Friday, November 28, 2014

Chapter 28

Nancy thought to herself, How hard can it be?

She had gourmet cooking down to an art!  Surely she could master this mixology skill as well.

After some interesting drinks (her husband Vernon ran away to his office to write a book, "Sorry, honey, I'm just not thirsty right now")...

...Nancy headed to the kitchen to whip up some dishes.  Her new kitchen wasn't as big or modern as her old home (her ex-husband Geoffrey Landgraab stayed at the house with their eldest son Malcolm), but she loved it all the same.

She spread out the dishes and hosted a housewarming party, inviting friends and neighbors.

Vernon's elderly mother Gladys was invited.  She dazzled in purple.  She recently got married, too, to none other than Nancy's ex-husband Geoffrey.  Nancy is happy they found love.

Also invited is Vernon's best friend, Mortimer Goth.  Their big gothic house is right next door.

It was a great party!  Maybe too great.

 Turns out, Nancy is pregnant!  Her baby bump showed up when she was at the gym with her friend Scarlet Firecracker.

Vernon was very excited!

But also very nervous.  He rounded up some friends of his who were already fathers to share his anxiety.

Mortimer Goth and Don Lothario shared their stories about fatherhood and told him not to worry.  Vernon said, "I can do this!"

The guys had a late night snack to celebrate the wonders of fatherhood.

Nancy joined them a little later.  (She loves the views from this side of the house; they overlook the nearby playground.  She can't wait to see her own little one playing over there.)

Don seemed a little distracted by Nancy. (Romance Sims, lol).

The day broke bright and beautiful the next morning.

Gladys couldn't wait to be a grandmother.  

Pretty soon Nancy went into labor.  She remembered it being a lot easier when she had Malcolm.  It's hard being an older Mom!

It's a boy!  (Woot!  My first one born in the neighborhood!)

Welcome Jack Morse!

Vernon is so excited he wants another one!  Their house is certainly big enough.  After a few tries (literally four times), Nancy gets pregnant again!  Now this will be a miracle baby! <3

Nancy's baby bump is soon showing, just as baby Jack Morse gets ready to age up...

Aww, he's so cute!  Jack really takes after his mother!

But I think he inherited an interesting version of his father's nose!  

Father and son have some cute bonding moments. <3

When I built their house, I left the backyard all blank - but now with the game patch, it's the perfect place for a pool!!

Jack was the very first Sim to jump in!  He loves it!

Vernon's swimwear choice really surprised me, lol.


Nancy tested out the waters.  She's almost due!

Vernon anxiously awaits baby no. 2.

He bides the time repairing stuff around the house.  Jack seriously wears sunglasses to bed.  That's his pajamas outfit, lol.

Finally, the hour arrives!

It's another boy!  Welcome Jonathon Morse. <3

They are so excited they decide to try for another baby right then and there!  Oh, the desperation of the almost-elderly! (Lol, I'm afraid to turn aging back on, actually.  I haven't heard if the aging/CAS bug is fixed yet).

Jack thinks baby brothers are pretty neat!

Pretty soon, Jonathon is on his feet!  He's so cute!  He also inherited Nancy's blonde hair and green eyes like Jack, but his face is quite different.  Lol, he's almost chinless, poor baby.

The brothers have fun in the nearby playground, meeting the neighborhood kids left and right.

Jack befriends Zoe Hildebrand (daughter of Efrain Hildebrand and Dina - the blonde Caliente).

...and Alissa L'Amour (daughter of Don Lothario and Babs L'Amour).

...while Jonathon meets Sarah Firecracker (daughter of Scarlet Firecracker and Geoffrey Landgraab).

It wasn't long before Nancy had some good news to share with the family.  Baby no. 3 is definitely in the oven, lol.

Nancy is feeling pretty good!  No morning sickness this time around.

She confides in her friend Don Lothario.  "I hope it's a girl this time."

After Don left, Zoe came by the house.

Jonathon had tons of homework.  

Zoe thinks homework is boring!  "Let's go swimming!"

Before the night's out, Jack and Zoe become partners in crime... They've planned a food fight for tomorrow at school.  (Jack is starting to remind me of his older half-brother Malcolm Landgraab, lol).

And finally baby no. 3 is born, and alas, it is another boy.  Sorry, Nancy!  Maybe you'll have a granddaughter one day. <3

His name is Joseph Morse.  He also has blonde hair, but has his father's brown eyes.  He's also visibly paler in skin tone, and seems to have a face similar to Jonathon's profile.  Either way, I can't wait to see these three brothers as teenagers! <3

Thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...

So cute! Love these boys.

Anonymous said...

Jack and Joseph turned into really cute children. I love them, makes me want to play!