Friday, December 12, 2014

Chapter 36

Nina Caliente gathered the seven bachelors together, exclaiming, "Gentlemen, take a seat!  Today, we find out who has won the Bachelorette Challenge!"

In the Sims 4, Sims will romance out of free will, and Nina's bunch have been doing just that in the background while I've been playing other households in my rotation.

Now I'm back to see who Nina has gravitated towards on her own.  Did anyone catch Nina's attention?  Who's the lucky winner?

Let's take a second look at the contenders from A to Z, along with their romance panels!

Andre DeSilva!  Genius, childish, and hot-headed.

Could he be the one?  Let's take a look at his romance panel.  I'm so excited!  Wait, what?

Nothing?  Not even a flicker of interest?  Lol!  Oh, a part of me is so disappointed, lol!  I really like Andre. :(  Who doesn't?  He's so quirky!

"I'm sorry, Nina," Andre said, "I'm so awkward around girls!  I may be a genius, but I'm a fool when it comes to love."

"It's okay.  I like you, but you're kinda... weird," Nina said.

"Uh, okay, let's move on to the next Sim," Nina stammered, catching Andre's dirty look, lol.

Chuck Cenzo!  Bro, active, and hot-headed.  

He's obviously too hot to handle.  Nina has to be attracted to him, right?  Oh, please, oh please, Chuck babies!  Come on, Nina!  I can't wait to see his romance panel.

That's when I almost fell out of my chair in disbelief, rofl.  Chuck has been flirting all right, but not with Nina!  Some girl named Kelli!  LOL!

I'm too stunned to talk.  Nina take over!

Nina growled, "Um, you know this was supposed to be my challenge, not yours, Chuck!"

Sadly, moving on.

Digitalis Wolff.  Insane, neat, and outgoing.

I've seen so much of this Sim while rotating across my neighborhood that I really think he has a shot!  But that insane trait can really wreak havoc... Let's find out!

Digi has feelings for... Holly Vinedal!!

Lol!  Another one!  I'm so stunned.  Or maybe not?  This freely flirting idea is really shaking things up in unexpected ways.  The idea of Digi and Holly together is so freakin' cute though!  Is Nina Caliente's Bachelor Challenge turning into Matchmaking 101?  Haha!

Nina said, "So all this time when I saw you working out at the gym, it was to look good for someone else?"

"Yes.  Holly might one day become my other chicken in the pot."

"Um, okay, Digi... NEXT!"

Palo Verde Bough, aka "PV."  Foodie, outgoing, and gloomy.

Known for his way-out-there wardrobe, PV is such a frequent party guest and lot visitor that he's easily become friends with many Sims.  Let's see how he fared with Nina!

*Claps hands* Omg, she's actually on the panel!  Good job, PV!! Woot! LOL!  It's not much, a sliver of pink, but this means Palo Verde is in the lead!

Let's see if he has any real competition...

Ronan Schreiber.  Noncommittal, childish, and art lover.  

His face literally doesn't move.  Ever.  I'm almost scared to look at his romance panel.

Tara.  Wow.  I can't believe he's actually flirted with anybody.  He seems so... dry.

"So this girl Tara, she makes you smile?"

No response.  Lol.

Okay, then.  Moving on!

Steve Fogel.  Foodie, goofball, and cheerful.

I confess I always think of hot dogs when I see him, lol.  Must be that baseball cap...  Reminds me of drive-in movies and ketchup.  Let's see if Nina likes that, too.

Ahh!! I see pink, lots and lots of pink!!  Lol!  This means Palo Verde has lost top hot dog to Steve Fogel.  Wow.  Holy hot dogs!

Okay, before I run out of the room screaming, let's check the final contender.  Eeee!

Zest Johnny.  Ambitious, outgoing, and goofball.

I'm not sure what to think of Johnny.  He's got this shadow relationship to the Landgraab family.  If he does marry Nina, they'll be some interesting story lines to follow through!

His romance panel is zip.  Nada.  Just like poor Andre DeSilva.  Well, that was anti-climatic, lol.

"I never had a chance to begin with," Zest cried in an outrage.  "I'm barely seen around town, let alone with you!"

Now let's look at all seven men from Nina's perspective!  

I think it's pretty safe to say Steve Fogel is the winner!!

Nina said, "I'm so sorry, PV.  You were really close.  A lot closer than these other meatheads.  They didn't even flirt with me!"

"We can still be friends," Nina promised.

Now that Steve and Nina have the green light, they were allowed a real date.  They went to the beautiful museum in Willow Creek and stood out on the balcony, enjoying the view.

It was there they expressed their love for one another, taking their romance to new heights.

They shared their first kiss out on that balcony...

And something even more special... To celebrate the Bachelor Challenge finale, I've captured the best part of their date.  Click Play for a short (less than 1 minute) video!

The next day, Steve and Nina started the rest of their lives together.  They had a wedding at the very same museum lot.

Everyone was invited.  They may be "losers," but they sure seemed happy about losing, lol!  Ronan is actually smiling, and PV seems to be dealing with the romance fallout quite well.

Guests began to arrive, including a very special guest entertainer, Cathy Tea!  She stopped in on her way back from an awesome Music and Art Festival!

Efrain Hildebrand couldn't believe the Bachelor Challenge was finally over.  "It feels like it's been forever!"

(He's only recently been aged up to elder.  He's still smokin' hot!  Can you believe he used to be Unibrow-guy? Lol!)

Nina Caliente's mother, Katrina, also arrived, so happy for her daughter.

Let's hope Katrina doesn't find out about Nina's romance panel.  I showed you the seven bachelors in the travel window as a summary, but here's Nina's "top four" romances:

Rofl!  How can I be mad that some of the seven bachelors flirted with other women when Nina was guilty of the same thing?  She's got the hots for this Neal guy, along with Noah Rainey, as in Katrina Caliente's boyfriend!!!  Wow. 

Despite the strangeness of this Bachelor Challenge, it produced a lovely couple.  I'm really enjoying this Steve and Nina pairing.  It took a while to grow on me, but they are really cute together!

Cathy played a lovely tune throughout the wedding.

In addition to watching the lovely piano player, guests also seemed fascinated by the bird bath, lol.

The wedding guests also included Don Lothario and his wife, Scarlet, Geoffrey Landgraab and his wife Gladys, the newest addition Jamie Jolina, and Vernon Morse and his wife Nancy.  Efrain Hildebrand came alone.  I can never seem to get his wife Dina to come to events!  I'm tempted to make her quit her job, lol.  She missed her sister's wedding! :(

Afterwards at home, I aged up Nina and Steve to older adult, to keep in line with Nina's twin Dina.

A new age, a new husband!  And soon, a new house!!  I've built them a beautiful, modern home at Sultry Springside, the lot right next to Efrain and Dina.

I will personally showcase this new home in my next chapter with a 10-minute video!  I can't wait to show you!  Woohoo!

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Very cute wrapup! Congrats to the happy couple! :)

Lux Conant said...

Love their reactions, especially Ronan's! That was so funny

Melissa Dixon said...

Great chapter. I think the video was absolutely adorable and very "The Bachelorette" like. But honestly the very small mischievous part of me wanted to see Nina turn him down just for the laugh factor. Glad your bachelor experiment worked. Can't wait to see Nina/Steve babies.

LeSean Robinson said...

I was so rooting for Zest! But Steve and Nina do make a cute couple.
Glad to see Cathy Tea going at the piano.
And thanks for the Festival shout out!

Pylia said...

Whooo! Go Nina and Steve! The wedding was gorgeous and they look awesome together!
Whoever that Ronan feller is, he is sort of creepy! But I did like Johnny! OH well, Johnny! Some other time!
Dance away Nina and Steve! Dance away! ^_^

lovesstorms said...

Yay! Steve won! I loved the way you did that! It's better than having one of the bachelor's die from a fire and then forgetting about them completely (like I have been...oops!). Anyway, great chapter and I loved the little video, too. <3 Fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

Yes Steve won :D