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Chapter 46

If you ever play a Lazy Sim, they will never want to workout.  And if you make them anyway (mwahaha!) they get excruciatingly fatigued.  Excruciatingly.  Lol!

Nina is my Laziest of Lazy Sims!  It's really hard to manage her weight.  She's a yoyo, up and down, up and down.  (See for yourself on Nina's Sims page).  Don't get me wrong; I love varied Sims.  Fat.  Skinny.  Curvy.  Big booty :D  But for Nina, I felt like she had to prove something to herself.  Laziness won't hold her back!

So she ate right (easiest strategy for her)...

She worked out on the treadmill (very little at a time)...

And she went jogging around the neighborhood... which usually just turned into an excuse to socialize (lol).

But, hey, it was for a good reason!  Her son Zachary, of course!  She invites passerby Sims off the street to her home so that Zachary can hopefully make new friends... like Maria Lothario and Jack Morse (he's recently a teen!).

You see, Nina's redheaded son doesn't exactly have a friend-making personality.  He's Mean!!  Just the other day, he beat up Jonathon Morse in the park. 

Jonathon was just standing there all cute...

... then whack!

Alissa L'Amour is one of the oldest Sims watching, but she doesn't break it up!  The boys rough and tumble...

...until Zachary claims victory.

And tops it off with Your mama's a llama!

It's a vicious cycle for Zachary.  He's happy and confident after a fight, so that pretty much means he wants to do it again.

Now you see why Zachary finds it difficult to make friends.

"Don't beat me up!" Alexander cries.

Nina's strategy (inviting over Sims to socialize with Zachary) appears to be working...  Sort of.

"You're too big for me to fight with.  Let's be friends, Jack!" 

"I know!  I'll just beat you up when I'm older."  Yep, Zachary the problem-solver.

"I can't beat up girls!  Let's be friends, Maria!"

Maria and Zachary became good friends after that proclamation.  They like playing on the monkey bars together.

"You're really nice when you're not being mean," Maria announced.

Delighted that her little Zachary was finally making friends, Nina invited a few more girls to come over!  Like townie Valerie Redmond and Deanna Fry.

Deanna remarked, "Wow, your house looks bigger on the inside!"

Deanna heard the rumors about Zachary being the mean kid in town and beating Jonathon up, but after playtime on the monkey bars, they were fast friends.

"If you're ever mean to me, I'm going to beat you up!" Deanna declared.  She was only half-kidding.

It worked so well, even Nina's husband Steve was bringing home playmates for Zachary.  Lol!

Yep, including boys like Alexander Goth and and Jonathon's little brother Joseph.  And Maria Lothario introduced Zachary to her friend, Dualla Fry (Deanna's twin), but she seemed a little upset and didn't want a hug.

So Zachary gave his grandmother Katrina a hug instead.  (Don Lothario watched, lol).  This was a really big victory for Zachary because he wasn't even nice to his own grandmother in the past.

Now Zachary gets happy from playing with friends instead of beating them up.  (He's still mean, just a friendlier mean, lol).  Things are definitely more peaceful around the house.

And Steve is very proud of Zachary!

Nina's proud, too... of Zachary, and herself.  She's losing that stubborn weight!

And putting all her renewed energy into her job, writing news articles like crazy.  She even got promoted to Advice Columnist.  

"Hmm..." Nina thought out loud.  "Advice on how to lose weight and make your mean son extremely popular."

Steve earned a promotion, too!  He's Command Center Lead, and even trying to lose some weight of his own.

His job now requires some physical fitness, but I kinda like him plump, lol.  It's extra padding for his 'extreme sport' addiction (i.e. crash landing rockets).

Yep, he did it again.

Another crash landing!  He did it two more times!  Two!  Once again at night...

...and another during the day.

How many crash landings can one Sim take?  

I've never had a Sim die yet, but Steve is seriously tempting the Grim Reaper, lol.  And every time Steve emerges unscathed, I feel like I have to throw a party.  The "Yay, Steve's still alive" kind of party.

So Nina invites over the neighborhood.  You know, Scarlet Firecracker in her crazy pants...

...and her mom Katrina Caliente (she's doing a groovy dance), the legendary bartender Shaowen Acevedo, her sister Dina with the salmon-colored dress, never-smiles Ronan (one of Nina's loser bachelors), and even the infamous Jessa Butler, the ghost that wasn't really a ghost.

Nina tried to cheer her up, saying, "Jessa, I'm sorry for the bad publicity.  Everyone likes you, I promise.  Even if you do turn a blind eye to Sims in need."

"Who's Steve again?" Jessa asked.  Lol.

And I just love Malcolm's expression in the back there.  Eyes shooting death rays!

"I was just looking for the bathroom," Jessa confided to Scarlet.

Side note: Katrina is always smiling now.  I think she is the happiest grandmother in existence.  She has three beautiful grandchildren and two beautiful twin daughters.

She's smiling a lot more than poor Don Lothario.

As complicated couples go, Don and Scarlet are pretty complicated, crazy pants notwithstanding. 

And when it's not parties up to wazoo, Dina is nurturing her relationship with her twin sister.  Their relationship seems more and more precious the older they get...

They confide in each other.

"I've been thinking about having another baby," Nina said.  "But I don't know if Steve and I can handle it with our careers and everything."

"Have you tried talking to Steve about it?" Dina asked.

"I try to, but he gets distracted easily.  He keeps saying there's a Freezer Bunny in our freezer."

"He says it comes alive at night and tries to force feed cupcakes to-"

Dina interrupted, "Wait, this isn't another one of Steve's stories, is it?  Nina, your husband needs help!  It's an addiction!"

"Will you talk to him for me?" Nina asked, worried.

"Of course," Dina promised.  Later that night, she found Steve upstairs talking to himself.  She didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  "Steve, Steve, who are you talking to!?"

"The Freezer Bunny!  He keeps saying eat me, eat me, and I keep saying, Nooooooo, I have to lose weight.  I have to lose weight or my beautiful wife won't love me anymore."

"What do you mean?" Dina asked.

Steve cried, "My Nina....  She keeps getting more and more beautiful.  I feel so lucky every day that I won her Bachelorette Challenge.  I'm so undeserving.  Look at me.  I'm like a fat hotdog next to her."

Dina took his hand. "My sister loves you, Steve.  And I know that 100 percent because right now, she really wants to have another baby with you."

Steve's mouth dropped. "Really?"

"Yes," Dina said, rolling her eyes.  "And you better go on up there, right now, because if I know my sister, she's probably boiling mad that you're making her wait.  She's hot-headed, you know."

Steve ran upstairs.  Nina was angry, lol.  She gave Steve a frenzied kiss.

(Yep, Nina's wearing crazy pants, now, too, lol).

Baby#2 incoming!

Thanks for reading.

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