Sunday, March 22, 2015

Chapter 52

More Pancakes!

Believe it or not, Bob and Eliza turned into party animals, lol.  Bob had to up his mixology and Eliza her comedy so that meant lots of parties!!

Eliza hosted a costume party.  She makes a great Princess Leia, lol.

Unfortunately, it was a hit or miss with the guests.  Half of them didn't wear costumes.

"I'm going as myself," Scarlet Firecracker explained to Eliza.

(Steve's dancing in the back cracks me up!  And I actually got Mortimer Goth to come to a party!  He's sitting next to Don Lothario.  And Babs is in the back, too.)

You won't catch me in a silly costume, Mortimer's look seems to say.

Mortimer's wife Bella had a different mind about it.  She came as a hot dog!

She gave Don eyes, but their affair is long over...

Townie Jodie Workaholic came as a clown, but Steve Fogel and townie Noah Rainey didn't dress up.

And Ronan Schreiber... Err...

Lol!  He's enjoying the costume party at least.

Efrain Hildebrand also attended - I remember a party where he was walking around half-naked, too, lol.

Before the party was over, Nina went upstairs to tear up the dollhouse.  Sheesh!

(There's a child's bedroom upstairs, but not yet any children! <3 )

After that party came a string of other ones...  

Bob worked his magic at the bar.

I love when he makes the "Bob Special" at parties!

Scarlet Firecracker was there again, along with her husband Don Lothario.  He's looking rather mad at Scarlet.  I still have to patch things up between them.  Talk about affairs... Scarlet has more boyfriends than Don's one affair with Bella.  Oh, and the townie in the blue blouse is Haleigh Pollak. 

I caught Scarlet with the most ridiculous smile, lol.

Bella Goth also attended, minus the hot dog costume.  She's chatting with Betsy Hildebrand.

But the heart of the party remained inside the house.  A ton of Sims showed up!  The Pancake house is rather small, so the parties feel so cozy!

(Another Digi spotting, CathyTea!  Lol I love the Wolff Sims <3 )

Jamie Jolina wore a really cute cowboy outfit and Ronan wore actual clothes!  Lol.

I love this shot of Jamie and Bella! <3

Don was still grumpy, lol.

And Bella - I love this particular party outfit.  She looks great in anything, though.

Geoffrey Landgraab looked sad but adorable in his yellow sweater, and Vernon Morse was Mr. Grumpy, too, lol.

Scarlet tried out the cake.  Yum...

Bob cooked all the food at the party.  The counters in the dining room are perfect for entertaining. :)

At the next party, I had the food all spread out...

Jodie Workaholic really seemed to appreciate it.

Jamie Jolina tried out the cheesecake.  (Alexander is trying not to stare, thinking What is she wearing?)

Lol, Jamie showed up wearing one of her more risque party outfits...

Betsy was like, Say what?  Weirdo... Lol!  And that's Valerie Redmond next to her with the long beautiful braids.

Jamie's like, "Don't judge me.  I didn't pick this outfit out!"

But maybe it's not as bad as what Bella wore, lol.  This is embarrassing, Mom, Alexander thought.

"Keep it coming, Bob!  I'm drinking all night!"

Jamie joined her at the bar.  Now that's a pair, lol.

They didn't talk to each other, lol.

Besides Alexander Goth, quite a few teens came to the party, too.  (He looks great in pink).

Like I said before, Betsy Hildebrand came to the party, along with Valerie Redmond.  Zachary Fogel made an appearance, but he was being a jerk and shocked everyone who listened, lol, so he didn't stay long.

I was really happy teen Sarah Firecracker came to the party (some invited Sims never show up).

She tried the cheesecake, too.  She's a bit of a cook herself.  With Get to Work, she's going to be in the bakery business!

Her mom Scarlet wore the same black shirt, lol.  Both Scarlet and Babs sure love those drinks.  They guzzled them all night.

Scarlet had arrived in her crazy galaxy pants around the time Zachary was causing trouble outside earlier.  (Valerie is too cute!  And Betsy, too.)

"Don't start trouble at my parties, mister.  Jokes can kill, you know," Eliza had warned Zachary, lol.

Finally, Don got into the groove.  I was beginning to think he didn't like parties hosted by the Pancakes.

Eating and drinking all night... and dirty dishes got everywhere!  Scarlet kept making disgusted faces, lol.

But other Sims, like Jodie, kept smiling, dirty dishes and all.

Another party over and done with, and Eliza's cleaning frenzy kicks in!

All these parties have paid off.  Bob's climb up the mixology career ladder has awarded him some interesting items, like this martini light.

I didn't quite know where to put it, so it' standing out in the backyard in the middle of nowhere, lol.

And their back porch has some interesting career items, including huge spotlights thanks to Eliza's entertainment career.

After a promotion, Eliza also brought home this really neat music stereo. <3

With all these parties, it's a wonder Bob manages to snatch some alone time. 

He's such a great Sim!

Thanks for reading :)

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Lacie- Rainy said...

You throw awesome parties. I'm so jealous. :P

Anonymous said...

Awesome job with all the parties! Gerald has to do soooo many parties. I took a small break because it's so much. I miss playing though. So I'll need to get back to it soon. It looks like everyone had fun at the parties.