Friday, November 28, 2014

Chapter 29

It all started with the angry flaming spaghetti.

Poor Scarlet was seriously neglected.  And angry.  I'd been playing all the other households except hers.

I needed to help her fulfill her aspiration pronto.  Before she burned the house down.  Her serial romantic required 10 kisses from 10 different Sims, and she only had 3.

(Since it's been awhile, I think those 3 kisses came from Don Lothario, Geoffrey Landgraab, and Sonny Padilla...  Speaking of Geoffrey... he's still on her romance panel, but it's 'very' complicated, lol.  Geoffrey's the baby daddy of Scarlet's daughter Sarah.  Either way, I hope he's one of the 3 kisses because he's definitely not letting her kiss him again!)

Time to get to work... Scarlet Firecracker's first victim is one of Don's friends, a gym rat named Dominique Hayes.

He's Kiss #4.

Next comes a blondie bloke named Bobby Bullock for Kiss #5.  (Scarlet still has alligator abs... Gah, don't look!)

After Bobby, I had enough points to buy Scarlet "Beguile," a very handy romance interaction that lets you use a Cupid-like bow and arrow on Sims.  After using Beguile, it's too easy to get that First Kiss, so Scarlet aimed higher: woohoo!

Bobby is so beguiled!

Scarlet's only got 5 more kisses to go now!

Scarlet scored Kiss #6 from Shaowen Acevedo, the neighborhood mixologist.  (She's woohooed him before way back when.  Her past kisses with him didn't count since they were before the aspiration popped up). 

Bobby came downstairs to flirt with Scarlet in front of Shaowen.  No one got jealous, apparently.

Lucky Kiss #7 went to a Sim named Ullal Mosley.

Ullal witnessed Scarlet hitting a Sim with her beguiling bow...

He became Kiss #8.  (I lost his name, lol).  Ullal got really jealous!  I don't know why he reacted and other Sims don't.  After witnessing the kiss, he went upstairs and hid under the covers in Scarlet's bed.

Kiss #9 went to another nameless Sim.  Maybe the giraffe knows his name, lol.

Almost there!  At this point, Scarlet went to the park with her daughter Scarlet.  Poor girl needed time with Mommy...

Scarlet really freaked me out.  You don't belong up there!


Sarah had tons of fun.  She's so strong!

And Scarlet got her final Kiss #10.  (You'd think I'd at least remember his name.  Nope.)

And now the final leg of the journey towards becoming a true Serial Romantic...

For those 5 Gold Dates, Scarlet completed each of them with Don Lothario, her designated 'soulmate' lol.

All that was left was hiking up Scarlet's charisma to level 10.  That moment came when she was flirting with Bobby...

She earned the personality trait Player!  Yep, lol.  Scarlet is definitely that.  The perk of Player is no jealousy. (Not that it was ever a big problem, lol).

You can download this "upgraded" version of Scarlet on the Gallery (OriginID: GirlzillaGC).  She has Player, along with other romance perks like Great Kisser and Beguiling.  She's still a young adult.

To celebrate, Scarlet hosted a costume party! <3  The first to show up was a very attractive hot dog named Holly Vinedal, lol.

Then Palo Verde Bough as Grimmie (he's one of CathyTea's Sims that I'm using for Nina Caliente's Bachelor challenge).  He's always smiling, lol. <3

Then Bella Goth, another Grim Reaper (didn't surprise me given her family background, lol).

Scarlet and Digi (he's from the Wolff Legacy) both wanted to be clowns.  I have no idea what Dina's supposed to be, lol.

The angry flaming spaghetti also made an appearance.  Now that's destiny.  And hot dogs.  Lots of hot dogs.

And Babs L'Amour, aka. Pizza Delivery Hottie.

Nancy and her husband Vernon showed up, too.  She was a clown and he was an astronaut!

Katrina Caliente mostly just chilled out back, sinking her toes into Scarlet's new pool. (I never saw her costume.)

Though Palo apparently must have went swimming too at one point... He's in his swimsuit outfit!

Still no clue about Dina...  And Holly the Hotdog kept giving the camera knowing glances.

At one point it got pretty crazy in there! <3  (Nina dressed up like Dina - how weird is that!)

And the spaghetti kept flaming!  Lol.

The party prize!  It made it all worth it, lol.

Thank you for reading!

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Mellowyellow said...

Great post Rachel, I've been binge reading your blog the past few days and I'm really enjoying it. Sims 4 didn't make huge impression on me at first but you're making me want to give it another try.

Rachel Rosebud said...

Thanks! I'm hoping to see some new expansion packs for TS4 really soon. Maybe then it'll be more enticing for everyone! Lol. It's definitely different. I really liked The Sims 2 and this one has that vibe for me.