Monday, October 13, 2014

Chapter 27

Talk about awkward!  The Landgraab household currently consists of Geoffrey, his wife Gladys, Geoffrey's ex-wife Nancy, Glady's son Vernon (he's Nancy's lover, too), Geoffrey and Nancy's teenage son Malcolm, and Geoffrey's love child Sarah.  Whew.

Yep, awkward.

Especially for Gladys.  Listening to any version of Nancy's stories had to be torture for Gladys.  "One time, Geoffrey and I..." or "One time, Vernon and I..."

Gladys was not a happy camper.  I noticed her sad face when I was playing a different household - Nina Caliente's Bachelorette game.  She was sitting all alone at the bar, probably thinking of ways to kill off Nancy.

I was planning a big engagement and wedding for Vernon and Nancy, but her sad face made me think I should hurry it up, lol.

Anyway, like I said, I popped into Nina's real quick for a group date at the Jazz Hall.  (The lot is this one that I introduced in Chapter 25.  I just made up a different name for it.  Oh, and I learned something really neat!  You can increase the size of curtains!  Try Shift + ] and Voila!)

I went hands-off at this point, letting the Sims wander to and fro.  Nina took a selfie with her mother, Katrina... I wonder if her mother approves of her dating style, lol.

Nina then sat down at a table to watch the night's entertainment: Katrina's piano playing and Digitalis' stand-up comedy.  Ronan and Palo Verde sat with her at the table for a nice group conversation.  Oh, the sly maneuverings begin! Lol.

Digitalis was quite the hit.  He had a crowd going towards the end.  I love the look on Andre's face: How can I compete with two comedians?  First, Palo Verde and now Digitalis! And Ronan's reaction: Pfft!  My sexy hair will destroy all competition!

And as for Steve, do you really think he's not thinking about hotdogs 24/7? Lol.

After his performance, Digitalis joined the group at the table.  Palo Verde was chatting up a storm, and even Ronan smiled for once.  But, alas, Nina Caliente had been stolen away!

She was now at a table alone with Steve!  Maybe the pickup lines he learned from Don Lothario the other night are working, lol.

Then again, maybe not, lol.  (Lazy trait ftw!)

While Nina was off snoozing, the boys were having fun.  They are really becoming friends.  Hopefully, they won't all become enemies once Nina makes her choice.

So after the group outing, I hurried back into the Landgraab household and made ready to move out Vernon Morse and Nancy Landgraab.  I also made Nancy quit her criminal career.  She really seemed to enjoy cooking much more.  (She's Level 10 Gourmet).

Her days of stealing ATMs are sadly over, lol.

So where to put the happy couple?  Well, Vernon Morse is very good friends with Mortimer Goth, so I made them neighbors!  I bulldozed the mansion on the Parkshore lot.  This particular lot is beautifully situated between a river and a large playground!

I decided to build a Victorian house to suit the area's look and feel.  You can take a virtual tour of the Verity Victorian for more details!  As always, my lots are shared on the Gallery.

All that was left was to seal the deal!  Vernon Morse decided the front of the house with the gardens and fountain was the perfect spot to propose...

He nervously waited for Nancy to join him.

She arrived with a big hug...

"Oh, Vernon, the house is gorgeous!  Is it really going to be ours?  All ours?"

Nancy is definitely in love with the new house, and Vernon.

No time to waste!

Nancy accepts, adding the ring to her finger.  I noticed she already had one on, lol!

A house and two rings. How can Nancy be any happier, lol.

They celebrate with more passionate smooochies.

I had planned a big, lavish wedding, but after going through two with Geoffrey and Gladys, I just went with quick and easy, the oh so romantic elopement option, lol.

"Let's get married right now!  Like right now!"

And that is how Mr. and Mrs. Morse came to be! <3

They hurried into bed to try for a baby.  Nancy is halfway to elder!  There really is no time to lose.

Thanks for reading!

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I absolutely ADORE your blog! Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories! I dont have Sims 4 yet..and your blogs keep me so inspired and excited for when I do!