Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chapter 34

Don jogged almost every morning now.

It was the only time he could get away from the house.  Scarlet was tiring him out!

She badly wanted a baby with him.  He decided he wanted that, too.  He was 100% behind this whole marriage thing.

But her appetite for woohoo was almost more than he could handle.  How much woohoo could one Sim take?

Finally, Scarlet got pregnant!

Scarlet said, "I guess all that woohoo paid off."

Don kissed her hands.  "You are an amazing woman.  Enjoy your pregnancy.  I'm going straight to bed."

Scarlet laughed, "What, more woohoo?"

"No.  Sleep!"

Scarlet's baby bump continued to grow.  She invited over friends to share the Big News.

Nina Caliente said, "Oh, I love baby bumps!  I can't wait to finish my Bachelor challenge.  I just want to get married and have babies, too."

Geoffrey Landgraab also joined the baby bump love.  I wonder if he was thinking back to when Scarlet had been pregnant with Sarah.

And Nancy Morse (ex-Landgraab) got to feel, too.  She adores babies.  After all, she has four sons!

Scarlet even shared the Big News with Dominique Hayes, one of her lovers.  (Hey, she's earned the "Player" trait.  She can get romantic with other Sims and Don won't get jealous, lol.)

During the pregnancy, Don was mainly working hard.  He's finally been promoted to Government Agent.  That's more then Scarlet can say.  She's never had a "real" job.

Painting is Scarlet's "job," but she only does it when she's idle, and that hardly ever happens.  Whenever she's home alone, people come to the door, inviting themselves over for drinks and food and conversation and dancing and her computer and virtual gaming machine... The list goes on!

It's a wonder Don gets any alone time with his wife.

But even that's not really alone, is it?

There's a little life growing in there!

And Scarlet couldn't be more proud of Don...

...he's been helping around the house, even though he hates cleaning.  Scarlet is definitely domesticating Don, lol.  (Something that began with Babs L'Amour, to be fair, lol).

One night, while they were watching TV, Scarlet went into labor.

Don gave her a long loving kiss.

"You can do this, honey.  I love you!"

Don anxiously awaited the birth.  I wonder if he was thinking back to Alissa's.  That little baby girl had changed his life, and now another little baby was about to do the same.


It's a girl!

Welcome to the world, Maria Lothario!

"Aren't you the cutest little Sim!"

Don said, "It was hard work making you!  Do you know how many times Daddy had to woohoo Mommy to create you?  So many times Daddy felt like sleeping for three whole days!"

Scarlet jumped off the treadmill (random workout, lol).  She said, "Something tells me the hard work has only just begun."

"It's not work if you love it," Don said.

I couldn't wait to see Maria!  She bounced out in a rain of stars.

Aww!  So cute!  Maria has black hair, inherited from Don, and turquoise eyes, just like Scarlet.

Maria has the goofball trait!  She's fun to talk to.

She's so smiley cute!

And huggable, lol.

Her goofball trait really shines through.

"Love you, kiddo."

The updated family tree!

One day after school, Maria went over to the Landgraab household to introduce herself.

Maria met her big sister, Sarah Firecracker, and two others, Malcolm and Gladys.

Sarah and Maria shared a big hug.

Sarah and Malcolm tagged along when Maria went home for dinner.

Scarlet decided to give Sarah the 'woohoo talk' in the kitchen while making dinner.  Don looked shocked, lol.

"Now that you're a teenager..."

Sarah became very embarrassed.  Their conversation descended into the awkward zone.  Scarlet didn't seem to mind, lol.

Sarah was pretty grumpy after that... but at least Malcolm was having a good time, lol.

Don eventually tried to salvage the situation and switched topics.  "Hey Sarah, I heard there's a new nightclub being built downtown.  Are you excited?"

"Yah!  They bulldozed the Solar Lounge!  I heard it's going to be really awesome.  With three pools and three bars!  I can't wait to drink juice with my friends there," Sarah exclaimed.

Here's a sneak peek at the new nightclub I built...  I've called it the Kissing Llamas!

Thanks for reading.  

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Mellowyellow said...

Great update and video on Kissing Llmaas. Reading your blog has really given me some insight on rotational game play. I got into the Sims toward the end of TS2 and the launch of TS3 and became a total SP addict. I hardly ever popped into the townies homes to see what was up with them. After finding your blog I've been all in everyone's business lol. In my game I'm thinking about separating the Pancakes since Eliza has about four dudes on the side.

Pylia said...

Oh my gosh gosh of goshiness! Maria is just to precious! What a gorgeous little girl and the awkward woohoo talk! The face that Sarah made! Too funny and cute. :3
Love your Kissing Llama nightclub! Amazing jog!