Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Chapter 32

Behold Geoffrey Landgraab, the Mighty Cupcake Maker!

He's braving the dangers of mint frosting for his sweet little girl.  Today, Sarah Firecracker's aging up to teen!

It's a teary-eyed moment for me as well.  Sarah was my first ever Sim born in the Sim 4.  So today I have a big birthday bash planned for her...

Geoffrey's wife Gladys is baking her birthday cake.  Sarah can't wait!

"You're growing up too fast," Geoffrey said.

"Dad!  Embarrassing!" Sarah cried.  "I've been little forever.  I want to be big now!"

The first two guests were Nancy Morse, (Geoffrey's ex-wife and Glady's daughter-in-law) and Eliza Pancakes.

Nancy's dressed to party, lol.

"I'm going to be so big!" Sarah said, giggling.
(Oh, how I mourn the shorter teens from the Sims 2).

Her childish giggles are too cute.

"The cake is almost ready!  Come and make a wish!" Gladys said.

I wish Scarlet could have watched her daughter age up, but she went straight for the fridge to grab food.  And Nancy sneaked outside with a much-coveted cupcake.

And the pretty brunette in the blue blouse is Haleigh Pollak.  She's like a Sims 2 townie, always at parties, but never the star of the show, lol.

Sarah makes a wish!

And blossoms into a beautiful young woman.

Eliza Pancakes pipes the birthday tunes like no one's business.

Sarah's first action is 'typical teen' - selfie with silly fish lips!  (Which her father duly photobombs.)

Rockin' a sweater with shorts, baby.

And the hairstyle, lol.  In my mind, it's the "Nancy" hairdo.

Maybe that's why Sarah went to eat her cake by Nancy.

"I'm totally not copying you.  You're copying me!" 

Okay, Sarah.

Hot-headed Scarlet didn't seem very happy about this.  I'm her mother!  She should want to emulate me.

"Don't look at me!  I just came here to eat cake."  Haleigh, always helpful.

Even Malcolm Landgraab came over to check out his half-sister's new look.  "She's a teenage girl.  She'll change her look every day!"

Back inside the house, Geoffrey and Gladys were being all lovey-dovey, while Palo Verde strolled in fashionably late.

Nina Caliente's like, "Get a room!"  (Holy Freezer Bunny, Nina's gained some weight!  She's still beautiful as ever.  Just more curvy!)

Gladys decides getting frisky is actually a great idea!  How scandalous!

Meanwhile, Palo Verde joins the official cupcake-tasting table.  Or maybe he just likes being surrounded by beautiful women, lol.

Outside, the party is still going strong.

I just love this about the Sims 4.  Parties feel so alive and social, social, social.  Watching the Sims dynamically respond to each other is so awesome.

Though I wish the guests would react to scandalous behavior like "public woohoo" similar to how it was handled in the Sims 2.

When Geoffrey and Gladys woohooed in the observatory, nobody reacted, lol.

I think if Sarah got an Embarrassment moodlet, it would be entirely appropriate.  (Though Nina appeared to be looking over there with interest, lol.)

The cupcake table exploded in popularity.  Or rather, Malcolm.  He's clearly basking in the limelight, lol.

Sarah had her first adult drink.  Maybe that explains why she asked her step-mom Gladys what it felt like "Being Old."

Gladys raged.  Nancy laughed.  (Just you wait, Nancy).

On that happy note, the party ended and I gave Sarah an official makeover.  She just didn't seem "right" without her childhood hairstyle.

A closer look reveals she mostly inherited Scarlet's nose shape, among other things like the teal eyes.  The mouth is what scares me, lol.  I guess that's Geoffrey's contribution, other than the blonde hair.  Poor girl.

The mouth makes her look mean, even snobby.  But she's not.  Her personality is very positive: she's outgoing, loves the outdoors, and has the bonus gregarious trait as she aspires to be a "friend of the world."  She's definitely unique!

This is her new look.  I went mainly with classy blacks...

...I threw her on the treadmill to build some muscle tone.  She's a bit lanky!

Ok, no more criticism.  Sorry, Sarah, lol.

But the birthdays aren't over yet!!!


Once I pulled Malcolm off Cassandra, it was his turn!  He's aging up from teen to adult!  Yay!

"Promise you'll wait for me," Cassandra said.  Her voice was sweetness itself.

Malcolm said, "We've given each other promise rings.  We've been to space and back together.  I promise you everything.  I promise you my forever, Cassandra."

Malcolm said, "That's my promise.  And you're my wish."  He blew out the candles, gaining his third personality trait: romantic.  (His others are evil and snob).

As Malcolm strutted off to the bathroom for a makeover, Cassandra gazed at the cake, contemplative.

I gave Malcolm two general looks: cowboy (space ranger baby!) and gothic-badboy-richguy look, lol.

Yep, he rocks man mascara like a boss!

Cassandra is impressed.

"It sucks we can't makeout anymore."

Sarah came downstairs to share in Malcolm's birthday cake celebration.

It turned into a family event!  I love this family <3

"How was your last day at work, Dad?" Sarah asked.

Geoffrey almost choked on the cake.  Last day!?  Did he get fired and no one told him?

Sarah smiled, "Don't you know?  There's one more birthday yet to go.  Yours, Daddy.  You're going to be an old man now, and we want you to retire.  Stay home and be with us.  Pretty soon there'll be little Malcolms and little Cassandras running around.  They'll need you. We need you."

Geoffrey almost died of happiness.

Sarah gave her Daddy a kiss goodnight, then went upstairs to bed.  ("Somebody has her first day of high school tomorrow!" Geoffrey scolded, proud as can be).

Then Malcolm... Oh, the lonely soul of a bachelor's bed.

It was just Gladys now, and Cassandra.

"Your turn, old man," Gladys said, snuggling up to him.

Here goes nothing!  (My first Sim to age up to elder, awww!  Actually, that honor went to Katrina Caliente.  I almost forgot!)

"My hair is gray.  But my mustache is forever young!"

Thanks for reading.

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Pylia said...

Fish lips and photo bombs selfie! That was hilarious! Those sims, they are always doing funny things!
Those mint cupcakes looked yummy! :3 I hope they left some for me!
I also have to agree, I miss the shortness of the teens! They don't even look like teens at all. 0.o;;
Sarah aged up beautiful, what a doll! I really enjoyed the chapter! :D