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Chapter 40

For Kristian Fry and Babs L'Amour's magical wedding, I picked a Gallery creation called Garden of Love by JamieSara22 ('aroseinbloom').  (I highly, highly recommend this wedding lot.  Not only is it gorgeous, the flow between areas is amazing.  I especially love the dance gazebo!)

I've played a lot of weddings to date in my game.  I have to say this was my favorite.  Not just because of who was getting married, but because of how fun the party was.  So many of my favorite Sims showed up, and the gallery lot was perfect!  I went a little overboard with screenshots, lol!

Alissa picked out a champagne party dress for her mom's wedding.  Here she is talking excitedly with the first guest to arrive: Dina Hildebrand (Caliente).

Dina's elderly mother, Katrina Caliente, came to the wedding in a lovely shade of red.  Here she is talking with the very happy groom, Kristian Fry.  He looks great in his white tux.  Very confident.

Also in red is Bella Goth.  A wedding is just not the same without her big beautiful smile.  I love the field of flowers all around the wedding lot. 

Alissa' father Don Lothario also came to the wedding.  Babs wanted him there, even though they broke up.  He is still the father of her baby girl and she will always love him for that.  Kristian Fry seemed okay about this, too.

More and more guests arrive: Dina's elderly husband Efrain (looking great in a blue sweater vest).  Alissa gave him a friendly hello at the bar.  She grew up with Dina and Efrain's twin girls Zoe and Betsy.

In the kitchen, Babs whipped up a quick wedding cake.  

Zoe Hildebrand arrived...

...while Kristian got the first look at his blushing bride.  It's so sunny - Babs is blinding white!

Steve Fogel looks like he wants to join the guests rockin' the dance floor on the gazebo, but maybe he's too shy?  You can see Don Lothario, his wife Scarlet in purple, Zoe in blue, and Dina Hildebrand (mostly hidden on the far right).  This gazebo worked out perfectly!  So many guests used it throughout the entire party, and I had a lot of fun taking pictures of them.

Dina dances with confidence!  Scarlet is not too sure about this.  Zoe just seems to be laughing at her mom Dina.

By now, the bar has also really picked up in popularity.

Nina's got a drink to enjoy already.  She's Steve Fogel's wife and Dina's twin sister.

At that exact moment, Steve is dancing away with a silly smile, while Babs looks off into the distance at her wedding arch.  It's almost time!

Zoe Hildebrand looks beautiful as usual, but I'm starting to wonder where her twin sister Betsy is!  I hope she's not late.

Malcolm Landgraab has arrived with a big bright smile.  He's aged up to adult recently.

Time for the wedding ceremony to begin!  Babs runs to the wedding arch, and Kristian is not far behind.

They share some cute romantic moments while they wait for all of the guests to sit down.

Betsy Hildebrand finally shows up, running a bit late.

Literally, running. 

The beautiful wedding piano player is Natalia Tam.  She was the same one for Dina's wedding (my very first play-through of a wedding).

Most of the other guests hurry to their seats.  Bella and Dina are on the far right, and Malcolm and Steve are on the far left.  Zoe is already seated.  Alissa L'Amour  is running up the middle in her champagne dress, with blonde-braid townie Summer Holiday not far behind.

Yay!  Almost all of the guests are seated, except for Scarlet Firecracker, Geoffrey Landgraab, and Nina Fogel (Caliente).  Those rebels!

Bella looks upset.  They're blocking my view.  Sit down!  And in the far back, you can see Nancy Morse (Geoffrey's ex-wife) running up to watch.  She's the wedding's hired caterer.

The guests are waiting, waiting... anyone else going to show up late?

The hired bartender Shaowen Acevedo seems content to dance this one out.  The wedding venue is set up as a nightclub, and there's another bartender who Shaowen can't get rid of, haha!

Nina is not so patient.  Come on, let's get this wedding ceremony over with!  I just want to know why they're standing.  There's plenty of seats in the back still.

By the time Nancy Morse arrived up front,  Scarlet Firecracker started walking away all sad.  Where the heck are you going?!

That's when I noticed Don Lothario was missing.  He sneaked out of the wedding party!  I wonder if Scarlet and Don are having a fight at home.

Well, too late to wonder, because this ceremony is finally about to start.

Many of the guests are super smiley despite some frownies like Scarlet.

The ceremony begins.  Kristian slips a beautiful wedding ring on Babs' finger.

That's when Vernon Morse (Nancy's husband) shows up, lol.  He's clearly Mr. Grouchy right now.

Babs is bedazzled by her ring.

Their first kiss as a married couple <3

Bella's especially happy for the couple, lol.

That's when I also noticed Scarlet Firecracker in the way back.  She decided to get a drink at the bar instead of leave the party like Don did, lol.

Alissa looks so happy for her Mom.  

Katrina Caliente: not so happy, lol.

She caught Scarlet's sad face bug.

Kristian Fry gives his new wife a loving embrace.

They walk off to cut their wedding cake while some of the guests mingle.

Babs cuts the cake.  You can see Scarlet in the back throwing wedding confetti.  A little late for that, lol.  But at least she's in a better mood, heh.

Babs went over to share the wedding cake with Kristian, but it turned invisible!  Lol.

Would you like some invisible wedding cake?

Oh, I'd love to!  Invisible's my favorite flavor!

Kristian delicately feeds Babs an invisible bite... and I think Vernon is very disgusted by this invisible wedding cake business.

Then Babs smashes the invisible wedding cake into Kristian Fry's face.  I'd never seen this animation before, so I was kinda bummed out I couldn't see the cake, lol.

Babs is very pleased with herself, lol.

And a second later, Efrain Hildebrand proves the cake is in fact not invisible.  Just that first piece.  Lol.

Invisible cake or no, Kristian Fry is ridiculously happy right now.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Landgraab got freaky on the dance floor, and Steve gave his wife Nina a big hug.

Natalia Tam took a break from playing the piano to dance shyly, while Shaowen Acevedo still looks mad he can't work at the bar like he was hired to do.

Kristian and Babs ate some fully visible wedding cake in quiet peace.  Vernon looks very wary of that cake, lol.

Most of the guests were still by the wedding arch...

...but they all started slowly spreading out.  Steve and Nina came over to eat with the happy couple. 

(Alissa ends up kicking Nina out of her spot, only to sit there checking out her text messages.  How rude!  Typical teen!)

Malcolm scooted over to the bar...

...while Zoe broke out some dance moves.

Malcolm got some company...

...while Kristian got some quality time with his new daughter-in-law Alissa.

Now that's a lot of Sims dancing!  And look who showed up fashionably late?  Digi Wolff!  Lol.

Kristian and Alissa shared a big hug.

Energized by that big hug, Alissa went over to the dance floor and tried to cheer up Scarlet.

"I'm sorry my Dad had to leave," Alissa said.

"Don is just a little mad at me," Scarlet confided. (More on that later!)

But the cheering up seemed to work perfectly!

Betsy and Bella rock the dance floor!  (I wish Bella's husband Mortimer Goth could have come.  I can't seem to get them to attend the same party.)

It's getting late and the sun is beginning to set.  Katrina passes out on one of the garden benches.

Betsy continues dancing while Bella and Scarlet share a goofy selfie.  Bella and Scarlet have been good friends for a long, long time.

Then Alissa and Zoe!  Copy cats!

Lol, I love these Sims!

Betsy isn't as friendly with Alissa compared to Zoe.  They dislike each other, lol.

Oh, geez...

The girls just needed to get it out of their system.  They both feel better now, lol.

So ends the wedding!  Lol, sorry for the gazillion pictures.  I love watching my Sims interact! :)  Thanks for reading.

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Pylia said...

What a wonderful wedding and chapter! Gorgeous screenshots! The invisible cake was funny, I had the same glitch in my game plus invisible drinks!

The lot you chose was amazing and all of the sims look darling in their formal garb! Loved the chapter! <3