Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chapter 45

"I have a surprise for you, honey," Steve Fogel said.  "And it starts with an R."

"What is it?!" Nina gasped.

"My rocket," he said, wiggling his eyebrows.  "All for you."

"You finally finished it!" Nina exclaimed in amazement.  He'd been hammering away at it for days and days.  Now they could finally go up into space together. 

Ever since Malcolm and Cassandra reached for the stars, it's become quite the fashion for couples to woohoo in space, the ultimate get-a-way.

"It's perfectly safe.  I think," Steve added.

"You think?" Nina repeated, nervously eyeing his rocket.

"Come on, honey. It'll be fun!" Steve said, reaching for her.

"Take my hand."

"O-okay..." Nina stammered, entering the rocket.

It was awfully strange inside, and surprisingly roomy.  Plenty of room for...  She giggled to herself, completing that thought.

Up, up, and away they went.

Nina could barely stand when they finally came home.  Instead of seeing stars, she saw hearts.  Lots and lots of hearts.

They stumbled out of the rocket on wobbly legs, all ups-a-daisy, drunk with love.

Nina could barely catch her breath.

While Steve did a spinning jump back into his regular clothes, Nina continued walking around in her astronaut suit (I've never seen that before).  

Steve then went up for a solo space mission and Nina watched the launch from her computer. (I love the black Freezer Bunny on her suit.  So freakin' cute!)

Steve returned in a dust cloud of victory!

And gave his waiting wife a kiss to remember.

She was up next.  Nina wanted to research rocket science for her next article.

So began a series of space adventures in the Fogel family over a span of several days as I tried to get some alien collectibles, like space rocks and weird things in jars.

Nina bragged about all their space adventures with Malcolm Landgraab, the first Sim to rocket into space in my game.

Space was quite simply the family business now.  Steve joined the Astronaut career and was quickly promoted from intern to module cleaner.

And Nina wrote about space in her career; she's a freelance article writer now.  My Sims - with jobs!!!  So proud, lol.

Even little Zachary wanted to go up into space.  "When you're older, son," Steve promised.

But all this space-happy adventuring has a dark side.  One gloomy night, Steve's rocket fell from the skies with an earth-shattering roar.

In horror, I zoomed in on the wreckage, searching for life.

As he crawled out of the wreckage on his belly, stunned by pain and disbelief, he wished only to see his wife and son again.

Somehow he struggled to his feet, feeling dazed and quite seriously amazed to be alive.

He was not a happy Sim after that! 

He almost became the first Sim in my neighborhood to die!  It became the morbid topic of discussion when Nina invited over some family and friends the next day.

Nina's twin sister, Dina, came over with her husband Efrain, and the twins' mother Katrina.  Scarlet and her husband Don also joined the little get-together.

"I can't believe Steve crashed his rocket," Katrina said.

Katrina added, "You know I always thought I'd be the first Sim to die in our neighborhood.  I'm the first one to age up to Elder after all."

"Oh, Mom, don't be silly," Nina said.  "Aging is off right now.  You have nothing to worry about."

"Unless a cow plant eats you!" Zachary said with spiteful glee.  He's got quite a mean streak and a pension for mischief.

Nina didn't know how such a beautiful, innocent-looking boy could be so evil-hearted.  Ah, well, she had a few years yet to straighten him out.

Nina ordered her son to clean up everyone's dishes after dinner.  As Zachary grumbled, Dina gave her sister a big hug.  "I'm glad Steve's okay," she said.  "I can't imagine what you're feeling.  I know I'd be a wreck if something happened to Efrain."

"He's okay physically," Nina confided. "But mentally?"  She shook her head, worried.  "He won't even talk about it."

"Tonight I have a story to tell.  A true story," Steve suddenly announced.  He drew everyone around the fire out back.  Dina and Nina exchanged a glance.  They were twins and instantly knew what the other was thinking.  Trouble.

"A true story?" Dina asked.

"About the night I crashed my rocket and saw a ghost," Steve replied.

The Sims gasped in fright and stood up like scarecrows, too afraid to sit back down.

A ghost? Nina thought in disbelief.  Maybe when her husband crashed his rocket, he hit his head really hard and was seeing things.

"It was a dark and stormy night," Steve began.

"It's never stormy," Efrain butted in with a little grin.  (Can't wait for a Seasons expansion! Lol).

"Ahem," Steve cleared his throat.  "It was a dark night.  A very dark night," he began again.

"Every imaginable warning was blaring away in my rocket, a cacophony of terror.  Beep! Beep! Beep!  I was utterly helpless!" Steve cried.  "And I had a terrible headache!"

"Then suddenly there was stillness!  Total and complete!  I thought I was dead!"

Scarlet gasped in fright.

"Smoke and fire filled my mouth.  I must be alive, I told myself.  I'm in too much pain to be dead!"

"I crawled on my belly towards the sweetness of air and life.  And that's when I saw it!" Steve shouted.

"Saw it?!Zachary gasped, dreading the answer.

"I saw a ghost!  In the fire and the smoke and the dust, I saw a ghost emerge!"

"What did it look like?" Scarlet squeaked.

Steve thought back to that very moment...

"She had great legs," Steve said, then erupted in laughter.  Everyone just stood there, stunned.

"Wait, so it wasn't a ghost?" Dina demanded.

Steve, crying with laughter, managed to shake his head.  "Only a townie.  A new one straight from CAS.  I crashlanded and she walked right by me, totally unconcerned for my life!"

"Great legs, huh," Nina said with a scowl, crossing her arms.

Steve pleaded, "Honey, I was just kidding."

"You almost dying is not a joke!" Nina cried.  Her twin Dina stormed off in disgust.

"Look, she really did just walk by me, not helping or anything.  I was flat on my face!" Steve said. 

"I thought it'd make for a good story around the fire," Steve shrugged.  "I'm sorry if I made things worse.  I'm okay, Nina.  We're okay.  I promise."

The guests quietly left them around the fire.  They didn't know whether to be happy or sad.

But it sure was a good scare.

"I wonder who she is," Efrain said with a little smile.

"Efrain, you're a married man!" Katrina admonished.

"Great legs or not," Scarlet said, "She isn't exactly helpful in life or death situations."

And so the night ended with wonder and dreams and troubled yet grateful hearts, with Sims just thankful to be alive... and one newly infamous townie: Jessa Butler.

(You can find her on the Gallery under my husband's EA Origin ID jaysmonte85).

Thanks for reading!

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