Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chapter 43

At this point I jumped into the Goth household.  Mortimer and Bella Goth are classics in the Sims franchise.  They are my favorite EA couple of all time. 

Bella is wearing a new hair style from the Outdoor Retreat game pack.  I think it really suits her. <3

And she has some new outfits.  She's very athletic so I gave her the new Athlete career. 

When I popped into the Goth household, I was really surprised at Bella's romance panel.  She's a romantic Sim and indulges in "harmless flirting" (or so I like to think, lol.  Poor Mortimer).

She has a very high romantic relationship with her husband Mortimer, but their friend bar is rather low, lol.  She's also been (autonomously) flirting with Bobby Bullock (one of Scarlet Firecracker's lovers, too).

What's really funny is her relationship with Malcolm Landgraab.  They really dislike each other despite flirting at one point.  Malcolm is promised to Cassandra Goth, Bella's own daughter, lol.  Malcolm has aged up to adult, but Cassandra is still a teen.  I'm thinking I should hurry up and age her to adult before her Mom steals her boyfriend, lol.

And lastly there's Don Lothario... They are just friends at the moment.  In prior chapters, Bella rarely accepted any of Don's flirty interactions.

Don and his wife Scarlet are frequent visitors to the Goth household.  Bella is very good friends with Scarlet.  Cheering her up... advice...

...and just listening like a good friend would.

"Don and I have been fighting a lot," Scarlet confessed. Ever since earning the Player trait, Scarlet's been racking up boyfriends while married, and Don's been rather upset.  "I thought when we got married, I'd stop," Scarlet said, "But I can't help myself."

Bella found this all rather hard to understand.  If Don was upset with his wife, why was he checking out Bella.  Clearly he had a little Player in him, too, still.

Bella was right about Don.  He was as bad as Scarlet. (Or you could say, as bad as Bella, lol).

He had no qualms about their first long-sought-after kiss.

But Bella's romance escapades weren't really why I wanted to play the Goths.  It was for the children, Cassandra and Alexander Goth.

Alexander takes after his father.  They love chess and reading books.

Despite Alexander's reputation as a geeky, socially-awkward genius, he's actually turned into a social butterfly in my game.  I've played the same neighborhood since September 2014 when the Sims 4 first came out, and suffice to say Alexander has a lot of friends and really high social skills.

One of his friends is Maria Lothario, the daughter of Don Lothario and his wife Scarlet.

He's also friends with the Hildebrand twins, but more so with Betsy.  They are both genius Sims and have a lot in common.

With Betsy being a teenager, I'm really aching to age up Alexander, but first I want to age up Cassandra Goth to adult.  Cassandra's been a teenager for what feels like forever!

Like Alexander, Cassandra has a lot of friends in the neighborhood, but there are some Sims she dislikes.

Since I rotate across a lot of families, my Sims get plenty of time to live autonomously, exploring friendships and making enemies as they wish.  Cassandra has decided she really doesn't like Alissa L'Amour, and I just go with it.  Maybe they will be friends as adults instead.  After all, the teen years are confusing times.

But the time has come to age up Cassandra!  I made sure Malcolm Landgraab was there for the momentous event.

In a twirl of sparkly light, she becomes an adult... and looks exactly the same, lol.  I really need to give her a makeover to herald her new life as a grownup.

"What look should I go for, Malcolm?"

"Keep the sexy glasses!"

I just want to know why they have a gigantic scale on their dining table, lol.  But anyway, this is the new Cassandra!

I kept her glasses for most of her looks, and went with a hairstyle from Outdoor Retreat that felt like a grownup version of her teenage pig tails.

I love all her varied looks.  If we ever get a Supernatural themed expansion pack, I am so making Cassandra (or more likely her descendants) a witch! <3

Her outfits are mainly blacks, grays, pinks and reds (similar to the teenage Sarah Firecracker).

She enjoys a wide range of pursuits: music (specifically the violin and piano)...

...and gaming in its various forms (like most Sims in my neighborhood, lol).

She's also madly in love with Malcolm Landgraab, a relationship that began eons ago and was my first rocket romance in the game.

But I'm going to wait until I rotate back into the Landgraab household to continue their love story.

Pretty soon it's going to be Alexander's turn to age up.  I'm enjoying his last few days as a carefree kid.  He plays a lot of chess, lol.

Their neighborhood is perfect for little kids.  Nearby is a playground.  In addition to playing chess, Alexander loves a game of pirates!  He's met some new kids, like Deanna Fry.

Mortimer and Bella love sitting on a bench nearby, watching the kids play, even though they get distracted easily, lol.

"We've been together since the Sims 1!"

They have a magnetic attraction that spans the ages, lol.

Bella's romance with Don doesn't quite fit this lovely picture, but I needed the affair to set up part of Scarlet Firecracker's self-reflection story (coming in later chapters).

And Don doesn't seem to mind, lol.

Afterwards, Cassandra Goth autonomously came over to Don and yelled at him.  I can't imagine why, lol.

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TheLegobatman3609 said...

Since family trees were added, you should show the entire tree. It'd be interesting to see :D. I love this so much!!

Rachel Rosebud said...

Thanks for reading! I like the family trees, but they are quite small in the game. I like making my own using FamilyEcho dot com that way I can show names all at once, and larger pictures! :)