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Chapter 35

Hi everyone!  Last chapter, I posted a sneak peek of my new nightclub, The Kissing Llamas!  I've since released a YouTube video showcasing the lot.  It's my very first Sims 4 video.  Aww, lol!

If you'd like to see more pictures of it at night, there's a slideshow to check out here.  You'd think I'd remember to show the nightclub at night on the video, but nooo, lol!

In my game, it replaces the Solar Flare Lounge in Oasis Springs.  I'm kinda sad about that.  I really, really hope the first expansion pack gives us a new neighborhood with lots of empty lots!

Kiss on, llama mamas, kiss on.

Also, I just wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone that's been voting for my blog in the Story of the Month contest on the official forums.  More importantly, congratulations to everyone that's on the list.  Your stories are all so great, and I'm honored to be among them.  The community is the real winner here. What lovely, creative, inspiring people! <3

Alrighty, so back to the story...  (That's the whole reason I do all this building stuff in the first place, right? Lol!)

So little darling Maria Lothario.  She is so adorable!  Who knew Don and Scarlet could create such a beauty!

The blonde is her big sister, Sarah Firecracker... Gosh, I just love watching them hug it out.  Such cuties!

School takes up such a big chunk of the day that I try to have Maria invite over her big sister every morning.  Then they can leave for school together. 

(This actually illustrates what's so great about rotation gameplay.  I can foster the girls' relationship with each other from two different angles: once here while I'm playing the Firecracker/Lothario family, and later when I eventually rotate back to the Landgraab family where Sarah lives.)

Lol, I just want so many pictures of them... to remember their childhood many generations from now.  Sniffles, lol.

And after the troopers leave for school, Don Lothario is not far behind, off to work.

So this leaves poor Scarlet, lonely and home alone.  What's a player to do?!  And a player she most certainly is: she earned that trait after completing the Serial Romantic aspiration.

No one to flirt with makes Scarlet a pitiful soul!!!

So I sent Ms. Poutyface off to the gym.  I'd recently spruced it up by adding another rooftop pool (I'm obsessed!).

( This lot is not "mine."  I modified a museum lot originally made by ahholladay )

At the gym, Scarlet gets the grill going poolside.

Maybe the aroma of juicy steaks will bring the men hither...

Or just old ladies?


Awww, just kidding.  I love Katrina Caliente!  But eventually men do show up...

But that's Geoffrey Landgraab and his son Malcolm...

Scarlet said, "I broke up Geoffrey's marriage to Nancy.  I can't flirt with him anymore.  We're so over!"

Katrina, ever the optimist: "Maybe it was meant to be.  After all, Geoffrey found his true love because of you.  If you hadn't crushed his heart to smithereens, he'd never have married Gladys!"

Working off the steak a bit later, Scarlet mulled it over...  Is she really a Heartbreaker turned Hero? Lol.

As a bona fide Player, Scarlet can romance Sims as she pleases with no pesky jealousy getting in the way.

This is in stark contrast to the Sims 2 ( loved it!) where any Sim caught cheating immediately was in danger of a ferocious slap and a huge drop in relationship points, so huge that it was unlikely (or at least very difficult) to patch things up.  Clearly not so in the Sims 4!

If Don Lothario witnessed this sacrilege, he wouldn't even bat an eye.

Scarlet asked Bobby Bullock (townie victim) to be her boyfriend.  He, of course, heartily agrees.

How many boyfriends can a married woman have... you know, before the universe explodes?  (Or implodes?)

I guess we'll just have to find out!  Bobby is official boyfriend #1.  Scarlet is all about personal challenges... and she doesn't have high standards.  

After all, Bobby is apparently a slob and a glutton...

And she can't even remember Dominique's face!!!  (Rofl, just kidding... Game lag).

I know Scarlet and Don were all ready to do this soulmate/marriage business thing (lol), but Scarlet is just so flirty!  And Don apparently fits into the category of "Ignorance is Bliss." Lol!

And yes, that's Maria sleeping on the bench.  She was dead tired after school.  She met up with Mommy at the gym.  Now they're off to... *drumroll* -- the local nightclub!

It might seem weird to bring your child to a nightclub, but think of the incentives!  "After homework is done, you can go swimming!"

The club music helps me think.

When Digi came over to sit by Maria, I could only giggle in delight!

Digitalis Wolff, the Insane Homework Helper

Just don't use the "I" word around him.  There's a reason he's so smiley all the time.

Seriously, his smile <3

Homework is tucked away -- done!!  The pool beckons...

That's Sarah taking a big leap into the pool.  Scarlet's already in it.

Underwater screenshots are clear as a whistle!  O la la!

Mother and daughter have a splashing contest.

Maria spins into her bathing suit (so cute!) and pulls her hair back into a ponytail.  Her expression makes me wonder if she really doesn't like pools all that much.

As she descends into the water, a big splash rocks the pool.  Who was that?!

It's coooold!

That whale of a splash was Digi!  Lol.

Scarlet splashes Maria.  I don't think she liked that, lol.

What's with the grin, Digi?

What's Digi doing back there? Lol!

Time passes quickly when you're having fun.  At sunset, Don Lothario joined his family.


Afterwards, Don spent some time showing off his muscles to townie Haleigh Pollack.

I don't think she was impressed.

After all, look at her muscles!

Much, much later, (maybe many drinks later?), Scarlet took up the mic.  She has Level 10 Charisma, and somehow along the way, she picked up the comedy skill.  But she's not what I'd call a natural...  She steals jokes.

If history repeats itself, I'm sooo getting a dinosaur.

Don watched her for a little while, but you can't really blame him for going home early.

The nightclub was still hopping long after Don left.

The lovely blonde lady in the green dress is one of my CAS Sims that I created back in September but never really introduced.

Her name is... Jamie Jolina!  Ring a bell?  Lol.  She was my favorite premade from the Sims 3.  She's on my Gallery if you'd like to download her!

Dr. Jamie Jolina.  A doctor without a career. 

Scarlet and Jamie seem natural friends right off the bat.  And that's Nancy serving them drinks!  With three young boys at home, it's amazing she has time to work.

When the food starts spoiling, maybe it's time to go home.

Digi's sad face breaks my heart!

Scarlet goes home... into bed to snuggle with her husband Don.  She's living the life of a player, but Don's her #1.  Lol.  Hey, Scarlet's a romantic.

The next morning, Scarlet invited over Jamie Jolina...

...Along with Nina Caliente.

She didn't like that they were wearing the same dress, lol.

With her personal challenge in mind, Scarlet invited over Dominique Hayes.  

So that's what you look like!

He became official boyfriend #2.

The giraffe is judging you, Scarlet.

Meanwhile, Scarlet's friends enjoyed her house and its many amenities, lol.  (I knew there was a reason they liked her).

While Bella Goth... (another guest just wandering the house.  There's always Sims wandering Scarlet's house, lol)... helped Maria with homework after school.

"Digi was much better at this, lady."

Jamie Jolina eventually joined them in the kitchen, but she just stood around smiling.

Possibly the biggest smile in existence?

Don came home with a promotion to Secret Agent.  I'm glad somebody is doing something productive around here!

Thanks for reading!

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