Sunday, March 22, 2015

Chapter 51

I first fell in love with Bob Pancakes with the Stay Weirder trailer.  He's just got that special gaze...

Right now he's enjoying his pancakes in the new home I built for him and his wife Eliza Pancakes.  Well, sort of new...

Let me start at the beginning.  When I first started playing the Pancakes, I was blown away by the location (Daisy Hovel lot).  Sure, the lot was small, but it was right next to the best magical tree ever.  Plus the river was right there.

All sorts of Sims jogged by the tree everyday, or went fishing.  One day I even caught the Hermit of Granite Falls with the camping guide!  So much for being a hermit!  Lol.

While the location was great, the house was really small and plain.  I decided to quickly give it a makeover, but I kept some things in tact - like the front porch. 

And, gosh, I still can't get over the location!  The magical tree area isn't part of the lot, but it feels like their personal backyard. <3

And the pink house is so cute at night!  I just love the pink!

You can download the Pink Pancake from the Gallery!  If you'd like to see some interior shots, click here.

With all this green happiness everywhere, Bob has taken up gardening.  It's a great hobby for a Loner.

So the house got a makeover... what about Bob and Eliza?

I popped into CAS and gave Bob some new outfits, but everything else I kept the same.  He's still Bob! <3

(And, yep, he's got that black bartender's outfit.  My goal is to max out his mixology skill - the first Sim I'm going to get there.  Of course it has to be Bob!)

Eliza, on the other hand... What to do with her?

I wasn't really in love with her EA pre-made look, but she's had that look since the very beginning.  Way back when, she was a guest at my very first Sim wedding (Dina & Efrain)!

I decided she would make a really great brunette.  Here's her makeover!

Can you tell I totally love her new look?!  Lol <3

And she has the CUTEST voice ever!  Seriously, I'm in love with her voice.  Her aspiration is Joke Star and when she's telling jokes, I just want to pinch her cheeks!

Since she's going for the Comedian career, she needs plenty of open mic practice.  The Blue Velvet nightclub is the perfect place.

Bob Pancakes tagged along with Eliza, but the nightclub is really crowded.  He's more than happy to spend the night fishing while Eliza entertains the crowd.

And a crowd it is!

(Digi spotting!  Thank you to CathyTea for noticing, lol).

Eliza sounds so cute making jokes at the mic!

The crowd loves it.  Chuck Cenzo shares a table with his friend, Jamie Jolina.

I just love Jamie Jolina's big smile!  When Get to Work is released, she'll join the doctor profession like her Sims 3 counterpart.

And Chuck <3 

After her comedy routine, Eliza is glowing with pride.  She's thinking, I'm good at this!

She mingles with the crowd, making cute faces.

And she grabs a bite to eat at the bar (I added a full kitchen upstairs).  She told some funny jokes to Andre DeSilva and Amber Stein.

So this pattern repeated over several nights.  Bob and Eliza have no kids, so they can be night owls pretty easily.  Eliza worked the mic...

...while Bob fished under moonlight.

I have to say the comedy career is fantastic.  The nightclub is always packed with Sims.  Eliza really feels like a working comedian!  She's getting better and better at it.

At home she writes her own material and later tests it out in front of a crowd.

She's also a great wife to Bob (despite the rumors, lol).  Some nights they eat together by the water when everyone's gone home from the nightclub.

And other nights they enjoy some alone time.

They may be complete opposites, but they are in love with each other. <3

I want them to have a baby together, but right now their lives are in perfect harmony with just the two of them.

I'd like for Eliza to reach the highest level of her Comedian career, and for Bob his mixology career, before having a baby.

Besides making awesome drinks, Bob is a great cook!

He's learn to branch out from just pancakes, lol.

But don't worry.  Bob is still Bob. :)

Eliza's also been jogging a lot to maintain her gorgeous figure.  Here she is jogging by one of the builds I've been fiddling with...

I had this idea of an apartment building, but it turned into a gigantic mansion.  Right now, eight female townies are living there.  I'm still working on it. ;)

While Eliza was out jogging one day, she bumped into Nancy Morse (ex-Landgraab).  I can't remember exactly what Eliza was trying to do, but Nancy snatched Eliza's arm quite roughly.  It was funny to watch, lol, but looked like it hurt! :(

Whew, don't mess with Nancy!  Lol.  Little Dualla Fry was walking by and saw the whole thing.  She's so cute!

Nancy's son Jack Morse was nearby, too.  I hope he's not still upset over that Zachary fight.  I feel bad about it! :(

More Pancakes coming soon!  (I played them a lot!)

Thanks for reading :)

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Lacie- Rainy said...

LOL I hated Eliza so much I killed her off and then you go and make her all cute!

Anonymous said...

Don't mess with Nancy! 😃. Bwahaha! Awesome! The Pancake's house looks amazing!! Fantastic job!!

ARoseinBloom said...

Those Pancakes!! I think they're great! You do such a good job giving them unique personalities!