Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chapter 47

"Ahhh! I'm pregnant!"

Nina Fogel ran around town telling everyone, firstly her mother.  Katrina Caliente was very excited about another grandbaby on the way.

Then she told the Big News to her brother-in-law Efrain Hildebrand. 

Her husband Steve couldn't wait!

"A new baby sister or brother for Zachary!"

Zachary wasn't so sure about this idea.  "I have to share my toys?"

"You're getting bigger, Mommy!"

Nina's so proud of Zachary.

He's been "dominating" homework and making all sorts of crazy-sounding potions like a little mad scientist.

Goobleck, Melacoo... Yep, that sounds right.

He's been skilling-up so hard his brain hurts!

Meanwhile, Steve's been working hard and earned a promotion to Low-Orbit Specialist.  He brought home the coolest item in Sims history!!!!

Finally, Nina's time arrives...

It's a boy!  Welcome Lance Fogel. <3

"I'm your big brother!" Zachary announced to the little wiggly baby.  "You look funny!"

After having Lance, Nina got a promotion!  She chose the Journalist branch of the Writing career and became a Page Two Journalist.

She can now interview other Sims about life or for stories.  She invited over twin Dina to be her first interviewee!

I like that Nina can choose which way the article goes.

And since Dina was already over, Nina showed off little baby Lance!

"Oooo!  So cute!  I wonder who'll he look more like: you or Steve!" Dina said with an adoring smile.

Let's find out!  Steve does the honors...

Awww!!  Lance has red hair and green eyes just like Nina!  And just look at that adorable face! <3  His personality trait is Cheerful, just like his father. :)

He reminds me of a wee Scottish lad.  So cute! Lol.  So I make some outfits for him...

The brothers Zachary and Lance have some crazy fun times together...

...but it's soon time to age up Zachary!  Time to throw a birthday party, woot!

Many Sims are invited, including Zoe Hildebrand...

...and Alissa L'Amour in a crystal blue dress.

While Steve bakes a hamburger birthday cake, other Sims arrive like Efrain Hildebrand...

...and Jack Morse, looking a little sad and mad at the same time.

Zachary's Aunt Dina was of course invited.  (I keep forgetting to change her out of that salmon-colored dress.  I really don't like it on her, lol.  I hope we get some kind of fashion designer expansion pack so I can change her outfit without having to switch to her household).

I also invited some EA pre-made Sims I've been looking forward to having in my neighborhood: the siblings Ollie and Cassidy Purdue.  Zachary said hello to Ollie...

...and Cassidy hung out with Lance and Zoe (and her tablet, lol).

And another EA pre-made townie joined the party, the redheaded Amber Stein!  You can also see that Malcolm Landgraab came, too... in his cowboy hat of course!

I just love Malcolm. <3

Kristian Fry also came (in his Christmas sweater, lol).

And, yep, Katrina Caliente.  Whew, these parties are getting huge!!

With all the commotion going on, really only Jack Morse was there to celebrate Zachary's birthday cake, lol.

In a blinding flash of light, he becomes a teenager!

Efrain was dancing away and not paying attention, but it looks like Steve at least came to see his son transform into a teen, lol.  I wish more Sims circled around the birthday Sim to cheer them on, like in the Sims 2.

Zachary's personality traits are Mean and Geek.  I just love this Sim!  I think he looks more like Nina than Steve, but his nose maybe takes more after Steve.  What do you think?

Here are some of his outfits:

And that Mean streak, lol...

His body type is a lot more muscular than Jack Morse, my other recent teen.  Maybe it's from beating up other Sims, lol.

Everyone ate some birthday cake and had a great time.  Malcolm's mother Nancy arrived just in time, with her own cowboy hat! Lol.

Cassidy with Cake!

I love when Sims I don't control hug autonomously. :)

And little Lance wasn't forgotten at his big brother's birthday party.  Zoe came over and spent some time with him.

After the party, the sun was setting (so pretty).  Zachary and Lance had some brother bonding time over melting marshmallows while Steve went up into space for a quick mission.

Now the weird part.  A fire broke out and immediately Steve aborted his mission and returned home in a whoosh! 

Really Steve?  Zachary has it all under control.  You didn't need to return home.  Now go back up there and get me more aliens in jars and space rocks!  Lol.

During this time, I also aged up townie Valerie Redmond.  I didn't want to leave her behind when many of my Generation 2 Sims are now becoming teenagers!

Here she is now!

Zachary invited her over after school, along with their friend Sarah Firecracker.  Despite his Mean streak, he's well-liked by many Sims.

Zachary also does very well in school.

But, yes, he's still a trouble-maker!  He likes to troll teh forums...

...and tease random Sims that walk by, like the mail woman.

What's funny is that the mail woman (her name is Allison Barrett) is Mean, Evil, and Family-Oriented.  A match made in heaven for Mean Zachary?? Lol!

And Zachary is feeling uncomfortable because earlier that day at school he got an "Epic Wedgie" lol.  Even bullies are bullied.  

"Now I know how other people feel!" Zachary confided to his little brother Lance.

As apology, Zachary tried to make nice with Allison by inviting her over for some friendly conversation and music. 

He can be really sweet when he wants to.

I'll have to keep my eye on Allison.  I really like her! <3  

With all this going on, I gave Nina some new looks.  With her son Zachary a teen now, I wanted to try something more matronly for her formal gown.

She looks great in purple, too.  O la la!

At this point, I noticed her husband Steve having a dream about a cop car!  With the Get to Work expansion pack, I'm so making him a police officer next, after all his astronaut business is completed.  Oh, I can't wait!

And Lance is still the cutest Sim ever!!  (Do I say that about all my Sims? Lol).

There are only two kid bedrooms in the house and Lance got stuck with the girlie pink one, lol. 

Thanks for reading! 

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lovesstorms said...

I've been slowly catching up, but I've not commented. (sorry) I think it's funny because I do think you say your sims are the cutest ever. lol Anyway, everyone looks amazing and I really, really like how Zachary turned out! He's becoming one of my favs. lol Awesome chapter!!

Anonymous said...

I love the salmon dress on Dina she is looking beautiful :)