Monday, October 13, 2014

Chapter 26

I planned a Star Wars wedding for Geoffrey and Gladys.  Yes, Star Wars.  I kept thinking Malcolm would make a pretty awesome Darth Vader, so... Yah.

Then I thought Sarah Firecracker would make a pretty awesome Yoda.  

That meant Geoffrey could be Luke Skywalker and Gladys, Princess Leia!  (Don't mention the brother/sister thing, lol.)

Then I ran out of Star Wars costumes, so I figured Vernon Morse, Gladys' son, would make a pretty scary Grim Reaper, and his date Nancy Landgraab could be a clown (the perfect disdain for her ex-husband?!)

I was giggling in delight.  Would it really work?  Could I get Sims to marry in their costumes?


Oh, yes.

I can't imagine what Eliza Pancakes was thinking, Am I at a wedding or a Comic Con?

I think Bob Pancakes was thinking, I'd look good as a Storm Trooper.

(How could they forget Storm Trooopers?!)

Scarlet Firecracker even showed up, and in a freaky-happy mood.  (She's done crying over Geoffrey?)

Right before the exchange of vows, as guests gathered near, Scarlet looped around back behind the bride and groom and started laughing.  Clearly, she finds this whole Star Wars theme a big joke!

Tell us how you really feel, Scarlet!

"Nice wig."


By the time Geoffrey and Gladys were sharing their first cake slices, I felt pretty guilty about the whole Star Wars idea... None of the guests (other than the Landgraab household) were in costumes, so it all looked pretty silly.  Awesome, but silly.  Geoffrey and Gladys deserved better, lol.

So I closed the game without saving.  Kablooey!

For the do-over, I decided to go simple and sweet.  You can't laugh at them now, Scarlet!

They married at home in Geoffrey's backyard one late afternoon, with friends and family gathered round.

Star Wars will just have to wait.  I'll have to throw a real costume party one of these days....

The guests seemed much more relaxed and much less... weird'ed out.

It was all a bit too relaxed.  Half the guests showed up wearing athletic wear, like Efrain Hildebrand, lol.

"Dude, it's a wedding!  Where's your tux?"

"I got confused after the Star Wars thing.  Sorry, Darth Vad- Uh, I mean, Malcolm."

Chuck: "We're all going to the gym afterwards, duh!"

At least Digitalis Wolff had the common decency to dress up.

Digitalis was in fact very happy at the wedding party, despite getting his noisemaker stuck in his steak.

Chuck was not so happy.  I just want to go to the gym.  Or eat that steak.

Despite all the wedding craziness, Geoffrey and Gladys were happily married.  She joined the household, along with her son, Vernon.  Nancy and Vernon are next in line for the marriage train!  What a love rectangle that is, lol.

And what the heck!  I went and grabbed Sarah Firecracker, too.

"Mommy, I'm going to live with Daddy now!"

"Promise me you'll be a good girl, honey."

"I will!  Can I go play with my friends now?!"

Sarah was already quite popular (her aspiration is Social Butterfly).  Her closest friend is Zoe Hildebrand, the daughter of Efrain and Dina.

They love monkeying around.

Zoe: "When I'm older, I'm going to marry Darth Vader!"

Sarah: "Eww!!"

Sarah's circle of friends also included Valerie Redmond, the cute girl with the ponytail dreadlocks that always hangs around the playground.

And, of course, Alexander Goth wasn't far behind, along with Alissa L'Amour, Don Lothario's daughter with Babs.

Normally, Alissa is all smiles, but Alexander really knows how to push her buttons, lol.

I can't wait until they are all teenagers! <3  Unfortunately, I will have to wait.  I'm not letting anyone age up until the aging bug is fixed.

Thanks for reading!

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lovesstorms said...

So glad Sarah gets to move in with her Dad! She'll do better there, I think. Also, the Star Wars wedding was awesome! I don't feel bad one bit! ;) Of course, they looked gorgeous in their get up as well, so I suppose it worked out in the end. Anyway, I gotta get back to work now, but thanks for entertaining me today! :D

SunnyShay said...

It's nice to see the kid isn't lonely anymore. You should have stuck with the costume geek wedding. It was funny.