Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chapter 54

Just for fun, I popped into CAS to play with the genetics of my Sims.

I'm sure you can guess whose genes this Sim came from? ;)

It's all "What If" -- I just wanted to see what would happen if I let the game generate a genetic teenager daughter for Scarlet Firecracker.

And I had tons of fun playing with Don Lothario's genes.  I even made a "What If" sister.  She looks just like Don! <3

I then made a "male" version of Scarlet Firecracker and came up with a Sim I just adored!  I put him up on the Gallery.  His name is Scott Firecracker.  He's hot-headed like Scarlet.

I'm still deciding whether or not to actually add him to my game as the official genetic brother of Scarlet... Lol.  The temptation for more Sims to play, and I already have so many...  It's just too much fun to so easily make these possibilities!

But speaking of Scarlet... strange happenings abound in the kitchen.  She's very excited over turkey basters.  Maybe too excited, lol.

I can't tell if this is a bug or not, but she's apparently basting the ceiling.  Lol!

And for nostalgia's sake, Scarlet made some flaming angry spaghetti one night.  <3

Her daughter Maria Lothario was the unfortunate test taster.

That's hot spaghetti!  She got Angry afterwards, an "On Fire (Metaphorically)" emoticon I'd never seen before, lol:

Maria's just been too freaking adorable.  I follow her around for cute screenshots all the time, lol.

Maria makes such goofy faces.

I think she gets that from Don <3

I love when family gathers together for breakfast.

I was thinking by now I'd let Maria age up to teenager, but I love the family dynamic 'as is' for now.  Maybe sometime during Get to Work... 

Meanwhile, Maria has built some really great childhood memories.

Swimming in the sun...

Snuggles by the pool...

Breezing through homework (love it!)...

Playing the violin...

And most of all making friends...

One Saturday, she trotted off to the local playground near her home.

That day she played space explorer with Dualla Fry, Lance Fogel, Peter Pancakes and Jonathon Morse.

Dualla is just too cute!  She looks so much like her father, Kristian Fry. <3

And catching Peter Pancakes out and about is especially fun since I had just finished with the Pancakes rotation.  He and redheaded Lance are too cute!

Maria also liked to hang out with Joseph Morse, the youngest (and perhaps lesser known) of the three Morse brothers.

Jonathon and Joseph where frequent visitors after school...

And, yep, Alexander Goth, too!  He and Maria are friends. <3

He always has a hug for Maria, even though he's always a bit grumpy coming over, lol.

And I'm very proud of Don Lothario.  He's finally reached the Diamond Agent career branch of the Secret Agent.  He prances home wearing this after work now.  Sexy!

Scarlet walloped him with a suave kiss!

Scarlet had a very special surprise for Don...

"Guess whose portrait is on the wall?" Scarlet giggled.

(Their romance still has kinks to work out, but I'll get in to that later, lol).

Scarlet also made one of Maria. <3  

Thanks to the March patch, we can also "Create Copy" of finished paintings.  So great!

Oh, and the new "Ask About Career" is awesome!  Like Bob Pancakes being not just a mixologist, but a mixologist at "Make a Dish"... and the Mailman works for Mail & Packages Inc (lol), and Scarlet isn't "unemployed" - she's a Stay at Home Mom!! <3

I hope everyone is enjoying April's Bunny Egg Hunt.  You don't have to worry about "losing" any eggs or the reward bunny.  After April, the only thing that goes away is the process of finding eggs while harvesting the garden or looking for frogs (based on SimGuruSarah's tweet).

I sent Scarlet looking for eggs all over the place.  Sometimes, in the wrong place, lol.

I even sent her to Sylvan Glade.

But all she found there was a cow plant seed while fishing! <3
(That's my second one!  Other one is in the Hildebrand household).

Now that we can edit these secret lots (with cheat code bb.enablefreebuild), I'm trying to decide what to build here!  A little cabin maybe.

After you collect all the eggs, you get these cute bunnies!

If you need help finding the bunnies, they are under the Buy Catalog under Toys.

Lastly, now that we have two-level basements and an extra floor up top, I know I'll be doing lots of building over the coming months!

Happy Simming and thanks for reading! <3

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Chapter 53

I've been trying to break Bob out of his Loner shell a little and make him some friends.  Nina Fogel (Caliente) became his first "good friend" (other than his wife Eliza).

Sure, with all the crazy parties, he's been surrounded by Sims... but being a popular bartender doesn't mean he has a lot of real friends.  

Bob is better in smaller groups.  Thanks to Nina, he's made good friends with her husband, Steve, too.

Making friends isn't easy for a Loner.  Most of the time, he just likes being alone in his garden.  He can Sim-watch from there.  

One time, he saw Scarlet show up with her daughter.  The encounter was so spontaneous and adorable. <3

Bob invited Maria in to play upstairs in the kid's room. She really liked making fun of Uni, lol.

Other kids walked by... Like the Fry twins, Deanna and Dualla, and the blonde boy, Jonathon Morse. 

I swear I can spend all day just Sim-watching from the sidewalk.  Some look so sad, like Valerie Redmond... 

There's always something interesting happening around the Pancakes lot, lol.

Speedo-Butt's another bartender like Bob, the townie Shaowen Acevedo!  He used to be the best mixologist in town, but Bob Pancakes has far surpassed him!

Bob became my first Sim to hit 100 drinks! <3

His maxed-out mixology skill is really handy.  My Sims love to taste test!  They're spoiled rotten now.

Eliza Pancakes has also maxed out the goals I set for her: she's reached the top of the Comedian career track and she's earned the Hilarious personality trait.  

I'm too scared to try out these new dialogue options.  Jokes can kill!

She's made a best friend, too: Jodie Workaholic.

They're so cute!

Scarlet Firecracker's good friends with both Bob and Eliza Pancakes.

She gets invited over so much, it's like she lives there!  Struttin' in like she owns the place...

There's still parties going on, but they're smaller, more intimate so that Bob can make some real friends.  He's a Loner so too many Sims freak him out.

He's much more comfortable one on one.

Eliza is so happy to have Scarlet in her life...

I'm not sure her husband Don would agree at the moment, lol.

Bob Pancakes has especially warmed up to Scarlet.  He likes chatting with her about things that make her gasp, lol.

I can't imagine what he said.  Lol.

Bob's also made friends with Kristian Fry, his new fishing partner.

Let's just say all those fish led to a very Confident bedroom, lol.

I waited until they both rolled a wish for a baby.  I was like Awww... 

It really was the perfect time to grow their family - and their house.  With so many career items coming home, I had to make room.  

Bob has a HUGE bar out in the back now...

Build mode makes it so easy to stretch out the deck to make space. <3

With baby wishes in mind, Eliza and Bob got extra romantic.

In addition to comedy, Eliza can play the guitar and serenade her love with the best of them.

Time to try for a baby, a little Pancake of their own.

It worked on the second try.  Yay!

Eliza couldn't wait to tell Bob.  "We're having a baby!"

Bob cooked his very hungry pregnant wife pancakes.  Lots and lots of pancakes.

She's really hungry!

Eliza shared the bounty of food with friends.  She invited over random Sims off the street, like Tammy Samuels and Chuck Cenzo, and told them all the Big News.  

But I think Chuck sneaked his way in for Bob's drinks, lol.

The Pancakes hosted an official party to celebrate Baby Incoming.  Bob put his new bar to good use!

Eliza had a delightful time. 

As her baby bump grew, everyone wanted to feel it.  Like Bob...

And her best friend Jodie...

And Scarlet Firecracker!

Sheesh!  Talk about baby fever...  All they did was talk and talk and talk about babies this and babies that, and eat garlic noodles.

Eliza was tired a lot.  This pregnancy is tough!

But Bob helps her through it.

And I learned something neat I hadn't really noticed before. Pregnant Sims can still "go jogging," but they will just waddle around.  It still increases fitness!

The time finally came over a steamy plate of baked potatoes.

Bob went into crazy panic mode!

Eliza and Bob invited over some friends during labor as they waited.  Bob ended up being surrounded by them, all panicked.  It looked so funny, lol.

These friend Sims present at birth are Scarlet and lazy-bones Nina, lol.

And Jodie, and townie Tammy Samuels in the bright green sweater.

They wait and wait and wait, and finally the baby is born!

Bob is the first to feed his newborn son, Peter Pancakes! <3

Eliza, so very tired but so very happy, gets hugs and congratulations from her friends who waited so patiently.

It's a boy!  It's a boy!  Bob can't stop smiling.  Lol at Nina again.

Lol, well, everyone else besides Nina seems very happy!

Time flies and soon it's time to age up Peter Pancakes!

Awww!  Peter is a mini-Bob Pancakes!  He's inherited his father's black hair and Eliza's green eyes.

I pull him up in CAS for some fun outfits!

Peter Pancakes is too cute!

Peter's personality trait is Active and he has the rambunctious scamp aspiration.

Thank you for reading! 

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