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Chapter 33

After Nancy divorced Geoffrey and married out, the household lost their gourmet chef.  Sarah Firecracker is trying to take over that role with relish, now that she's a teenager and can use the stove!

Geoffrey and Gladys sure don't mind.  They are Sarah's official taste testers.

Sarah tries to get her half-brother Malcolm down from the roof to try out a dish or two, but he's determined to upgrade his rocket.

He's always hammering away at that thing, causing all sorts of trouble.

But he's mighty proud of himself.

Geoffrey came up to the roof with a brilliant idea.  "I'm retired now, son.  I want to do something crazy.  Like live a little!  I want to rocket into space!"

"As long as you promise not to scratch the paint, I'll let you go," Malcolm said.  (He's an Evil Sim... so you can't really be sure if he's saying yes because he wants to help his father follow his dreams, or because he wants to see Geoffrey crash and burn, lol.)

Geoffrey suited up.

And away he went...

Geoffrey had his sights set on a lunar landing, but then a big "Uh Oh" popped up on my screen.

Malcolm gave his father instructions on how to safely return home.  He may be Evil, but his father's his best friend!

The rocket descended without incident (for a while there, I was afraid Geoffrey wouldn't make it after that "the ship is crippled" message, lol).

Afterwards, Malcolm confided in Sarah that the whole landing was a near-disaster.  "It was exciting!" he said.  When Sarah freaked out, he quickly added, "But scary, too."

Sarah suggested, "How about we encourage Dad to try something safer.  Like gardening."

"You haven't heard of cow plants, have you?"

At this point, I rotated out of the Landgraab household into the Hildebrand...  Now that Sarah is a teenager, her peers are also due to age up.

It's been a while, but things still feel the same.  Dina and her husband Efrain are still working out a lot on their balcony, except Dina's gotten a lot better at it.

Katrina Caliente's still got her boyfriend Noah Rainey, but while I've been gone, she's been romancing other guys, lol.  One of them is the orange-and-white striped hoodie guy that Scarlet kissed!  I couldn't remember his name, but now I see it's Kieran Jennings.

Dina and Efrain's romance panels are unchanged: just each other; they are faithful soulmates.

Their children, the twins Zoe and Betsy, are still good friends.  They love hanging out in the back yard at all hours of the night.

Dinner was pretty quiet.  I think they are sad they are leaving their childhood behind.  It was a great one.

The next morning, Zoe said, "Let's ask Mom if we can have a really big birthday party!"

Betsy replied, "She won't let us.  She says the house is too messy.  It'll be a bomb by the end of a party."

Zoe ran into the kitchen to ask anyway, but all her Please Please oh Please fell on deaf ears.

"No, Zoe," Dina said, firmly.  "The house is a disaster!"

But one look at Zoe's pout and Dina couldn't say no again, lol.

"Alright, Zoe, but you're helping me clean all the dishes in the house once you're a teen.  Oh, I can't believe it!  My little girls are going to be teenagers!"

She gave them each a big hug...

...Then rung up some friends to start the party.

Nina Caliente was the first to arrive.  Some Sims will help clean up the house, but she just stood in the kitchen looking bored.  Katrina was the only one trying to clean up.

The whole house had random piles of repair junk lying around.

Scarlet didn't like it one bit!

Dirty or not, it was time to blow out the candles!  Dina made two hamburger cakes for the girls.

Zoe, born first, went up to her cake, all excited.

Behind her, Alexander Goth waltzed in, fashionably late and lookin' pretty mad, lol.

I thought it must be all the mess everywhere, but then I realized Zoe really dislikes Alexander, lol.  When did that happen?  Lol. 

There she goes!

Lol, bad girl!  I love Zoe's crazy look!  But unfortunately she's wearing the hairstyle I picked out for Babs L'Amour, so right away I decide to change it.  (I probably shouldn't think this way, lol.  Pretty soon I'll have more Sims than hairstyles to choose from).

Here she is, the new Zoe Hildebrand!  She's gloomy and a bookworm.  She has her father's gray eyes and her mother's blonde hair.

Speaking of dear old Dad, right before all this CAS business, he paraded through the kitchen practically naked, lol.  (Hey, I'm not complaining).

He grabbed some food and chatted with Dina.  I wish I could have overheard that conversation.

Betsy's up next!  "That's a big hamburger!"

Vernon Morse cheered the birthday girl.  His wife Nancy finally showed up, too.  What's with all these late Sims?  Lol.


She has a dog collar on, too!  Just like Zoe first did, lol.

Her traits are genius and active, and she has her mother's green eyes and blonde hair.  I gave her a CAS makeover, too.  (One of my favorite things to do, heh).

I also made Dina age up to older adult.  Apparently, those hamburger cakes are reusable, lol.

Nothing really changed... maybe a few more wrinkles.

As for Efrain, now that's a different story.  He was quite a bit older than Dina when they married.

"Good luck, Daddy!  We love you... even though you totally don't know how to dress for parties," Zoe said.

Do I want to do this? Efrain wonders.

No, but that's life.  It goes on!

Ow, old age hurts!

Zoe mixed her first drink at the bar.  Dina seemed pretty amused by her husband, lol.  But that's love in her eyes, I'm sure!

Betsy missed all the excitement.  I found her on the third floor playing chess with Alexander Goth.  So sweet!  Alex dislikes Zoe, but his relationship with Betsy is clearly still going strong.  Now there's a friendship that started on the playground long ago.

After his chess match, Alex ate with his mother Bella Goth.

All in all, despite the messy house, everyone seemed pretty happy towards the end.  Hey Vernon, want to wash some dishes?

Speaking of Vernon, his eldest son Jack Morse showed up at the door.  He's a childhood friend of the twins.

"What happened to you?" Jack asked.

Zoe said, "I grew up!"

It was getting pretty late.  Too late for little kids like Jack.  But not for girls just turned teen!

"Let's go dancing downtown!" Betsy cried.

Dina and Efrain said it was OK, but only if Aunt Nina and their friend Babs L'Amour accompanied them.

Betsy wore her cute panda hat, but Zoe went for a more grown-up look in purple and sequin.

They went to the Solar Lounge in Oasis Springs.  I noticed Geoffrey Landgraab had also picked this destination, and decided to show up in his underwear, rofl.

Don Lothario was also there.

The twins had a great time... gossiping...

And dancing...

Zoe tried out the Freezer Bunny guitar to great applause.

And despite breaking up, Babs and Don had a surprisingly nice conversation at a table to themselves.

Sisters.  Friends forever.

Zoe whispered, giggling, "Let's hope Mom forgot about us washing the dishes tonight."

Thanks for reading!

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