Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chapter 41

With the release of "Outdoor Retreat," the very first Sims 4 game pack, I'm finally able to give my Sims a rustic vacation!

I've organized a teenage get-a-way camping trip hosted by the twins Zoe and Betsy Hildebrand.  They're bringing along their teen friends Sarah Firecracker and Alissa L'Amour.  Zoe and Betsy's grandmother Katrina Caliente is also coming as an adult chaperon.

They have 3 days to explore Granite Falls.

Sarah starts the fun by throwing the first horseshoe.  Everywhere is so green, and mountainous, and beautiful.

They play horseshoes for hours.  Zoe left to go get a few supplies at a local kiosk, like a gigantic pink tent.

On the way back, Zoe ate some wild berries and got sad from doing so, lol.

Before I knew it, night was falling.  Betsy made a nice little fire.

I really like that you can add individual logs to make the fire brighter.  Betsy kept poking it. 

The girls are really enjoying each other's company.

And Katrina looks happier after her little nap in the tent.  Zoe goes for that camping selfie!

In the black of night, Zoe begins telling a scary ghost story around the fire...

Katrina's not scared at all, lol.

A ghost came out as the Sims shuffled off to bed...

...but the twin girls stayed out to stargaze together.  Aww!

Look at all those stars!  

It seems everyone's too excited to sleep.  They instead have some late-night burgers.

The next morning dawned bright and beautiful.  The Sims went exploring!

...They got some interesting new emotional effects.

Betsy came upon some crazy lookin' insects!  She chased after them with childlike fascination.

Meanwhile, Zoe went off on her own exploring the forest and glades.

What's through there?  Zoe wonders...

Zoe navigates through the maze and discovers a secret glade in the mountains. appears a single man lives here, the Hermit of Granite Falls.  He reminds her of her Dad, Efrain, with that unibrow!

Zoe invites her sister Betsy to join her in the secret glade.  They're quite hungry, so Betsy makes another fire.  Zoe decides to roast some of the beetles she collected while exploring.  Hmm, interesting, Zoe.

She's really roughing it out now, lol.

Yummy plate of beetles! Lol.  What's the green stuff? 

They settle in for the night...

The beetles must be delicious because Zoe digs in for another plate of them the next morning.

Betsy makes another fire (her favorite activity, lol) and singes herself the second time this camping trip.

She's definitely not a beetle type.  She rather have a hot dog, even if it's a little burned...


Zoe put on some new hiking clothes (love those shoes!) and went fishing.

She caught a cowplant berry! (Yay!!! My first one!)

Betsy also went fishing in a new outfit.  She cooked her catch over the fire.  Much more appetizing than beetles.

For their last night out in the wilderness, the girls slept around the fire on carved-out tree trunks... Much later, Betsy went to bed in the tent, while Zoe stayed out by herself reading and stargazing...

Another awesome mood effect:

The perfect get-a-way!  Back home, Zoe gave the cowplant berry to her father Efrain to plant.  He's an experienced gardener.  (The seed wouldn't work in the planter.  I had to plant it in the front of the house with lots of space).

He's awfully cute, too! Lol. <3

At this point, I explored more of the outfits and new hairs available with the new game pack.  I decided to give Betsy a makeover.  (As a child, she had a long braid, so I went with a braid like pony-tail).

I love Betsy's new look! 

Her father Efrain, mother Dina, and twin sister Zoe also got some new outfits...

A bit later, the twins invited over their friends Alissa L'Amour and Sarah Firecracker.

"Where did you two go?" Alissa asked.  "We thought you got lost in the forest!  Your grandmother was freaking out!  She thought you got eaten by a bear!"

"I found a secret glade, but I didn't want to scare the hermit who lived there, so I just invited my sister." (Lol, I don't know.  If you go on a camping trip, smaller groups are much more manageable).

"I love your new look, Betsy!" Sarah said, giving her friend a hug.

Meanwhile, while they were gone camping, Dina earned a promotion at work.

Now she gets to rock a funky new look.  Love the big pink glasses.

And finally Katrina Caliente... she seemed much happier upon returning home.  Nature does that.  Makes you happy!

Thanks for reading!

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