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Chapter 37

Newlyweds Steve and Nina have moved into their new house, and as promised I've released a video showcasing the new build, "Science is Fun."  Check it out!

As with all my builds, you can view a slideshow of pictures to get a better idea of what you get if you download it from the Gallery.  Thanks for taking a look!

Steve and Nina have some pretty awesome neighbors.

Just viewing my neighborhood is so exciting.  Slowly but surely I'm making it all mine.  Inside each home is a family of Sims I've come to know and love.  

Nina's sister Dina lives right next door in the Spanish dream home, and across the street are the Landgraabs in their big red warehouse with the roof rocket.

Steve wants to build a rocket, too.

But this shot was over the course of several days, and a lot has happened since then.

After Steve and Nina married, they tried for a baby.  It wasn't long before Nina could share the Big News.

"I'm pregnant!"

To celebrate they decided to throw a housewarming party/baby shower.  Steve called up friends and family.

Andre DeSilva and Chuck Cenzo showed up first.  I think Andre is happier now that the Bachelor Challenge is over and he can relax (no more pressure!)

But Chuck... I think he's still smoldering from the loss.

Nina sat down with Andre and told him the Big News.

On the other side, Steve sat down with Vernon Morse.  He arrived with a whole bunch of guests in tow.

Steve confided, "Nina and I are going to be parents!"

Vernon laughed, "Welcome to the club!"

In the kitchen, Nina had more guests to Thank for Coming and to share the Big News with.

Ronan's little smiles are so rare!  And Palo Verde's funky hat reminds everyone this is a PARTY!

They take the party up to the roof where Shaowen Acevedo is mixing up some awesome drinks! 

You can see the elderly Efrain below, but his wife Dina is again no where to be found.

Nina always invites her sister Dina, but she never shows up!  Grrr!  First she missed the wedding, and now the baby shower!  She's missing a really good time...

Steve jumped in the pool.

And Efrain wasn't far behind...  He's the cutest old guy ever, lol!

Nancy Morse watched them swimming from inside the house.  Now that's too cool!

Up on the roof, the party continued well into the evening.  Everyone went home tired and happy.

The next day, Nina was in her second trimester and showing.  Steve got the honors of the first baby bump lovin'.

You can imagine what all that lovin' lead to...

After a quick woohoo and shower, Nina insisted they walk next door to Dina's house.  It was a Sunday - she had to be home!

As Nina knocked on the door, Steve felt an overwhelming urge to water their sad little flowers.  Why were they so neglected?

Everyone was home at the Hildebrand's.  While Steve wandered the house, chatting up the twins Zoe and Betsy, and Efrain, and Katrina Caliente, Nina instead marched right into the kitchen where Dina was hiding out.

Nina yelled, "I almost forgot what you look like, Dina!  My own sister!  My twin!"

She didn't even let Dina talk.  She just kept yelling.  "How could you not go to my wedding?!  Or my baby shower?!  I know I'm super hormonal right now, but I want answers!"

"I'm so sorry, Nina.  You have to believe me."

"I've just been so swamped with work!"

"At home, at the office.  I can't get a break!  And it's been so frustrating!  I feel like I'm the only Sim with an actual job!  Everyone else gets to party and date and have fun, but I have to go to work!"

Nina gasped in shock, "You have to work?  Do you mean we can't use motherlode anymore?"

"Motherlode is still okay, but I still have to go to work!" Dina cried.  "And it's only going to get worse.  I heard we're going to get new careers next week.  You might have to work one day, too, Nina"--she suddenly shuddered in fright--"for fun."

Nina hugged her sister, "We'll get through this, I promise."

"I'll try to visit more often," Nina suggested.  "Maybe that will make it easier instead of inviting you to parties.  I will come to you instead!"

"Let's start right now.  How about we all go to the park?  The whole family!" Dina said.

So they did just that.

The weather cooperated of course.  It's always a perfect day to visit the park.

Efrain and Steve buddy'ed up on the bench while Nina spent a little time with her niece, Zoe Hildebrand.

Zoe said, "I can't believe how big you're getting, Aunt Nina!"

"Helloooo in there!"

After talking with Zoe, Nina strolled over to the playground to find Betsy, her other niece.  She was playing with Alissa L'Amour, the daughter of Babs L'Amour and Don Lothario.

"Betsy!" Nina exclaimed in shock.  "What are you doing?"

"Oh, just enjoying the physics of trajectories.  This forward cannon brings back lots of memories."

Genius Sims.

"Well, do you want to say hello to your future cousin?"

Betsy hopped down and felt the baby bump, then announced, "I smell hot dogs."

Steve was grilling hot dogs, that's why!

Now I know where this whole equation of Steve Fogel = Hot Dog Guy came from.  The Sims 4 pre-release concept art!

True to his nature, Steve served up some delicious hot dogs.

But the hot dogs didn't agree with Nina's tender sensibilities.  "I think I need to go home."

Steve took Nina home, but Dina hung around the chess table, chatting up Jamie Jolina.  (Behind her in the pink jean skirt is Sarah Firecracker, and the far right is Katrina Caliente).

I dragged them all along for the picnic in the park just for fun.  I want everybody to know everybody!

Left to right: Sarah Firecracker (teen), Jamie Jolina (you can download her from my Gallery!), and Katrina Caliente.

In the middle of the night, Nina got out of bed early, too restless to sleep.  She's so ready for this baby to come out!

Maybe I'm having twins?! Nina thought, a little freaked out.  After all, Dina had twins.  

Am I ready for this?  She tried to calm down.  Took a shower.  But she suddenly felt so helpless.  She tried calling her sister Dina, but it was in the middle of the night and no one picked up.

She tried eating.  Stop freaking out, Nina, she chanted to herself over and over.  But she couldn't stop and she couldn't eat.  I think I'm having a panic attack.

Steve saw his wife's distress and took her to the couch and gave her a soothing massage.  "I'm here, Nina.  I'm not going anywhere."

Steve helped her upstairs to their bedroom where she could lie down and relax.  A few hours later, she gave birth.

Nina's face looking down at her baby boy just breaks my heart! <3

They named him Zachary Fogel.

It isn't long before he transforms from baby... child!

Holy cow plant!  I can't believe he got Nina's red hair!  And definitely her green eyes.

I dress the handsome prince in some new clothes...

Here's the updated family tree.  I love family trees!

Zachary may look like the sweetest prince that ever lived, but he's got a mean streak!  (I've been trying to randomly mix up the personalities given to born Sims).

So far his mean streak has come out at the dinner table, cracking jokes about his Uncle Efrain... something about his mother being a llama.

"I'm a townie!  I don't have a mother!" Efrain retorted.

I wouldn't say Steve turns a blind eye to his son's dark side... Instead he tries to direct Zachary's pension for mischief into comedy.  "Try making nice jokes."

Zachary tried a nice joke on Geoffrey.

Nope, didn't work, lol.

Nina, out for a jog, caught her son being mean so she sent him straight home before the whole neighborhood ended up disliking her son.

Left to his own devices, Zachary trolled teh forums...

...then stomped on the dollhouse.

Yep, this is going to be interesting.

Thanks for reading!

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Pylia said...

Oh my gosh! Where to start? Your house is absolutely amazing! I love all the detail you put into and I adore the kids' area! That was also a clever idea where you put that big game machine! Also, I'm lovin' all the gnomes! ^_~
I'm so happy for Nina and Steve already having a baby! I laughed at the job and motherlode joke! XD I can't wait for the new careers!
Zachary is so handsome, but oh my at the mean streak! :O Maybe he'll outgrow it, yeah...

Love the chapter! <3