Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chapter 42

Alissa L'Amour dives right in at the Kissing Llamas nightclub.

Playing teens is easy.  I just take them out to community lots a lot and watch what they do.  There'll be a lot more to do once the first expansion pack Get to Work! is released in April.  I'm so excited!

Now that's an underwater selfie.  Sarah Firecracker, Zoe Hildebrand, and Alissa L'Amour are all friends and having a blast on this lovely day.

Once it got dark, Alissa went inside to the second floor and chatted with her friend Chuck Cenzo (one of Nina's bachelors that lost the challenge).

His facial expressions crack me up.  He's a really great EA pre-made.

Meanwhile, back at Alissa's home, her mom Babs L'Amour is entertaining some guests: Nancy Landgraab and Bella Goth.

Unfortunately, Bella wouldn't leave (an annoying bug, lol).  She was basically living at their home, sleeping, eating, using their things and walking around like she owned the place.

I think it was driving my Sims crazy as much as me, lol.  Babs' husband Kristian Fry couldn't take it anymore.

So I moved them out, then back in again and it seemed to fix the problem.  Babs and Kristian celebrated with a little alone time.

They are so cute together.

They are raising Babs' daughter Alissa together, but I think it's time they have some babies of their own! <3

Yay, eating for two!!

Alissa on the other hand is moping around the house.  Teen mood swings I guess.

She has spaghetti for breakfast with her Mom before school.

The two became good friends. <3

On her way out the door to go to school, Alissa invited in Chuck Cenzo and Scarlet Firecracker, who walked in ready to use their pool, lol.

Babs is not feeling too good.  She has pretty bad morning sickness throughout her pregnancy.

She went for a swim then chilled on the couch with her tablet.

She also spent a lot of time writing during her pregnancy.  Her office view is inspiring.

After school, Alissa sat down with Babs to eat, along with Scarlet Firecracker.  She's a frequent guest as you can tell.

Babs is getting huge!

Kristian is very excited!

Scarlet is very happy for the couple.

Chuck Cenzo is still over a lot, and Kristian's been increasing his relationship with Alissa too, helping out with homework.

Then the big moment finally came.

Labor started in the wee hours of the morning.  Babs went for a relaxing bath, and then a nap, while Kristian took a shower and tried to catch some Zzzzs before work.

Is it a boy or girl?

Uh oh!  Twins!

They name the twin girls Deanna and Dualla Fry.

Raising the twins and Alissa is hard work, but Babs and Kristian work together and make it happen - along with their careers.  They each earn a promotion.

Life is sweet for these two lovebirds!

Kristian is a very happy father of twins.

And Alissa is a very happy big sister.

It's finally time to age up the twin girls.  I'm excited to see how Kristian and Babs' genes have played out.  First is the eldest, Deanna.

She's got Babs' big blue eyes and Kristian's black hair!  She really takes after her mother.

She's got some cute outfits, too.

Next is her twin sister Dualla.  I was extremely delighted and surprised that they look so different.  Love the variation!

Her sister Dualla has brown eyes and black hair, and takes after her father.  

Her outfits are too cute.  I love dressing them up.

So the lovely Fry/Babs family tree (with Alissa's extended family) is as follows:

Ending this chapter, I'm jumping into the house across from the Fry's: the apricot bachelor pad where I set up single Jamie Jolina.  I gave her some new outfits and got her ready for a mini-vacation camping trip.

She was a doctor in the Sims 3, so once the Get to Work! expansion pack comes out in April, you know where I'll be sending her!  <3  (Same goes for Don Lothario; he was in the Medicine career track in the Sims 2).

But for now she's off to the alpine wonderland of Granite Falls.

She doesn't get what's so vacation-like about it.  She's attacked by bugs and meets a disgruntled bear.  Their conversation turns quite embarrassing.

She picks a fight with the poor bear.

He's actually kinda cute!

Don't hurt me, lady!

Turns out, the bear is not a he, but a she.  Eliza the Bear!  She despises Jamie!  You can see why.

Jamie keeps yelling at her until they become enemies.

Now Jamie just looks ridiculous...

"You're not even a real bear!"

...and the poor bear is so scared, lol.

For all Jamie's bravo, she's just embarrassed.  She's been Bested by a Bear.  Lol.

Thanks for reading!  

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Pylia said...

So glad to see another chapter! The twins are gorgeous and a surprise! What dolls! :3
Uh-oh, that bear better be scared! Hehe! Awesome chapter!

ARoseInBloom said...

So good to get an update! Love the twins...they're super adorable.