Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chapter 38

Things are chugging along nicely back at the L'Amour household.  Alissa's ready to age up to teen and her mother is still holding down her job as a writer.

When I last left off, Babs had booted Don Lothario to the curb, and asked Kristian Fry to move in.

His relationship to Babs is really serious: soulmates, best friends...  Do I hear wedding bells?  And what a catch!  His personality is a great deal less complicated than Don's.  Kristian has a lot going for him: genius, neat, and ambitious.

The genius trait is fun to play with.  He attracts other genius Sims to his house like flies, like Ned Whalen.

I've liked Ned Whalen ever since I saw him featured in this Sims 4 pre-release video.  I can't wait to learn more about Ned.  So far all I know (without looking it up in CAS) is that Ned is a genius.

Despite her father moving out and marrying another woman (that would be Scarlet), Alissa is a very happy girl...

...and much loved.

But like any kid, she has her cranky moments.  Mr. Unicorn helps her vent her frustrations over silly stupid love letters.

She received one just the other day, and it made her mad!

Uh, oh.  That "someday" is right now... Here come the boy crazy years, ready or not, lol.

As you can see, Alissa is not only a goofball, but clumsy too.  Clumsy like her Mom!

And she's beautiful, just like her Mom.

I just love her short hair look, and with none of my other rotation Sims using that hair style, I decide to just go with it!  Here she is in all her makeover glory!

Her birthday party was a blast!  Holly Vinedal arrived first, and she didn't like the food one bit.  (I get so used to having gourmet experts like Nancy or Scarlet in the kitchen that it's hard to go back to playing cook-challenged Sims, haha!)

But Babs tried.  It's not her fault the hamburgers tasted like rocks!  Shaowen Acevedo pretty much saved the party with his awesome drinks.  He's the best bartender <3

As you can see, Kristian invited his friend Ned Whalen.  Hopefully, Ned will meet my regulars so I'll see more of him in other rotations!  And of course that's Betsy Hildebrand stealing the limelight in the top right.

Nancy Morse showed up too, and -- I couldn't believe it -- Dina Hildebrand!!  I guess Nina's verbal lashing really set Dina on the right path, haha!

Still, she doesn't seem like a happy camper, poor thing.

Unlike Alissa, clearly having the time of her life, lol.

More and more guests piled in, fashionably late as usual... like Bella Goth, Malcolm Landgraab, Scarlet Firecracker and Nina Fogel.

By the time Katrina Caliente arrived it was a bit too crowded for her tastes, so she went outside with Babs.

Malcolm, Malcolm...  He loves being the center of attention.

And yes he's wearing mascara.  That's man mascara! <3

And I noticed Kristian with that clay again!  He can't put it down.  He's always messing with it.

And quite pleased with himself.

Alissa tried out her first juice concoction:

When she sat down to drink it, I noticed Don Lothario at the door waiting.

Her father came!  Awww!  He gave her a big hug.

"Hey Dad, since it's my birthday, can I stay up late?  I really want to check out the new nightclub with some of my friends!"

I think Betsy can already guess what Don's answer will be, lol.

"Ask your mother."

Mom had said 'No, not on a school night,' so Alissa tried another tactic.  Her puppy dog eyes. 

"Pleaseeee, Daddy."

That didn't work either, lol.  The nightclub will have to wait.

During this conversation, I noticed Alissa didn't like Betsy!  Lol!  I figured all my rotation Sims at least liked each other since they pretty much grew up together.

I don't mind.  It's part of the fun of rotating away from a household then coming back.  You see what Sims do on their own without you pushing and prodding them the way you want them to go.

So with this in mind, Alissa had a little fun with Betsy.  Gave her a good fright, lol.

They goofed around poking each other, and it seemed from their smiles that maybe they could be friends again.

But Betsy's face turned sour, and when her sister Zoe came over, it felt kind of like two against one, lol.

Alissa then tried to give Betsy a tranquilizing handshake, but she's new to this whole mischief thing and pretty much zapped herself instead, lol!

 She became quite embarrassed after that, and Betsy's applause didn't help, lol.

Elsewhere in the party, I had fun watching the adults converse at the table.

Nina said, "Just wait until my little Zachary is a teen.  Then everyone will really be in trouble."

And poor Dina still looked like she wanted to be somewhere else.

The party finally ended and in the morning Alissa went to school, looking none too pleased.

Babs was off to work, and Kristian stayed home playing chess with his friend Digi Wolff.

Kristian is ambitious so not having a job is making him a little stressed out.  I'm thinking about getting him a job, but first...

At sunset after Babs came home from work, Kristian took her outside down to the river below their house.

"This is the kissing bridge," Kristian declared.

Babs laughed, "Why'd you bring me out here?"

"To kiss you," he said.

"And to profess my undying love --"

At that point, Babs started fake-snoring.  Yep, she's one of those noncommittal Sims... Troublemakers!

Kristian got intensely embarrassed, but he kept going and proposed.

The ring floated in front of Babs in her mind.  Maybe it looked like a ball and chain?

She slapped it out of his hand.  I imagine it fell into the river, lost forever. 

Lol, it shocked me so much I almost missed getting the pictures!  They are soulmates, best friends -- I was *so* shocked Babs turned him down, lol!!

And her face... pure disgust!  Lol.

"What were you thinking, Kristian?  I'm not ready!"

"But you asked me to move in... You broke up with Don for me!"

"I'm a noncommittal Sim," Babs said.  "You have to ask me when I'm happy and not stressed out.  The kissing bridge was a great idea.  Really romantic.  But I'm just not feelin' it right now, okay!?  Just give me time!"

Aww, Kristian's frownies almost broke my heart!  And the poor Sim was mortified!  I was afraid he was going keel over and die right there.  Rejection hurts.

And Babs was furious!  She was feeling smothered from the unwanted proposal, lol. 

The march back up to the house said it all, lol.

So much for those wedding bells.  I'll give them time to get their feelings straight and try again.  For now... Kristian's just going to hide under the covers, lol.

When he finally mustered up the courage to face the world, he asked the Future Cube if Babs would ever say yes.

Let's see...

Oh, just perfect!

Now he has a sad moodlet on top of a mortified one, lol.  Just what he needed, poor guy.

His fun levels were tanked (duh) so I tried to cheer him up with some channel surfing.

Alissa joined him a bit later.  Next to his misery, her smiles felt cruel.

Poor guy just wants to be alone!

Not helping Babs!

I can only watch... Maybe, hopefully...

But it's up to them.  There's only so much pushing and prodding one can do.  Sometimes, you just have to let Sims be Sims.

Thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, poor Kristian! Being a genius doesn't really help you in the love department, does it? hehe

Pylia said...

Wow, I had no idea that could happen to a sim! What horrible luck Kristian has! I really feel for him!

Alissa on the other hand, she aged up so beautifully! I can't wait to see how her life pans out. ^-^ Awesome chapter as always, look forward to more!

LeSean Robinson said...

I was going to take my Sims to the kissing bridge, but now Baps has ruined it for everyone.
Kristian is too cute and deserves someone who appreciates him.
Alissa is too cute too. Those plumming Lothario genes.
I am so over Baps right now. Really I am. Did not see that coming and I don't know why.

Cer said...

Wonderful stories, Rachel! Thank you for sharing. <3