appeal, lol, and so I'm actually quite surprised he's not a geek.

Meet Chuck Cenzo.  He's a bro, active, and also hot-headed.  Try not to fan yourself checking this hunk out!  He's also another pre-release made-by-Maxis Sim.  

Meet Digitalis Wolff.  He's insane, neat, and outgoing, and one of FloorRaisin's Legacy spares.  (A kind thank you to FloorRaisin for uploading this awesome Sim to the Gallery!  For those interested, search for Origin ID: Ehhwot).

Meet Palo Verde Bough.  He's a foodie, outgoing, and gloomy, and otherwise known as The Royal Llama Tamer.  This awesome Legacy Sim was kindly shared by CathyTea - thank you so much!  He looks great!  Check out his Freezer Bunny necklace.  If they sold that in real life, I'd totally buy it, lol. *blushes*

Meet Ronan Schreiber.  He's noncommittal, childish, and an art lover.  He's a random townie that visits the gym quite a lot, hence his broad chest.  I was surprised to find he wasn't a snob, or active.

Meet Steve Fogel.  He's a foodie, a goofball, and cheerful.  I think of him as that hot dog guy from the pre-release Sims 4 videos.  He reminds me of a teddy bear, lol.

Meet Zest Johnny.  He's ambitious, outgoing, and a goofball.  He also likes pretending his name is really Johnny Zest.  (I don't get it, lol.  Why is his name backwards?  Is it just my game? Lol).  He's the skinniest of the bunch, and I had to double check he was actually an adult and not a teen.

Lastly, I'd like to mention Nina's personality: she's romantic, lazy, and hot-headed.  I think her laziness is why she's doing this Bachelorette game, lol.

To make the playing field as fair as possible, I made Digitalis and Palo Verde quit their jobs so that everyone in the household is unemployed.  Starting relationships are also all very close to zero, and no one has a pink romance bar with Nina at all.

I'm going to be playing as "hands-off" as possible, letting Nina gravitate towards whichever Sim she likes best.

This will be a long endeavor.  I will be rotating to other households, and meanwhile, in the background, Nina's relationships with her roommates will change and grow.  Occasionally, I'll check in on them to see how things progress.  When there's a clear winner, the wedding bells will toll!  The "losers" will become townies.

To start off, I took them all to Magnolia Blossom, the beautiful park in Willow Creek.  Here, they each got a chance to meet Nina for a friendly one-on-one.  I did not initiate any romantic interactions.  Let's see how they did...

Nina: "So you're a genius, huh?"
Andre: "I want to be your derivative... so I can lay tangent to your curves."  *eyebrow wiggle*

Nina: You're active and I'm lazy.  Are we too different?
Chuck: No, baby, it just means I'll do all the work.  You just relax!

Nina: Um... feeling a little bit ignored here.
Digitalis: One moment please.  I'm emailing Bailey.  We're like two chickens in a pot.

Nina: I can't breathe!  Stop making me laugh!
Palo Verde: Two llamas walked into a bar...

Nina: Your noncommittal side makes me a little nervous.  Can I trust you?
Ronan: Darling, I'm also an art lover, and you are my Mona Lisa.  I'll treasure you always.

Nina: So what's your story?
Steve: I like hot dogs.  You'd look pretty hot in a hotdog costume.

Nina: So are the rumors true?  Did the Landgraabs disown you after you dropped out of school?
Zest: I'll be right back.

After those pleasantries, the group dispersed for a bit of freewill fun.  Digitalis played some chess with Geoffrey Landgraab.  Steve came over to watch the epic battle.

Zest watched a different chess match.  He was particularly intrigued with townie Ayla Stein, the black-haired beauty.  Hey, you know you're supposed to be hitting on Nina right?

Later, they all spent the evening at the Blue Velvet nightclub in Willow Creek.  Nina was feeling flirty, but I made sure no flirty interactions were performed.  Tonight, it's just about making friends and having fun.

Palo Verde confidently kept the jokes flowing all night...

... while Amber Stein (no relation to Ayla) played at the piano.  She's another pre-release Maxis-made Sim. <3

At this point it was fun to just sit back and watch the night unfold.  The Sims ventured where they willed.  It became ladies night at the bar - redheads only!  Scarlet Firecracker was cracking up!  Maybe she overheard one of Palo's jokes...

Don Lothario and his girlfriend Babs L'Amour showed up, too.  Steve sat down to talk to Don... Maybe he's asking for some good pick up lines involving hotdogs?

The crew got hungry so Chuck whipped up a salad. (I added a mini-kitchen).

Finally, I decided to take them all home.  Earlier, I evicted the Spencer-Kim-Lewis family, mwahaha!  Their mega-modern house was the perfect place to host Nina's grand romance games.  I just added a few more beds.

The house worked out great, except for the bathroom situation.  That morning, Chuck walked in on Digitalis, causing much embarrassment, lol.  In this cutthroat game of love, every emotion counts.

Meanwhile, Steve was the lucky Sim of the hour!  He got to see Nina first in her underwear.

Steve: Wait, so you don't want to hear that joke about the hotdog and the bun?

Andre spent most of the morning talking to the stuffed animal, his childish trait shining through.

Andre: If Nina falls in love with me, will you promise to be my best dragon at the wedding?

I think I bought too many tablets, lol.  (I deleted all the computers in the house.  I figured tablets were more social when they needed a fun boost).

So this is where I left them...  Stay tuned to find out who wins Nina's heart.  As a romantic, Nina will be flirting on her own... but with who?

It's anybody's guess!  Thanks for reading. :)

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lovesstorms said...

I think this is one of my fav chapters of all so far! It's SOOO funny because I haven't even read your story yet, but I did the same thing in my story. (Of course, I've not started it yet) I constructed the whole neighborhood and got rid of all pre-made sims and buildings/lots. I ended up adding one large house with one woman and seven men. I have no idea why, but adding a bachelorette type house in the neighborhood sounded like a fun idea!

Anyway, I have no idea who I want to win Nina's heart, but I can totally see her being lazy and not wanting to go out to find men. Of course, it'll be tough to choose.
These are the 1st thoughts I had on the below guys during their one-on-one times (lol):

Andre - Groucho Marx
Chuck - Nina's answer should def be yes here
Digitalis - Um, if you are like two chickens in a pot, then why are you here? First gone, Nina, first gone.
Palo Verde - I want to know the rest of the joke, dang it!
Ronan - HOT, but only for a good time
Steve - Does she always have to wear the hot dog costume for you to think she's yummy? Despite the hot dogs, though, he's my fav.
Zest - Bwahaha! I loved, loved, loved that answer of his

Also, Nina's pic when she was flirty = GORGEOUS!