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Chapter 48

Don't stare into his dreamy eyes for too long.  You might fall in love.  Lol.

Malcolm Landgraab and Cassandra Goth are promised to each other (from a teenage romance), and their long-awaited engagement is just around the corner.  

Today Cassandra's invited him over for a special family event.  Her little brother Alexander is aging up from child to teen!  Woot!  Their father Mortimer Goth has already invited over his good family friend and neighbor Vernon Morse.  They're in the background playing chess.  They're always playing chess, lol.

Alexander Goth is the cutest bookworm in Willow Creek!

He's ready to get this show on the road.  He doesn't want a big party.  Just a big cake!

Teen Alexander!

You know what that means... Makeover time!  <3

Alexander's a Bookworm and a Loner. <3

And while we're at it, I'd like to introduce my newest townie, a Sim created in CAS named Jodie Workaholic.  She's ambitious, materialistic and a snob.  When Get to Work is released, she'll be running a clothing store boutique!

The Goths invited her over.  "Welcome to Willow Creek!"

She's very chatty despite Mortimer barely paying attention.

She's available on the Gallery under Origin ID jaysmonte85, my husband. :)

But getting back to Malcolm and Cassandra...

As an adult, I gave Cassandra a Love/Soulmate aspiration.  Her very first milestone is the Amore Amateur.  Her two goals are (1) Have a boyfriend and (2) Go on two dates.

Easy right?

Well, despite being boyfriend/girlfriend as teenagers, their relationship moved into "Promised" after they exchanged promise rings.  Big OH NO!! on my part.  The soulmate milestone cannot be completed as they are now :(

The dialogue option to label Malcolm as Cassandra's boyfriend does not exist.

So this requires drastic measures!  Very drastic measures, lol.  Cassandra basically has a secret love affair with Chuck Cenzo for the milestone goal.

After Chuck became her boyfriend, she broke up with him.  It was a devastating breakup.

"We can't ever talk about this.  Ever," Cassandra said.

Why Chuck?  He was the strongest male friendship Cassandra had other than Malcolm... but not anymore.  After their breakup, their relationship unfortunately went downhill.  Her one with Malcolm is still going strong though, and that's all that matters, lol.

But I do feel bad for poor Chuck.  His friendship with Cassandra had been "natural" - it grew on its own while I was playing other households.  Hopefully with the passage of time, they can be good friends again one day.

Now Cassandra can continue her aspiration to bond with Malcolm for life as soulmates. (Lol, the irony). 

Lesson learned.  Don't have two Sims give each other promised rings without first selecting the Love/Soulmate aspiration, lol.

Meanwhile, Cassandra's mother Bella is enjoying the beautiful day and bumps into Scarlet Firecracker.

"So what's this about your self-reflection story?" Bella asked.  "Are you having some kind of existential serial romantic breakdown?"

"I'm not ready to talk about it!"

Bella asked, "Well, do you want to come over?"

"I'd love to!  I've never visited the Goth mansion before!"

Scarlet seemed really impressed.  "Everything is so fancy..."

"And dark."

"Do you want a tour?" Cassandra asked.

"I'd love one!"

While Scarlet explored the house with Cassandra, I noticed Alexander glaring at Malcolm.  Maybe he just doesn't like his sister's soulmate!?  Then again, Alexander is a Loner.  He probably doesn't like all these visitors.  First snooty Jodie, then lovestruck Malcolm, and now Scarlet Firecracker.  That would explain his too-cute frownies <3

Malcolm made a quick exit.  "I'll come back later."

Upstairs, Cassandra showed Scarlet her favorite room, the music hall.  She loves music with all her heart.  Scarlet seemed very impressed.  She's an artist, too, but it's with painting, not music.

Downstairs, dinner was underway and I noticed Alexander's speech bubble popped up with a broken heart.

What was interesting was that Alexander was talking directly to his mother Bella.

Bella was listening to "Alexander's Complaint."  Maybe he's angry over a dark secret haunting the Goth mansion: of Bella's affair with Don Lothario.

Mortimer was totally oblivious.

He's been intensely focused on his job.  He's in business and finally earned a promotion to The Manager.  Big bucks, big responsibility.  For him it's numbers, numbers, numbers.

He's always filling out reports well into the night, leaving Bella lonely and alone.

I meant for her affair with Don to be a one-time deal, but Bella needed Don for the same reason Cassandra ended up needing Chuck, lol.  That pesky Soulmate aspiration!  

So Bella sneaks in another woohoo with Don while Mortimer is gone at work.

And afterwards Bella asks, "I can't believe I'm asking this, but will you be my boyfriend?  It'll only be for a day or two.  I need a boyfriend for my soulmate aspiration."

"Soulmate aspiration?  I thought you were trying to be a Friend to the World?  You know... Mrs. Popularity," Don replied.

"If you have a problem being my boyfriend, I'll just ask some other Sim -"

"No, no.  No need for that."

So Don agreed to be her boyfriend.  He's always so helpful, lol.

After that, Bella's milestone goal required her to go on 2 dates.  She's never been on a real date.  Ever.  

I extended the back porch and added a bar so Bella and Don could have a quick date at home.  Real romantic, lol.  When Cassandra came over on her own to get a drink, it got awkward real fast.

"Um, Mom, what are you doing?"

"I'm just helping your mother out, Cassandra," Don butted in.  "I'm a nice guy like that!"

After Don left, Cassandra took his spot at the bar.  "Mom, this is just weird," Cassandra remarked.  "You're Scarlet's friend.  How could you go behind her back like that?"

"Everyone knows Scarlet is a serial romantic," Bella said, shrugging.  "What comes around goes around.  And you did it, too, Cassandra.  Chuck may be single at the moment, but you still used him."

I'll make it up to him, Cassandra thought, feeling bad about Chuck.  One day.  

That's the Sims 4 for you.  Weirder stories! <3

After that excitement, Bella went for a jog.  She needed to clear her head.

Okay, it's wrong, but I'm doing it for the right reasons! she thought.  She and Mortimer were meant for each other.  She couldn't imagine herself married to anyone else.  It's been that way since the Sims 1.  Sims ONE!!

She told herself it would be the last time.  I won't cheat on Mortimer ever again, she thought.

She found herself outside the Kissing Llamas nightclub.  She just couldn't go home.  Not yet.

After a drink or two and a dance, she went home with two new friends: Jamie Jolina and Holly Vinedal.  They didn't know about her affair with Don.  They couldn't judge her.

Alexander put away his frownies long enough to say hello to Holly.  Awww...

But his frownies soon returned, lol.  He's just like that.

The next day, Bella went to work and came home wearing this.  Lol.

You can't say no to a date with a unicorn-llama!  You see, her aspiration milestone is awaiting one more date...

Bella dragged Mortimer away from his computer and together they went to the Blue Velvet Nightclub for their very first date ever.  (Alas, minus the costume).

Mortimer wanted nothing more than to give Bella her dream date, but he had to get something off his chest first.  

"I know about you and Don," he said.  "He's your boyfriend."

"What?!  Since when do you believe every nasty rumor you hear?  Whoever told you that is a liar!"

"Bella, I'm not accusing you of cheating on me.  I'm accusing you of cheating on yourself.  You didn't have to.  Why would you sacrifice your honor for an aspiration -"

"I did it for you!  You big oaf!  It's not our fault we were brought into this world already adults and married.  I want that soulmate aspiration and if I have to woohoo a bonehead like Don I will because Don doesn't matter to me.  You do!"

Mortimer listened, but he wanted to scream You didn't have to woohoo him.  All you needed was a boyfriend.  A simple kiss would have sufficed.  But he was afraid Bella would get angry, so he held his peace.

"It's behind us now.  Just break up with Don and we won't ever talk about it again," Mortimer said.

And so Bella and Mortimer's first date came to an end, awarding Bella her coveted Amore Amateur milestone so she could continue her upward march towards 'true love.' Lol!

The next day, Bella asked Don to meet her by the river.

"You know how this works, Don.  I have to break up with you now."

(Yes, I'm freaked out by her eyes.  She has a black mote- it's her inner evil leaking out, lol.)

"Are you sure I can't be more helpful?"

"Look, the woohoo was great.  Really great.  But I have Mortimer and you have Scarlet.  We shouldn't hurt the people we love."

That's when Don started crying.

"I only woohooed you to get back at Scarlet," Don cried.  "She has more boyfriends than there are ducks in this river!  I don't know what to do!  I'm a noncommittal Sim, but I love her.  I love Scarlet and she's killing me!"

Bella wanted to give him a hug, but their relationship was too deep red for that now.  She said, "All I know is that Scarlet's on the verge of a self-reflection story.  Maybe after all the dust settles, you and her will work it out."

Don felt like puking.

She left him there at the river's edge, alone, both of them consumed by Break Up Blues.

Running seemed the only antidote to that kind of pain.

Back at home, Cassandra made a confession.  "Mom, it was me.  I told Dad about you and Don."

"Why did you do that?" Bella cried.  "I almost lost him.  If your father had been a better man, he'd have left me!"

"I did it for the same reason I'm going to tell Malcolm about Chuck.  No more lies.  No more rationalizing--"

Bella cut her daughter off.  "No.  Don't tell Malcolm.  You two are not married yet.  There's nothing wrong with what you did.  You're so young.  You have to experiment while you still can.  See what you like or don't like.  Don't fall into Malcolm's arms just because you exchanged a ring when you were both so young.  You two were teenagers!  What did you know about love?  Nothing."

Cassandra bristled.  "Nothing?  Malcolm built a rocket for me, Mom.  We woohooed in space.  It's true love!  And that means I don't lie to him.  Ever."  She stormed off.

Time continued.

Bella finally found a way out of that unicorn-llama costume.  She got promoted to Team Captain of the cheerleading squad.

She took it as a sign.




Thanks for reading.

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