Sunday, November 30, 2014

Chapter 31

Scarlet Firecracker loves her wedding dress.  Simple and sweet.

She's certainly come a long way since Day 1.

I had her dance until her alligator abs disappeared, so she'd look her best for her wedding day.

But she's still visiting the gym.

It's one of their favorite places to go as a couple.

And I added a swimming pool outside for doing laps!

It happened to be a Thursday when Scarlet and Don got engaged and moved in together.  I wanted to wait until Saturday for the wedding.  

So to bide the time, Scarlet painted at home while Don went to work.  

And she did lots of cooking.  Scarlet baked their wedding cake.

When Don Lothario moved in, I checked out his romance panel.  It's amazing he said "Yes" to Scarlet's offer of marriage.  His relationship with Babs is much higher, lol.

He's flirted with Bella Goth and Nancy Morse (ex-Landgraab), but to no avail.  He's woohooed Natalia Tam in an earlier chapter, but this Katlyn and Liberty are all Don flirting autonomously while I was playing other households, lol.

(Now that Scarlet has the personality trait 'Player,' she can freely romance other Sims without having jealousy problems, but Don can't.  So I'll have to keep an eye on him when he's around Scarlet, lol.)

The day of the wedding finally dawned bright and clear.  Don looked at himself in the mirror.

I'm really doing this!  I'm getting married!

I think he was scared and happy at the same time.

I chose the big park in Oasis Springs for their wedding venue... made a few changes...

Don and Scarlet ran towards their future.  Literally, lol.

The guests soon arrived, and Don and Scarlet shared their vows and kissed as man and wife!

Don's daughter Alissa L'Amour was especially adorable in her dark blue dress.  I like to think she was the Flower Girl.

Father and daughter had a cute selfie moment...

...before Scarlet cut the cake and fed Don the first bite.

Yum.  After that, the lucky couple mingled with their guests, drinking...

And laughing...

And just having fun.

Scarlet's daughter Sarah was there (she just wouldn't wear a formal dress no matter how many times I replayed it, lol)...

Babs L'Amour was especially full of smiles.  I think I caught Don eyeing her now and then, lol.  

Efrain Hildebrand came, (although not his wife Dina, unfortunately), along with Bella Goth.

She always looks so fancy in red.

Efrain and Dina's daughters were also invited, as they are close friends with Alissa L'Amour and Sarah Firecracker.  The twins wore matching outfits, so cute!

Betsy Hildebrand...

And Zoe Hildebrand...

Their grandma Katrina Caliente was not far behind...

Nina Caliente, pretty in pink, also came to the wedding, along with Nancy Morse, and her husband Vernon.

Nancy's ex-husband Geoffrey Landgraab also attended, despite his pretty low relationship level with Scarlet.  He was sad most of the wedding, lol.

But he seemed to cheer up a little towards the end, after having a drink or two.

Malcolm Landgraab, Geoffrey's son with Nancy, also came, and perfectly behaved himself...

...except for one Evil laugh, but I think that was for good luck.

Scarlet asked Don, "Can you believe we are actually married?  It feels unreal."

"It's a dream," he said.

It was very dark by the time all the guests finally left the park.

Don was so tired, but very happy.

They hugged out of pure joy.

"Let's go home, wife."

At home, they had one more thing to do.  Their birthdays.  Time to cross into the later stages of adulthood...

"We have to be responsible, respectable adults now," Scarlet said with a grin.

At this point, I thought it'd be neat to give a Family Tree breakdown of my played families.  The Rotation!

We have Scarlet and Don's trees:

And the Landgraab/Morse trees:

And the Hildebrand/Caliente trees:

And, finally, the Goths (although I haven't directly played them yet):

And this momentous chapter just wouldn't be complete without a very special passage from a fellow Simmer.

This is from CathyTea's thoughtful blog post, which truly inspired this wedding between Scarlet and Don.  Thanks for reading, as always.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwwww...I'm happy they got married!

Anonymous said...

I hope you know Nancy is a Landgraab and that Geoffrey was the one who married into the family.