Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chapter 44

The Goth mansion stands alongside the Verity Victorian, the happy home of the Morse family.  Vernon Morse and his wife Nancy are very lucky to have such a beautiful home.

They have each other, and they have three young sons growing up way too fast.

In fact the oldest Jack can't wait to grow up.  All his friends are so tall!  Like Betsy Hildebrand.

Some of his neighborhood friends are still kids though, like Maria Lothario.

But Jack doesn't want to play pirates anymore, or swing on the monkey bars.  He just wants to grow up!

So Maria has to play with Jack's little brother instead.

Jonathon seems a bit scared.  "Is she talking to me?"

Jack's other little brother is of course staying inside.  Joseph's a gloomy Sim and doesn't like being outside.  His smiles are rare and sweet, like this one.

Jack begged for a birthday party so Vernon and Nancy invited some friends over, like Dina Hildebrand and Babs Fry-L'Amour, and Dina's nephew, Zachary Fogel, the redheaded neighborhood tyrant.  They also hired mixologist Shaowen Acevedo and entertainer Natalia Tam, two Sims who've become familiar and popular townies in my game.

Hmm... Babs must be thinking it's still the holidays, lol.  

Zoe Hildebrand also came.  She cheered on Jack's transformation from child to teen!  

Check out the new Jack Morse! <3

And you've got to love those red socks, lol.

I think Zoe really had a good time kidding him over those socks.

Since I haven't been in the Morse household for awhile, I was happy to find their friendship keenly intact.

You just never know which Sims are going to start disliking each other on their own.  But clearly Jack and Zoe are close friends and have been for a long time.

Which was why she did the hard thing and told him he's got to change those socks, like a good friend would.  He thanked her for being honest.  They are a bit... overly red, you've got to admit.

So I pulled Jack up in CAS and checked out my new teen.  I just love him!

This whole time I thought Jack looked more like his mother Nancy, but clearly not!  As a teen, he's a spinning image of his father, but with blonde hair and green eyes.

The face shape Jack inherited says it all!

I also really like the earrings and necklace he chose.  He pretty much kept his look (minus the socks).  Here are his fabulous outfits.  (He's got the "Vernon slouch" lol!)

Back at the birthday party, Babs and Vernon are having an interesting chat - both of them are in the writing career so either they like bouncing creative ideas off each other, or they secretly despise each other as competition!

And Zachary is giving everyone big smiles.  That little prankster!  Don't be fooled, he's got a mean streak!

And with the big swimming pool out back...

...Nancy decided to go for a swim and missed her son changing into a teen.  But she's here now and quite impressed with him and the birthday party!

I love when the Sims all sit down to eat together.  And I can't stop taking screenshots of Jack.  Some Sims just have that magnetic pull!

Maybe it's because he looks so much like another Vernon.  I love seeing the family genetic traits being passed on.

Oh, and I caught a neat conversation topic that I never noticed before.

It's been almost six months since the Sims 4 was released, and I still find surprises. :)

So after the birthday party was over, family life settled into a nice routine of school and homework, which got a lot easier now that Jack could help his little brothers get through it faster.  Always a plus!

Jack's personality traits are Bro and Active, and he has a High Metabolism.  He's been energetically jogging around the neighborhood to the point of being particularly dirty afterwards.  Maybe he wants to try out for a role on the Walking Dead!

Along with jogging at night, he likes swimming his little Simmy heart out.  I noticed Zoe's twin sister Betsy walk by one time and he ran over to say hello.

His body language was so endearing.  Like he was worried.  "Why are you out here so late?  Is everything okay?"

Betsy didn't stay for long and had to hurry home.  Perplexed, he invited her over the next day after school.

They spent some time together and had lots of fun, the previous night's gloom long gone.

He seems to really like her.

They ended their lovely time together cloudgazing beneath a darkening sky.

Meanwhile, Jack's parents enjoyed a little alone time of their own, even if it's just over dinner.  They are both very busy Sims.  Vernon is always writing, and Nancy cooking and mixing drinks.

Vernon doesn't cook anymore, ever since he broke the oven.  Now that was a weird incident: the oven turning into a blowtorch.

Nothing a screwdriver can't fix.  But that chemistry table is a whole other can o' beans!  It lit up like the Fourth of July.

And caused a rather angry, yet hilarious, train of Sims marching out the door... which I had to capture, of course! <3

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