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Chapter 50

Wow, Get to Work is just around the corner! I'm so excited.  If you haven't seen the trailers yet, Malpractice is my absolute favorite, and Still Life isn't far behind!

So with this coming expansion pack, I really need to get caught up!  There's a few chapters with the Fogel and Pancake family that I really want to post first.

So what's the Fogel family up to?  Steve is, of course, out grilling his favorite food: hot dogs! 

I added camping stuff from the Outdoor Retreat game pack to Desert Bloom Park.  It's all a bit haphazard.  When I have time, I'd really like to spruce up my community lots.  I've been inspired by lovesstorms's community planning in There Goes the Neighborhood!

And Steve's wife Nina tagged along.  She's been trying to interview Sims left and right now that she's a journalist.

The beautiful townie in the bright green and yellow is Tammy Samuels.  I've seen so much of her around the neighborhood I thought it's time to finally introduce her, lol (even though she wasn't made by me in CAS, just randomly generated). 

While at the park, Steve and Nina's eldest son Zachary said hello to teen Jack Morse.

Jack had been minding his own business, reading and smiling and enjoying a cool drink in the hot sun...

...and then Zachary comes along.  "What's up, Bro?  Haha, get it 'Bro'!?  I didn't know Bro's could read.  I thought you only watched sports and stuff."

Jack tried to ignore him.  Yes, he was a Bro, just like Zachary was Mean.  Jack remembered when Zachary was just a child and promised to beat up Jack when he was older.

"Uh, hi, Zack," Jack said.  This isn't going to end well...

And yes, that's Steve in the background.  After filling up on hot dogs, he played some space monster with the kids.

I'm a hot dog from outer space!

Jack's little brother Jonathon played with Lance Fogel for a bit.  I'm sure he's happy Zachary is a teen now, and too old to beat him up again at the playground.

Maria Lothario joined them. 

"This is boring," she said.  "Let's go up on the monkey bars!"

Her father Don was nearby, playing chess with Nina.  Nina had gotten up, finishing her interview with Tammy, around the time Zachary was implying Jack's mother was a llama.

I wonder if I hit him with that book, he'll stop talking, Jack wondered.

Nina commenced her interview.  "Thousands of Simmers are playing out your life.  What's it like being an infamous womanizer?  Or worse, deleted?"

Lance and Maria got a good conversation of their own going on top of the monkey bars.

"Which is the best joke?  The one about chicken butt or boogers?"


Ah, Sims bonding.  Lol.  Oh, and I noticed some of my other Sims enjoying the day.  Kristian Fry and Zoe Hildebrand were chatting near the crystal-clear river.

It's almost impossible not to take screenshots of Zoe when I see her.  She's so pretty!

When I returned to Zachary and Jack, things had turned for the worse.  Zap!

Lol, Jack's face.


As it got later in the day, Nina and Don moved from the chess table to the picnic bench to try out some of Steve's hot dogs.

"I try not to think about the other Don's out there," he said.  "I just concentrate on living my life right here, right now."

(Thanks to S-GAS, game awareness has been going around like the flu!  Check it out! <3 )

And I noticed teen Alexander Goth with teen Betsy Hildebrand at the park together!  They've been friends since childhood.  I will have them both enter the Scientist profession in Get to Work.  She's a genius and he's, well... the mad scientist type!

I also saw one of Kristian's twin daughters Deanna Fry at the park, making such a cute silly face.  Gah, so many of my beloved Sims!  I need more time to play them! :(

The park is truly gorgeous during sunset!

I'm actually surprised Alexander showed up to begin with.  He's a Loner Sim, and usually has the frownies around other Sims.  Lol.

Unlike Don Lothario.  Got a great shot of him smiling!  <3

When most of the Sims were going home, Don stuck around with Betsy.  She had a book to read while Don made a fire.

But really it was all Betsy when the moon finally rose in the night sky.  Shots like these make me love the Sims!  Lol.

But with the darkness comes trouble... I was all ready to leave when I saw Zachary had backed Jack into a corner.  They were all alone on the outskirts of the park.

OK, here we go...

Oh, dear...

Zachary claims victory!

Awww, lol.  Poor Jack! :(

He's so dazed he's actually smiling!

Come on, Zachary!  Beg forgiveness.  Don't be a meanie!  Be a meanie with a heart!  Lol.

Jack, the sweetheart that he is, forgives him.  Zachary is very happy at the moment - but probably more so from winning the fight than anything else.

And that's teen townie Valerie Redmond walking up.  She butts in.  "Um, boys, what's going on here?  It's the middle of the night..."

"Nothing," Zachary lied.

"He's beating up Sims!" Jack shouted.

"Your mama's a llama!"  Zachary shouted back.

Jack rolled his eyes in disgust.  "It's getting old, Zachary!  You've used that line when you were a kid!  Grow up!"  He stomped away, leaving Valerie alone with Zachary.

She said, "He's right, you know.  Llama mama jokes are soooo Sims 2."

"It's not the joke.  It's the delivery!" Zachary bragged.

"Yah, well, your delivery leaves Sims dazed and confused," Valerie said.  "You should be nicer to Jack.  He's a great friend to have.  If you keep beating up Sims, you won't have any friends left."

"I'm just playing," Zachary said.  He poked her on the forehead, saying, "Besides, you'll always be my friend, right?"

"Not if you're a jerk!"

"If you're a jerk to me, I'll beat you up!" Valerie laughed.

"Deanna Fry said the same thing to me when we were kids," Zachary observed.

"Smart girl!"

Thanks for reading. :)

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