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Chapter 30

Brace yourself for some major drama, lol!

Scarlet took a deep breath.  She stood outside Don Lothario's house.  She could see his girlfriend Babs L'Amour inside.

Babs invited her in.

They were actually good friends... so that's why this was really going to hurt.  Scarlet asked, "Can we talk?"  

Babs nodded, taking her into her daughter's bedroom.

Scarlet said, "It's about Don.  I... Me and him... We're-"

"Soulmates?" Babs blurted out, rolling her eyes.

"Yes," Scarlet said, taking a deep breath.  "I'm going to ask Don to marry me.  I've completed my Serial Romance aspiration.  I want to settle down with my soulmate now."

"You?  Don?  Settle down?" Babs laughed, each word getting progressively louder.

Scarlet frowned. "I know you and him have a kid, okay?  He'll always be a part of your life.  He'll always love you.  I'm OK with that."

Babs got mad. "Why are you telling me this?  Some sick twisted sense of humor?

Babs threw up her arms, angry.  "All I care about is my daughter.  She needs her father."

Babs cried, "Get out of my house!"

That's when Alissa walked in, home from school.

"Hi, Mommy!  Oh, hi, Scarlet!  Is Sarah here, too?  Can we play outside?"

"I'm sorry, Alissa.  But I have to leave," Scarlet said, forcing a smile.

Alissa could tell the adults had been arguing.  "OK, bye," she said, sad.

At dinner, Babs could barely eat. 

Don asked, "What's wrong, babe?"

"Nothing... I... I'm going to the gym."  She had been gaining weight.  Too many neighborhood parties and dancing.  "Can you watch Alissa?"

"But I have to practice programming.  I'm looking at another promotion-"

"Just be a father and watch her!" Babs yelled, angry.  

Don freaked out.  "Okay, okay."  What's wrong with her?

At the gym, Babs ran off some steam.

And did a lot of thinking...

She and Don had a lot of great moments together.  That must be love, right?  She believed he must love her too... in his own way.  He was a noncommittal Sim... just like her.  But why did she feel so wrong?

She called up someone very special to her.  "Can we talk?"

Kristian Fry suggested they meet at the renovated library.  They found a nice spot outside, quiet and private.  She felt comfortable being herself around him.

She was honest.  "I think I have to let Don go.  But I'm scared.  I want to do what's right for my daughter and me.  I'm not sure if I can do both.  I want to be with you... but... I haven't let myself believe I could.  Because of Alissa.  I just wish I had all the answers."

Kristian said, "You are the best Mom in the whole world.  You don't need all the answers in life.  You just need to love her.  And if you need me, I'll be here for you.  Always."

Babs smiled and hugged him with all her might.  "You're my best friend."

That's when Don appeared.  Sometimes they met after work at the library.  It was a good place for Babs to work on her writing, Don on his programming, and Alissa on her homework.

"Hey Babs.  Oh, hi, Kristian.  What's going on?" Don asked.

Kristian said, "Babs has something to say... Babs?"

She tried to be gentle about it.  "Don, I've had feelings for Christian for a while now... I think it's time you and me went our separate ways."

Don cried, but a secret part of him was relieved (Lol).  He always felt trapped in relationships.  It was a curse.

As they hugged, Don felt envious.  Did that mean he wanted love like that?  Lasting love?  Him, a noncommittal Sim?  Was he cursed forever to feel unsatisfied in relationships?  To always feel trapped?

Don left them alone.

Babs and Kristian celebrated at the Rattlesnake Juice bar.

To my happy surprise, Nancy was at the bar.  She's still working on that mixology skill, lol.

Babs and Kristian found a comfy little spot by the window.

They had a great time... talking, laughing... She even recited some of her love poetry.  She's a writer after all!

She gave him a big kiss.

Babs brought him home.  Kristian read his book while Babs made a taco casserole.

Don was no where to be found.

Kristian poured himself some tea.  "Hey, Babs, honey, I see Scarlet at the door."

"It's okay.  I invited her," she said.

Scarlet came in.  "Babs... I was surprised you invited me over... I was hoping we could talk again.  I'm sorry I upset you."

Babs called everyone to eat and said, "No, I'm sorry.  I was wrong to get angry.  You were right.  You and Don belong together."

Scarlet went bug-eyed.  "We do?"

Kristian added, "Just like Babs and I belong together."

Scarlet asked, after a moment of awkward silence, "Is it okay if I sleep over?  You know, wait for Don to come home?"

"Sure," Babs said, smiling.

Alissa was very happy to see her Mommy smile again (well, sort of, lol).

That night, Babs and Kristian had their first Woohoo.

Scarlet accidentally walked in on them, lol.  Who knew pee breaks were so dangerous.

Early next morning, Babs said to Kristian, "I want you to move in with me.  Let's make it official between us."

He said, "I'd love to... but what about Don?  This is his house, too."

Babs smiled, hearing a door open and close downstairs.  "I don't think we have to worry about that."

Don was finally home.

He looked distraught, tired.  He made himself some coffee and went upstairs, ignoring Babs, ignoring Kristian.

He had his punching bag on the 3rd floor balcony... his favorite place in the whole world.

He was surprised to see Scarlet.

She was tending to the garden.  

"Scarlet, what are you doing here?"

"I slept over," she said. 

She got to her feet.  And gave Don a big kiss.

"Good morning," she said kissing him again, harder... longer... until he couldn't even remember why he was sad.

She got down on one knee.

"I love you," she said. "Will you marry me?"

"Let's do it!"

Scarlet's eyes lit up like the rising sun, lol.

Scarlet said, "Let's go home."

Thanks for reading!

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